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Militia HQ refutes Poroshenko’s statement regarding Russian troops in Ukraine

Author: Ayre от 31.08.2014, 07:20
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RIA Novosti with reference to an HQ representative reports that leaders of the Donetsk Republic have refuted the statement of the Ukrainian president that Russian troops have been brought into Ukraine.
“There are no Russian troops on the territory of Novorussia, unless Poroshenko means some other Ukrainian territories,” said the agency’s source. He also reminded of the statement from Alexander Zakharchenko that “people in Kiev and in the West keep talking about a Russian invasion so as to at least somehow explain the mass defeat the Ukrainian troops are suffering in combat with the militia.” This is a good myth for them, since it easily and conveniently explains how “the DNR army turned from isolated semi-partisan troops into a powerful military organization, capable of not only withstanding, but also of defeating the Ukrainian army in the battlefield.” At the same time, OSCE observers in Rostov Region near the Ukraine border have not noticed any troops movement in the direction of Ukraine. According to mission representative Paul Picard, only civilians are crossing the border.
“The people crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border can be divided into several groups: these are families with children and adults with suitcases, we are also witnessing people coming into Russia in the morning and leaving in the evening. As a rule, these people are crossing the border to withdraw money from an ATM and to buy food. We also have not seen any movements of military equipment on Russian territory,” quotes LifeNews.
Furthermore, he noted that “currently on Russian territory (the “Donetsk” checkpoint) there are 58 Ukrainian officers: customs and border officials.” According to him, these people came to Russia to check the humanitarian cargo. But the cargo has long been delivered, yet the officers are for some reason still here, though they were supposed to leave Russia on August 25.”



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