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American general was wounded, three officers killed by militia

Author: Ayre от 1.08.2014, 22:01
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American general Kee Randy Allen

Slavyansk militants are conducting operations both inside their region and beyond its borders. Last night they shelled an all-road military truck GAZ-66 carrying a punitive troop of the Kiev junta. Militias are also fighting on the territory of Kharkov oblast (province). Shelling of the mechanized column with US military men has been their first major success.
This operation has been executed near the town of Izyum (52 km. to the north-west from Slavyansk). A reconnaissance and sabotage group of Slavyansk militants attacked a mechanized column of the US military instructors. Three US officers were killed. One of them allegedly was a woman – the fragment of a skull with bleached hair has been found on the spot. Besides, an American general Key Randy Allen who actually handles the punitive troops in Novorossiya was wounded. Taking into account that a sniper shot the US military adviser on the Mariupol beach on July, 30, already 10 of 180 US military men who had come to Ukraine were killed. Note that that the week has not ended yet.


General Major Key Randy Allen studied in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (University of Oregon). He was a navigating officer in the B-52 jet-powered strategic bomber’s crew and a pilot on the military transport plane. Kee Randy Allen took part in the Pentagon operations in SouthWest Asia, Balkans, and Afghanistan. Afterwards he worked in the US Ministry of Defense and the Headquarters US Air Force, Mobile Air Response Center (Deputy Commander-in-Chief), Directorate of Strategic Plans and Politics of the Joint Staff (Deputy Director for Politics in Western Hemisphere).


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