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War in the South-East Online 08/22/2014 Chronicle

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War online in New Russia (DPR and LPR), the latest news of ATO (anti-national terrorist operation) for today. Operational reports from the zone of military conflict in the South-East of Ukraine.



Fundraising for militias of Novorossia (DPR and LPR)








03-31, Warhead of the cassette missile that was fired at a convent located near Ilovaysk was announced today. Soldiers of the 1st Shakhtyorsk Division, fighting on this sector of the front, brought the trophy in Donetsk, in order to show what Ukrainian punishers destroy Donbass civilians with.

Missile of volley-fire system (MLRS) 9K57 Uragan having the caliber of 220 mm, is provided with a cassette warhead. One unit has 16 rockets 280 kg each, which destroy everything in the area of ​​426,000 square meters.


01-57, an artillery fire from the Ukrainian army struck the town Zolotorevka of Shakhtyorsk district. The shelling was made probably out of multiple launch rocket systems "Uragan", "Interfax" reports referring to the militia headquarters in Donetsk republic.
"Yes, Zolotorevka was fired. Type of weapon that was used by the Ukrainian side, the scale of destruction and the number of victims is being specified, "- said in a staff.
The headquarters did not rule out the use of cluster munitions by Ukrainian military. There are reports of significant destruction of housing estate.


01-10, Battles in Zelyonoye and Grabskoye under Ilovaisk. Division of the Donetsk militia commander "Senya"


23-01, Posted by military correspondent A. Kots
"Back from Ilovaysk, it is almost all under the control of the militia. Lot of destruction in the residential sector. When we were there the Ukrainians were firing at Ilovajsk out of mortars, fired a house in the private sector, away from the militia positions.
In Ilovaisk there is no electricity, no water, no gas, people from destroyed homes have to live in their barns, cook over a fire in the yard. There are children.
Now Motorola with its troops are cleaning up Ilovaisk, small forces of the National Guard there are still in the town.
On the way back from Ilovaysk we ran into an ambush, more precisely, its blank. Ukrainians fell a tree across the road, but did not have time to take a position. Militia threw grenades at roadside and fired with guns, and then dragged the tree and passed through. "


21-02, All trucks from the Russian humanitarian column for the south-east of Ukraine reached the territory of Lugansk, said Friday the city manager.


20-47, The Punishers in Ukraine are trained by NATO instructors.


20-15, In Luhansk more than 50 trucks with humanitarian aid from Russia have been unloaded. Ukrainian punishers began shelling on Lugansk at the moment the unloading of the first cars in the prepared stock started. According to LifeNews, two shells fell and exploded in close proximity to the facilities and trucks storage.


19-56, More than a hundred of 280 trucks with humanitarian aid from Russia to Donbass arrived in Lugansk. Trucks are moving through the streets. The SDF of Lugansk People's Republic take care of the safety of columns.


19-44, As a result of today's fire in Lugansk at least 7 civilians killed, according to civil journalists.


19-43, in Chuguev of the Kharkiv region the leadership of the military airfield having problems with staff, local media reported. Ukrainian officers divided into two camps. Some believe that it is their duty to smash the "separatists" and Russia, they are adamant that they are knocked by Russian units in the New Russia. Others do not want to fight with their citizens, but they are threatened by the court and the prosecution of families and relatives. In recent days fights between the officers on this basis have been observed.


19-22, fighting in the area of Slavyanoserbsk continues, particularly at the village Smeloye (east of the city) - Ukrainian security forces use artillery in a massive scale against the houses, according to the militia.

Militia report of continuing battles near Ilovaysk as well as some near Donetsk - Marinka, Krasnogorovka, civil journalists report. In addition, according to their information, fighting in the area of Zhdanovka and Verkhnetoretskoe (between occupied Avdiyivka and Gorlovka) continues.


19-03, In the shelling of Luhansk on Friday of August, 22 2014 7-year-old girl seriously injured, her leg severed. It is reported by a correspondent of ITAR-TASS from the scene. Together with a group of Rossia Segodnya, NTV, Pervy Kanal and some other Russian media outlets operating in the city, he was on Friday under mortar attack. Among the journalists there were no injured.


18-57, in the Kharkov Republic armed resistance to the Kiev authorities is growing. An armed group launched its attacks on the remote checkpoint in Izium district guarded by soldiers of the National Guard in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. Militia fired their positions with grenade launchers and automatic weapons. National Guardians failed to provide adequate fire response and the division appeared to be crushed. About 8 fighters injured.


18-31, Donetsk, morning shelling of the city 08.22.2014


17-45, the European Union considers sending Russian humanitarian convoy to Ukraine as trespassing and calls up to cancel the decision.


17-36, The head of the Security Service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaychenko announced that Russia has started "direct intervention". That's how he described the movement of humanitarian aid convoy on the territory which Kiev is considering its own. "We call it a direct invasion under the cynical guise of the Red Cross," he said. At the same time, according to Nalivaychenko drivers of humanitarian KAMAZs are "the militarists who had been trained for escort functions, managing combat vehicles, tanks and artillery."


17-30, The first trucks with humanitarian aid from Russia, under the protection of militia (including armored militia), came in Lugansk.


17-27, OSCE observers in Ukraine received new evidence of violations of the rights of citizens by the 24th Volunteer Ukrainian Battalion "Aydar" located to the north of Lugansk. This was reported in the open version of the report of the Special OSCE observation mission. At a meeting organized by the chief of Starobelsk police, observers received testimony from a man who was arrested by the battalion in the village Polovinkino and accused of separatism. He was threatened with murder if his wife does not pay more than $ 10 thousand.


17-18, Column of humanitarian aid moving in Krasnodon.


17-11 Engineering installation of the Ukrainian-Moldovan border 08.22.2014


16-21, LPR militia regained control over the road Lutugino - Krasny Luch, reinforced Stukalova Balka and conducted reconnaissance battle at Privetnoye. Also Novorossia defense encircled the village Beloye and the town Lutugino, where there still are troops of the Ukrainian army. Krasny Yar and Georgievka are also in the hands of the militia, positions there become stronger in case of possible attacks by the enemy.


15-50, The militia put up outposts and checkpoints to control the passage of a convoy of trucks from Russia, which carry humanitarian aid to the residents of New Russia. However, Ukrainian troops continue massive shelling of Lugansk and Novosyolovka, which is situated on the route of the column. Ukrainian soldiers will not use air power against the Russian humanitarian convoys, said the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Valentyn Nalyvaychenko.


15-42, The network has video effects of Lugansk mortar attack on August 13. WARNING !!! VIDEO 18 +


15-05 Rocket "Tochka-U" fell in the vicinity of Snezhnoye in the east of the Donetsk region, RIA Novosti reports. The target was likely the nearby checkpoint. The rocket landed in a field, its cluster warhead exploded, but the tail is still lying in the field. There were no casualties. On the eve three «Tochka-U"-s fell near the village Dmitrovka on Ukraine's border with Russia.


14-57, Video of Russian humanitarian column movement.


14-38, the Speaker of the information center of the NSDC Andrei Lysenko said that on August 20 the AFU helicopter Mi-24 was shot down near the village Georgievka of Lutugino district of Lugansk region during combat missions, its crew members died.


14-30, Ukrainian customs officers, border guards and representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross said they did not inspect 90 trucks from the Russian humanitarian convoy.


14-19. Three unexploded shells from the Ukrainian territory were found by villagers of Marfinka Rostov region, 4 km from the border with Ukraine.


13-35, Posted by Igor Bezler: "Tonight we defeated Ukrainians in Krasny Partizan, and this morning they have already appeared at the checkpoint Donetsk - Gorlovka. Ukrainians collect money for the passage at checkpoints. Our militia destroyed a rocket Tochka-U, to the north from Myronivskoye. Now our fighters will «clean them up» there again.


12-52, Russian customs officers started customs operations concerning the second batch of 34 trucks and goods, said the spokesperson of the Southern Customs Department Rayan Farukshin.


12-15 Posted by militias: «By today, settlements Yasinovataya, Ilovajsk, Peski have finally come under the control of the Novorossia army, the enemy suffered heavy losses during the retreat. A large number of deserters from Ukrainian units is observed.

In Slovyansk fortifications are being erected with double efforts, trenches are dug and dugouts are installed. All entries are carefully inspected.
Number of successful artillery strikes conducted on AFU units accumulation under Panteleymonovka and in Telmanovskiy district, destroying of enemy units by our SRG in the rear, plus the improvement of the situation on the Lugansk front - lead to a lack of drug resources, this causes the evolving policy of Kiev against transoms in AFU and territorial punitive divisions. The case is getting on to the fourth wave of mobilization. On the outskirts of Dnepropetrovsk trenches are being dug. In Mariupol production is stopped. In Mariupol preparing for the possible evacuation of administrative services to Dnepropetrovsk began. "


12-06, Special Correspondents of "KP" Alexander Kots and Dmitry Steshin on the territories of Donbass found "strange" bombs.


12-04, Thirty-four trucks with Russian humanitarian aid have passed customs control on the Russian-Ukrainian border in a day. Russia has decided to start moving humanitarian convoys in the direction of Lugansk, said in a statement on the Foreign Ministry website.


11-45, in the last few days two chemical plants in the Donetsk region have been under fire. This can be a great danger to people living nearby.


11-18 According to eyewitnesses reports, two children of 8 and 9 years old were killed in overnight shelling of Donetsk in contact with the projectile in the multi-storey building, located near the railway station.


11-10, Video of unexploded shells that fell in Makeyevka.


10-45, DPR Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko reported that Igor Strelkov will create a total army of Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics.


9-40, interviews with local residents of Lugansk.


9-08, exploding of shells could be heard in the morning in Donetsk. It is not yet known who leads shelling and in what direction.

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