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War in the South-East Online 08/09/2014 Chronicle

Author: Ayre от 10.08.2014, 07:29
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23-19, information from the headquarters of the People's Army of DNR: for the last three days several sabotage and reconnaissance groups of punishers were disarmed by militia fighters. The purpose of these groups consisted in acts of terrorism - including bombings in the city of Donetsk.
At the moment, the threat is eliminated. Terrorists destroyed.
Also information received that near Krasnodon (LPR) militia captured two groups of saboteurs. Those had just prepared to shoot a mortar at Molodogvardiysk.

22-11, Overview of combat situation from militant Prokhorov (at 19:33 GMT)

Well I suppose the Krasny Luch panic has passed? Ukrainians only shell the city - 17th mine, center, Gagarin st.
With Miusinsk it is little harder - in the southern part of the city there are no militias, but this is due to the specifics of the city - it is situated in the pit, and everyone incoming from the south can be shot easily from the terricones to the north.
Shelling of Gorlovka continues - now from Dzerzhinsk. A couple of hours ago, the men of Bezler from "Vasilyok" covered battery of Ukrainians in this city.
In Panteleymonovka there still are not larger units, so it is early to speak about the encirclement of Gorlovka groups by Ukrainians, though there was fighting in Krasny Partisan in the afternoon.
By the way, border guards in Melovoye were fired-undermined, 4 wounded.

22-05, There are reports that the militia was forced to retreat from a strategic height, the mound Saur-Mohila (DPR). "Only five people remained combat-ready at Saur-Mohila, who continued to keep defense. They called the fire of our artillery to themselves three times... At some point, the height represented a serious tactical interest, since it is the dominant height. But as soon as we had begun to use artillery against our enemy actively, the tactical significance of the height shrunk. "

21-59, Kyiv authorities continue to destroy infrastructure of Novorossiya purposefully.

Ukrainian Air Force struck near the station Karakhash (Anthracite). Funnel diameter is about 3 meters. Railway track and power lines are severely damaged.


Also, the Ukrainian army artillery struck the building where the Lugansk Energy Association (LEA) is situated. In the video, eyewitnesses reported that before the shells hit directly in the building, Ukrainian gunners had fired a number of sighting shots, and then began to hit directly targeting the building of LEA.


21-40, To the west of Krasny Luch, due to the militia battalion, villages Vakhrushevo and Khrustalny were released. Heavy fighting was near Mospino near Donetsk.

21-34, Summary of militia Staff of MoD DPR. 08.09.2014 20:20 GMT
Fierce fighting continues in the area town of Krasny Luch and in the town itself, as well as in Miusinsk. So far, the attempts to unlock way communication between Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics failed.
Enemy develops offensive in the Ilovaysk using a large number of tanks and other armored vehicles. Currently fighting is on the western and south-western outskirts of the city.


During the day, the enemy has been repeatedly shelling the north-western outskirts of Donetsk. The firing was at the residential quarters. Also residential sector in the village Yasinovataya subjected to artillery strikes, there are civilian casualties and destruction.
The enemy took the town Diakovo again. "


21-07, Ukrainian troops in the east are in need of replenishment due to defections, and the military does not want to engage in combat with Nation Guard, told the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada to RIA Novosti on the condition of anonymity.

21-04, under the rubble of a destroyed house in the afternoon in Donetsk were a woman with a child.

20-40, Krasny Luch, a video filmed at 19-00


19-11, Intelligence:
UPD 2: During the day, there was shelling in Donetsk. Ukrainians failed to enter Krasny Luch, they were finally defeated from the outskirts; their attempts (in the form of two attacks with armored vehicles) to enter the city were brutally suppressed, and units were forced to move with great losses far beyond the edge of Krasny Luch.
Also an attack aircraft was shot down over Krasny Luch, the pilot did not survive.
Izvarinsk pocket is cleared up.
UPD 3: 18:10 (GMT) Howitzer began shelling the area of Topaz.

18-45, The consequences of yesterday's shelling of Donetsk by Ukrainian army. Dormitory and school after firing


18-40, Posted by I. Strelkov (at 17:45 GMT)
"According to intelligence (not verified), a joint attack cleared Krasny Luch from Ukrainians. Our Reconnaissance is fighting towards Miusinsk from the east. From the west Battalion of «Tsar» clears up Vakhrushevo and Khrustalnoye. Heavy fighting is near Mospino.
The situation is changing constantly. There is fight in Luch again. "


18-13, continuing attacks in Luhansk:
In Novoya Kondrashovka near Stanitsa Luganska (LPR) Ukrainian troops fired at kindergarten with "Grad". There is a huge crater in the yard, where there is still not completely exploded shell of MLRS. Two women killed. Shrapnel cut the neck of one of them. This was reported by «Novorossia" agency.

17-11 Summary of the militia on "pocket":
"Miusinsk, by the night of 8th to 9th of August the enemy was forced out on the outskirts of the city after heavy urban fighting, as reported, there in semi-encirclement the remnants of the pocket outlet 24th mechanized brigade are fighting (reinforced armored group + parts from the other units coming out of the pocket). Coming up militia reserves are primarily used here, because the command does not lose hope to "crumple" this part of the leaving group in a "mini-pocket" under Miusinsk. Much of the pocket has already cleared up by the afternoon of this day, dozens of pieces of equipment captured, much of abandoned and destroyed property found. According to preliminary data, the total losses in killed, wounded and captured in the breakout from the pocket during the night of 7th to 8th of August amounted to 250 people. 25-30 armored vehicles and guns of the trophies seized from junta suit for immediate entry into the battle. In 1-2 days a communication through Dolzhanka will open, full sweep of the empty pocket ends tomorrow. "

16-09, At 15-50 (GMT) 4 shells exploded on mine Lidievka, Kirov region of Donetsk. Rockets have come with a loud rustling, according to the sound - from the airport.

15-58, reports from the front:
1. Krasny Luch has not been taken by junta, there are fights in the city, from the south of Miusinsk was a breakthrough. Militia pulls up forces to clean up the city and eliminate rushing group.
2. The height of Saur-Mohila itself is left by militia, junta gets stronger on the southern slope, but they cannot take the height until heavy fighting is going on, artillery works actively on both parties.
3. Enemy was knocked out from Miusinsk, there is clearing up in the suburbs. The main reason of the breakthrough is the lack of antiarmour equipment in the depth of the militia forming, in the rear cities there is mainly infantry with small arms, which finds it difficult to fight with erupting tanks.
4. There is not overall encirclement of Donetsk, but right now there is intense fighting on the communications. In case of militias defeat in these battles, operational encirclement of Donetsk and Gorlovka can become real. Outcome of the battles in the next 2-3 days will have not only operational but also strategic implications. Strelkov points out quite correctly at the growing threat.

15-57, in Donetsk a civilian died as a result of direct hit in the Kirov region. In addition, Ukrainian projectile damaged the railway crossing near the village Gornyak. In the mayor's office it is noted that the first half of the day on August 9 in the city passed in stress.

Donetsk, Buslayeva st. after firing by Ukrainian army, August 9, 2014


15-53, In the afternoon aviation worked in Krasny Luch - tax office bombed (this is the headquarters of the militia), the recruitment office and there are a few hits in standing next high-rise buildings and the private sector. Fighting of high intensity was on the outskirts of the city.

15-30, Ukrainian army is shelling the area of the railway-station in Donetsk. black smoke rises over the district​​.


15-10 Overview of combat situation by militant Prokhorov for 14:27 (GMT).
"The Punishers shelled Donetsk at 5 am with artillery and Grad rockets.
At 6 am, there began artillery attacks in Krasny Luch.
In the area of ​​Boko-Platonovo of the town Anthracite Ukrainians made air strikes.
Around 8:50 GMT firing at Pervomaisk and Irmino started again.
About Krasny Luch: In fact, the enemy has not passed further than the shaft #160, and the town is being reinforced. There was ground fire from an airstrike in the town. There's really difficult.
Speaking of "taking" of Saur-Mohila by Ukrainians - they had another Epic Fail (failure). This is what can be obviously seen. "

13-40, Summary of militia Staff of MoD DPR on 08/09/2014 at 12:10 GMT
"During the evening before and this night a large force of the enemy entered Krasny Luch and mostly took the city. Enemy also occupied villages Vakhrushevo, Khrustalnoye and Bokovo-Platovo. Division of the Lugansk Republic Army from the Cossack National Guard of Kozitsyn mostly fled from the city without a fight. Battle for the city is continued by only militias. Thus the enemy has completed the encirclement of Donetsk-Gorlovsk group of Novorossia army and heads the offensive to Anthracite. Our units counterattack the enemy from the south, in the area of ​​Novopetrovsk, and fight with units of the National Guard and Polish PMC defending in the area.
In the night a large column of the enemy was destroyed by artillery units of DPR militia north from village Panteleymonovka.
This morning the enemy launched an attack on Ilovaisk. Thanks to the measures taken in advance, the column of the enemy brought forward in the area of ​​Dobropolie was attacked at the time of deployment and completely destroyed. The enemy suffered huge losses in manpower and equipment. On our side, there are no losses.
Today at 6 and 6.30 am local time the enemy fired several times at Donetsk city, shooting at the plant and the residential quarters. There is destruction. Data on victims is not currently received. "

13-27, in Kiev region of Donetsk there are several craters, at least three five-story buildings damaged, garages burned. About wounded, dead there is no information yet.

11-57, powerful explosions in the Putilov region of Donetsk reported, as well as a big fire in the area of the Putilov market.

11-44, Intelligence:
For the last three days the junta has been striking not only Donetsk but also regional centers and small towns and villages (Gorlovka, Yenakievo Makeyevka, Anthracite, Verovka etc) with artillery.
Since early morning several artillery strikes at Putilovka, Azotnoye, Yenakievo closer to Verovka, Yasinovataya have been made by the junta troops.
Militia divisions retaliated on Donetsk airport and Peski. In the morning there were artillery strikes and airstrike on Anthracite.

UPD: 11:00 (GMT) in the area of ​​Shirokoye (Donetsk), there is a series of explosions.
UPD 1: 11:15 (GMT) Artillery strikes continue to hit in Shirokoye, the militia is trying to suppress the artillery of the Ukrainian army located at the airport.

9-01, The network has video of the S-300 in Kiev. It is allegedly filmed on August 8


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