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War in the South-East Online 08/11/2014 Chronicle

Author: Ayre от 12.08.2014, 07:27
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22-36. Squad "Motorola" cleans up Krasny Luch and Miusinsk from saboteurs.
Soldiers of the division "Motorola" in the region of Miusinsk and Krasny Luch does not let Ukrainian troops to take control of the road connecting Snezhnoye with LPR. Army intelligence units of DPR reveal raiding enemy groups one by one.


21-27. Russia, in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) sends humanitarian convoy to Ukraine. This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin in a telephone conversation with European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso. During the conversation it was also focused on the catastrophic implications of the Kiev government military operations in the South East and the need for urgent delivery of humanitarian aid to the conflict zone.

18-27. Artillery militia broke positions AFU under Snezhnoye
Fighting continues at Shakhtyorsk, Torez, Miusinsk and near the town of Krasny Luch.
On August 11 militia won the local armed clash near the town of Snezhnoye. Artillery strikes destroyed the positions of the Ukrainian army.
120-millimeter mortar rounds fired at two platoons of the enemy, who were hiding in the forest belt between Miusinsk and Krasny Luch, said militias. 94 mines released.
The enforcers have suffered significant losses. a command post vehicle, a tank and an armored personnel carrier were destroyed.

16-40. Reports from the front
Fighting continues for Krasny Luch. Militia are trying to unlock all the roads passing through the city.
Ukrainian army is trying to take Ilovajsk.
At Saur-Mohila the situation is unchanged.
Under Miusinsk fighting of low intensity continues, militia controls the city, which is essential to ensure the conduct of hostilities in the area of ​​Snezhnoye and Torez. Coming up reinforcements help with holding of Miusinsk, but they are not enough to clear the foreground.
The situation on the territory of the LPR is, as a whole, without any changes.
There is activation of the partisan movement in the occupied by Ukrainian troops territories.
Clashes of average intensity continue to the north of Debaltsevo, where the group of Mozgovoy contains a part of the forces of the advancing junta groups and their sabotage-reconnaissance groups work actively.

14-10. Summary.
In the night tensions remained, activity of drones in combat areas is very high. Around six in the morning (GMT) units of the Ukrainian army inflicted artillery strike with MLRS (an incomplete package) and howitzers on Gorlovka and some areas of Donetsk.
In Avdeyevka the situation is stressed.

13-43. Shelling of Ukrainian army on Gorlovka and chemical plant "Styrol" from "Grads" may lead to leakage of "blood poison» (mononytrochlorbenzol) - a dangerous chemical.
In this case, an environmental disaster threatens not only Ukraine, but also Russia and Belarus

13-25. Fierce partisan battles near Slavyansk continue. For the past day the sabotage-reconnaissance groups of militia have fired at the roadblocks of punishers for 23 times there. Several dozen soldiers of Ukrainian army and punishers were killed and wounded.

10-48. Over Molodogvardiisk (Luhansk Republic) Ukrainian plane was hit by militia forces. Despite damage, the plane held on to territories controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces.


10-12. Posted by Prokhorov
At the border crossing "Uspenka" (Amvrosievsky district of DPR occupied by Ukrainian army) a car with Ukrainian border guards blew up on a land mine of the sabotage-reconnaissance group.
In the night GRAD near Saur-Mohila works actively.
Since 2:00 (GMT) there have been fights in Ilovaisk.


09-10. Since 05 am (GMT), the Ukrainian army have been shelling residential sectors of Donetsk. Of casualties and destruction it is not yet known. Periodically GRAD strikes, periodically artillery and mortars.

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