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War in the South-East Online 08/16/2014 Chronicle

Author: Ayre от 17.08.2014, 07:50
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23-10, In the afternoon fighting and shelling on the outskirts of Donetsk continued, there were explosions in the direction of Yasinovataya. Junta artillery shelled Nizhnyaya Krinka, Kiev district. Heavy fighting continues under Yenakievo, near Yasinovka. The atmosphere is kept pretty tense.

23-00, Lugansk. Airport

20-50, Situation for 16:30, August 16, 2014
Krasny Luch, Miusinsk - silence. Under the control of the militia. Bokovo-Platovo area - this route between Krasny Luch and Anthracit is also controlled by militias
AFU were also defeated under Krasnodon. The border is now completely under the control of militia.
Oleksandrivsk - all day silence. In Luhansk there is relatively quiet, compared to what there was

19-45, the Ukrainian army is trying to encircle Lugansk

16-30, Situation: Offensive AFU activity decreases. DPR troops counterattack in key areas.

16-15, Captured Nation Guard soldier: Injured are buried in graves alive

15-10, South pocket 2.0 formed. As a result, three AFU battalion task groups were encircled

15-03, In Grabskoye (DPR) "Black Hundred" is destroyed
Persistent fighting took place in the settlement Grabskoye located near Ilovaysk, where the enemy used powerful weapon at militia. According to witnesses, these are tactical missiles "Tochka-U", as a result of which craters of depth of up to 8 meters formed. The use of rockets did not help punitive, who lost, according to the militia, about 130 people dead. Almost entirely the so-called "Black Hundred» was destroyed by in this pocket, where, according to the Ukrainian prisoners of war, brother of Yarosh had been fighting.

15-00, Soldiers of Ukrainian army were captured. Story of a departure from Stepanivka

14-30, Unique video about the consequences of the defeat of the southern pocket of ATO forces.
In "Southern pocket" units of the 24th, 79th, 72th mechanized brigades and 51-th separate tank brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were defeated, out of 5000 surrounded only about 1 000 people broke through. Almost all of the military equipment lost.

14-25, on Saturday Ukrainian military made an airstrike in the village Krasnodon (LPR)

14-10, locals: Nazis entered Zhdanovka

14-00, The situation in Donetsk and Lugansk heated to a limit. Ukrainian army announces the beginning of the final stage of the liberation of Donetsk from local militias. Shelling of the city has become frequent, in the last three days more than 70 people here were killed. Another epicenter of the conflict is Lugansk, where the humanitarian situation is catastrophic

13-40, Seventeen Ukrainian soldiers ask for shelter from the fighting in the Russian Federation
Ukrainian soldiers are switching en masse to the side of the DPR, said Prime Minister of the proclaimed republic Alexander Zakharchenko.

13-15, Militias: one of the fortified areas destroyed where Donetsk was fired at
Militias of the unauthorized Donetsk People's Republic of New Russia declare that they destroyed one of the fortified areas where Ukrainian troops shelled residential areas of Donetsk.
According to representatives of the militia, fortified area had a strong network of fortifications, including warehouses with lots of arms, more than a hundred boxes of used ammunition and missiles found. 

12-35, shelling of Yenakievo

11-30, Soldiers of Motorolla units shelled positions of AFU, trying to lure them to open battle

11-00, militia in the south-east of Ukraine reported that they destroyed a column of an elite unit of the Ukrainian Army - 95th airmobile brigade in the airport area of Lugansk

video 18+

10-40, militia firing on positions of Ukrainian law enforcers

10-15, during a mortar attack near the town of Snezhnoye in the Donetsk region soldiers of militia unit Motorola managed to destroy a large number of armored vehicles

9-45, punitive battalion "Nikolaev" (sometimes called more ridiculous "Saint Nicholas"), on Saturday, August 16, returns to Nikolaev from the zone of the so-called anti-terrorist operation. The day before they came out of the combat zone and got in Novoaydar, where one of the bases of the Ukrainian army is situated.

9-34, Ukrainian artillery shelled Chervonogvardeysky district of the town Makeyevka of Donetsk republic.
Chervonogvardeysky district of Makeevka shares a border with the city of Donetsk.


So that punishers bring "peace" in the city

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