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War in the South-East Online 08/25/2014 Chronicle

Author: Ayre от 26.08.2014, 10:33
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War online in New Russia (DPR and LPR), the latest news of ATO (anti-national terrorist operation) for today. Operational reports from the zone of military conflict in the South-East of Ukraine.


Fundraising for militias of Novorossia (DPR and LPR)
Video of the events in the South-East on our hosting





5-07 On August 25, Ukrainian troops fired Yasinovka Coking plant. One of the shells hit the rectification department. A large fire started.


2-56, Message from military correspondent of Motorolla unit Gennady Dubovoy for 08.26.14 (1:39 GMT).
"The militia, including the division of Motorolla, embarked on the final stage of the full cleaning up of the surrounding area of Ilovaysk from Ukrainian security forces."


2-53, Message from military correspondent of militia 08/25/14 (20:48 GMT).

 "Battle for the Sea of ​​Azov
Gentlemen!!! I want to tell you a very pleasant news. Information is, so to say, insider, from militias fighting at the Sea of ​​Azov, received over the phone.
As a result of the fighting in the evening and night of the 24th of August and the morning of the 25th the city Sedovo and the surrounding villages were liberated. Around 7:30 am on August 25, the last "patriots" have escaped from there. They were followed also by those from the district center Novoazovsk.
As a result of accurate and precise volleys of militia artillery at roadblocks and positions on the National Guard in the area of Novoazovsk junta troops ran away. First mercenaries of the punitive battalion Dnepr-1 fled towards Mariupol, followed by all the other brave souls.
Border servicemen and customs of the locals went over to the militias. Local officials, junta appointees fled.
About Mariupol. In the city panic reigns. Locals prepare for difficult times. Food products and gasoline at the gas station are being bought up without remainder. Oligarch Taruta appears on television and tries to calm them down - to no avail. In the ranks of the junta's henchmen there is panic - nobody wants to die, and everyone runs out of Mariupol. some checkpoints at the entrance to Mariupol abandoned.
Military correspondent Gvardeets. 


2-40, Summary of Information Press Center "Vostok" for August 25 at 15:00 GMT.
"Today, August 25, major combat operations in Donbass are near Donetsk (villages Yelenovka, Karlivka), in towns Yasinovataya, Novoazovsk, Telmanovo (DPR), as well as in the cities Lisichansk, Pervomaisk, Syeverodonetsk (LPR) - reported to the Information Officer REGNUM correspondent of Press Center "Vostok" with callsign "Sever". - Over the past day the DPR army has liberated locations: Novodvornoe, Agronomicheskoye, Novokaterinovka, Osykovo, Klenovka, Stroitel, Leninskoye.
Now fights are going on in the southern front. The situation changes in the dynamics. Yelenovka and Yasinovataya are holding on. In the village Karlivka under Novoazovsk and Telmanovo there are fights. I do not think that now there are active fightings in Shakhtyorsk and Saur-Mohila, as the front has shifted.
Yesterday AFU had fired Hartsyzsk very severely. The result of the shelling are the funnels formed to a depth of 3 m. AFU thresh with artillery. Everything is subjected to shelling.
Kiev prepares the second most important city of Donetsk region - Mariupol for defense (controlled by the regime), Dnepropetrovsk is also preparing for defense - it is a bid of oligarch-Governor Igor Kolomoisky. According to our information, the evacuation of residents of Novoazovsk and Mariupol is going on, in the cities are in panic, people are leaving the cities. Mariupol is trying to prepare for defense. Dnepropetrovsk is trying to prepare for defense. So is the information.
Information arrived that in Zhdanovka, where Ukrainian divisions were clamped, a part of the Ukrainian soldiers raised white flags and popped in the direction of the village Zuevka. After that, the soldiers were fired from their own mortars.
Militia succeeded in driving the enemy from Lugansk. LPR Army advanced to the town of Schastye. Brunt hit Lisichansk and Severodonetsk there. These are strategic locations. Militia moved from Lugansk not far away, but the defense perimeter was expanded. The network of checkpoints was also expanded. There were not special breakthroughs, but the AFU units were pushed back and the territories under the control of militants expanded. Fighting was going on in Pervomaysk ", - «Sever» reported.


2-35, Intelligence:
UPD 2: 20:45 (GMT) Ukrainian artillery struck the Petrovsky district of Donetsk, there are hits into the residential sector. There is no information on casualties yet.
UPD 3: 21:25 (GMT) From the Kuibyshevsky district, close to the junction the sounds of battle heard, in addition to automatic weapons tank large-caliber machine-gun is working.
UPD 4 22:50 (GMT) Artillery of militia retaliated at UA positions in the vicinity of the airport. Sound of artillery was heard in many parts of the city (Donetsk). Sound of artillery audible in the districts Starobeshevo, Novoazovsk, Severodonetsk. Retreat of columns of Ukrainian troops from Mariupol continues in the fuss sporadic fightings happen between the fascists.
UPD 5: 00:10 (GMT) in the area of ​​Petrovka mortar outbreaks heard.
UPD 6: 00:30 (GMT) in the areas of ​​Kalinovka, Kirov loud outbreaks heard.
UPD 7: 00:35 (GMT) UA bombarded village Lidievka with mortars. The situation remains tense.
According to unconfirmed information, helicopter Mi-8 was hit a few minutes ago, the area of ​​hitting the target has not yet been clarified.


1-55 Message from press secretary of the Donetsk Diocese:
In Donetsk because of direct hit of the shell, released by the Ukrainian army, the temple of the Holy John of Kronstadt burned down (Donetsk). This are the western outskirts of Donetsk. Hit of the projectile caused a fire, the temple was burned completely with implements and vestments. Thank God there were no casualties. Rector Archpriest Alexander Matveyev, together with parishioners had been sitting in the basement all day long. Corporal and the Blessed Sacrament the holy father brought on his bosom before the fire. "


0-44, And in the meantime, Ukrainian zombie box shows the residents of Ukraine their own, original, version of events in Novorossiya.


0-30 Summary of events in Novorossiya
- In Lugansk issuing of Russian humanitarian aid began.
- Novorossiya is in anticipation of the second convoy with humanitarian aid from Russia.
- By the morning of August 25 another, the third one, strike group was completely encircled.
- Residents of the occupied Mariupol, today began a mass exodus of the National Guardians from the city.
- Ballistic missile "Tochka-U" has fallen in Donetsk for the first time.


0-24, In the village Mnogopolye, between Ilovaisk and Kuteynikovo on August 25 the first and the second platoons of the 39th Battalion and three journalists, including members of "Espresso TV" got in an encirclement.


00-08, Intelligence:
UPD: In the first half of the day there was relatively calm in Donetsk, at about 16:30 (local) UA artillery opened fire from heavy artillery at the Kiev region. Explosions were also heard from Ilovaysk. At the moment up to seven thousand Ukrainian soldiers are in the pockets. In Yelenovsk pocket there are about two thousand. Fierce fightings continue, Ukrainian soldiers open fire on residential areas and infrastructure of cities and villages in retaliation. There is a proof, punitive battalion "Dnepr 1" no longer exists, only 15 punishers survived.
UPD 1: 19:35 (GMT) In the area of ​​Cheremushki of Makeyevka five shells dropped. There are hits at YaCP, but the storage is not hurt. In the area of ​​YaCP there is dense smoking. The Nazis fired with guns of large caliber (presumably «Tulpan"), may have been used MLRS "Uragan."
In the area of ​​Yasinovka and Yasinovataya on the outskirts there are fights, automatic shooting heard.


23-40, Gorlivka, night shelling on the central part of the city began at around 21.50. Judging on the sound of explosions - artillery or mortar. Explosions are single, uneven gaps between them. Information on the objective and the victims has not yet been received.


23-24, the President of Ukraine to terminate the powers of the Verkhovna Rada, "because it is the only right and responsible decision," he said.
Early elections to the parliament will be held on October 26, 2014.


22-26, Message from "Day-TV Donetsk" reporter
«Phone call from Sedov - in the village there are no more Ukrainian flags. They did not specify details.
Ukrainians were smashing with something very powerful. On the part of Makeevka there is thick black smoke. Worst fears were confirmed: Yasinovka Coking plant was bombed. "


22-24 Summary from South-East Army for August 25: the enemy takes away their units from the front, but continues to bombard towns of Novorossiya.
The most intense shelling continued to hit the suburbs and outskirts of the cities of Donetsk and Lugansk. There are civilian casualties.
During the bloody battle militia have entrenched on major height near the village Yelenovka.
DPR artillery struck with fire attack on convoy of motor vehicles of the National Guard, which was putting forward in the direction of Amvrosiivka. Up to 6 vehicles transporting punishers, were destroyed. The surviving part of the column turned back in the direction of Mnogopolye.
In the area of Krasnoye ​​air defense units of the militia damaged Ukrainian helicopter.
After a skirmish with enemy mobile units DPR army units have taken a part of the road Kuznetsovo - Mikhailovka - Novoazovsk under control. During the fight, 3 soldiers of the enemy had been killed and four injured. One car destroyed.
Two T-64 tanks were put out of action during a fierce battle of the militia unit with occupants in the village Alexandrovka.
According to information received from local residents, all divisions of Internal Affairs, the Security Service and the prosecutor's office have been evacuated from Mariupol to Dnepropetrovsk.
Militia were forced, in spite of the ongoing fighting, to divert part of the forces because of the need to deliver humanitarian aid to the damaged areas of Lugansk People's Republic for its delivery and distribution. Nevertheless, the armed forces of the LPR and DPR continue to push the enemy out, by the activity of the RSG and artillery increasing efforts in the direction of Severodonetsk-Lisichansk.


21-50, Makeyevka: Yasinovka Coking plant (YaCP) is on fire


21-01, today on August 25 in Lugansk, in the Kamennobrodsky district issue of humanitarian aid took place. LPR social services performed issuance of Russian humanitarian aid to civilians who suffered genocide from the Kiev junta. Next to the building, in which the issuing is carried out, a huge line of people who suffer from lack of food and medicines lined up.


20-43, Mariupol is being hastily left by the staff of the Donetsk Regional State Administration (under the control of Kiev) having recently moved to it. The so-called "governor of Donetsk region" Sergey Taruta has also hit the road.


20-27, Review of hostilities of 08/25/2014 at 18:45


20-14 As a result of today's fire in Lugansk by Ukrainian security forces one of the shells hit the city market - a woman killed, her legs torn off.


19-50, Overview of the situation in the south-east from military correspondent A. Barkov:

«The pocket of Ukrainian troops in the south-east of Donetsk, located in Amvrosievka-Kuteynikovo-Ilovajsk is being successfully eliminated. Militia report several hundred prisoners and dozens of captured pieces of armor. Junta troops fleeing. I guess another checkpoint on the border DPR - Russia - Matveyev Kurgan will soon open. Amvrosievka and the surrounding villages and towns will soon be liberated, and the citizens of Donetsk will be able to get to Rostov by the shortest road. Offensive at Mariupol develops. the Ukrainian military appealed to local residents in Mariupol because of the weakness. But it is unlikely that Mariupol will actively assist to Ukrainian battalion "Dnepr". Mariupol will be freed from punishers in the coming days, and its territory will re-enter in the People's Republic of Donetsk.
Successful is offensive in the north. Fightings of the militia brigades "Sever" and "Prizrak" are for Debalcevo and around Severodonetsk.
We should expect that in the north-east of Donetsk on the east side of Gorlovka another pocket near Debaltsevo will snap. "


19-34, reported by journalist Alexander Kots: several correspondents lost near Donetsk.

Just about 2 hours ago, Alexander reported of the shelling at the airport by the militia.


19-04, according to journalist Alexander Kots unknown object fell in Donetsk (in the Textilschik district)
"They say it’s Tochka-U, but it does not look like the discovered earlier rockets."
Photos and videos of shot down UFO


18-36, LPR militia conducted a reconnaissance by fire in Lutugino. Fortified district is strong, so they have to try.
Many reports from locals came that Rodakovo is ours - TBC.
At night there were fights under Privetnoye - residents of Schastye watched powerful shooting of Grads in our direction.
Privetnoye is not yet taken, but 3 fortified areas eliminated.


18-35, According to local residents of the town Miusinsk Polish citizens actively participated in the battles for Krasny Luch and Miusinsk who have elevated brutality against the civilian population, as well as the men who spoke to each other in English. Judging by their accent - Americans.


18-26 In Khartsyzk Ukrainian troops fired bomb shelters, schools and houses. Near the 25th school 19-year-old girl was killed.


18-24 Villagers of Anastasievka, Rostov region, found an unexploded Ukrainian shell in two kilometers from the village and in 10 km from the border.


18-18, Operative information:
Night from August 24 to 25 was relatively calm. For the first time of these few weeks UAV of the enemy did not barrage over Donetsk. A few times they were seen that can be equated to almost complete absence in comparison with what it was.
In the morning, at about half past nine (local) enemy mortars showed little activity, single howitzer outbreaks were heard. Our artillery calmed them back pretty quickly. Since about four in the morning pressing of Yelenovsk pocket has been continuing; yesterday UA troops got in the encirclement under Yelenovka.
Through Amvrosievka-Novoazovsk line units of Ukrainian army are departing in scattered order, just in a hurry, in the direction of Mariupol: National guard is taking off from the checkpoints, the individual units of the UA territorial battalions leave previously occupied frontiers trying not to engage in battle with the militia.
According to unconfirmed reports Nazi battalion under the moniker "Dnepr 1" completely destroyed; remnants of the battalion fled in an unknown direction, recall - they were stationed in Sedovo.
Under Kramatorsk near Melovy mountains Ukrainian army is conducting full-scale exercises using all kinds of weapons, according to the unspecified data tactical complex «Tochka-U» was launched.


17-39, Ukrainian soldiers bombed the Palace of Youth in Donetsk.


17-28, Video by militia.
«Tanks stalkers" overrode 4 ICVs of punishers using jihad-carts made ​​on the basis of "Lada" and "Volga".


17-01, in Sedovo - the base of the Ukrainian army is broken completely. Checkpoint at the turn to Sedovo from the track is destroyed.


16-48, Intense shelling observed in the Kirovsky and Petrovsky regions of Donetsk.


16-04, Donetsk. Stolbuna Street. Destroyed houses after salvo from MLRS "Grad" by the Ukrainian army.

Donetsk, Mechnikov st. after pounding of the Ukrainian army.


15-39, In DPR their intention declared, to set control over Mariupol in the short term.
In Mariupol and its environs there are still divisions of the Ukrainian army and the National Guard, noted in the DPR.
Ukrainian troops took control of Mariupol in mid-June. At the same time Donetsk regional administration controlled by Kiev moved to Mariupol.


14-57, Intercept of war criminal Skype-traffic: the citizen of Georgia, a member of a terrorist Bind "Battalion Donbass"


14-21, Near Holy Dormition Monastery of St. Nicholas and Basil there are fierce fightings (village Nikolskoye of Volnovakha district)


14-11 Map of hostilities


14-02, The attack on Yelenovka

"The enemy was pushed out of two checkpoints on the road from Donetsk to this settlement. Three prisoners captured, taken appliances diverted to the rear in good condition," - noted in the militia.


13-32, Issuing of humanitarian aid to the residents of Lugansk started.
The first 12 points on the issue of food packages began their work in Lugansk. The aid is given in sets.


13-02, Russia plans to send a second convoy to Ukraine in the same parameters and the same route.


12-04, Cluster charge exploded above the settlement of the Engineering plant


11-32 Video by military correspondent of Motorolla unit Gennady Dubovoy.


11-19, more than 45 thousand Ukrainian refugees brought to the regions of Russia


10-44, The First Channel Germany showed the story of the Nazis in the Ukrainian army in the news program.


10-17, two unexploded Ukrainian shells found in the Kuibyshevsky and Matveyev-Kurgansky districts of Rostov region.


10-00, DPR Militia: in Donetsk region about five thousand Ukrainian soldiers were encircled


9-30, Counterattack continues. the camp of the 28th brigade of the AFU destroyed

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