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Donetsk is celebrating its WWII liberation from the Nazis

Author: Ayre от 8.09.2014, 11:00
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From now on September 8 is a national holiday in the Donetsk People's Republic. For local residents, this is the day to commemorate the sacrifice of their fathers and grandfathers who liberated the Donetsk region from the German Nazis 71 years ago. From early hours of the morning, the residents have been bringing live flowers to the Great Patriotic War memorials. Wreaths were also laid at the monuments dedicated to General Kuzma Gurov and Guards Colonel Franz Grinkewich. The few surviving veterans who remembered the battles of World War II came forward to honor the memory of their brothers in arms. Yuri Ivanovich Kononenko, who liberated Donbass as a sapper of the 227th Gorlovka Infantry Division, was among the participants.
«Our unit took part in the assault on Sambek near Rostov. Like Saur Moghila, it was a German stronghold. We spent the whole night storming. We lost a lot of our men in the battle, since we did not have proper artillery support, in fact, our whole infantry units was lost there. That's where the liberation of Donbass started as we headed towards Ambrosievka and Snezhnoye. The Donbass Liberation Day is always a solemn and bright occasion to me", says the veteran.
The decorated war hero has a very dim view of the current so-called 'anti-terrorist operation' launched by the Ukrainian military against the civilians in Donbass. "I spent sixteen months in trenches as a front line soldier. I know what the war is. Those who have unleashed it are idiots. They are now at each other's throats, friend against friend, brother against brother, father against son, son against father. This is the war that kills children, women and the elderly. What is it all about? Is it all about (Ukrainian billionaire) Kolomoyskiy 's millions?", says the old soldier who has seen the liberation of Donbass first hand.

On the same morning of September 8, a group of the Communist Party members laid flowers at the battle tank monument that stands at the Colonel Franz Grinkewich's tomb. "Donbass has always fought against Nazism. We are proud to say that Nazis will never have their way in Donbass. We are grateful to people who have given their lives for that", said Vladimir Bedevka, the 2nd Secretary of the Regional CPU Committee, speaking at an impromptu rally. After that, a minute of silence was observed in the memory of those who died for the freedom of Donbass. "My uncle, Yakov Filippovich Skakoun, fell during the battle to retake Stalino [as Donetsk was known at the time]. Today, Donbass is at the front lines again, fighting Ukrainian Nazis this time. We are defeating them now, and we will prevail in the end. Donbass will accomplish its historical mission honorably. As we celebrate the Liberation Day, we honor the Soviet liberators and praise the modern-day Donetsk Republican fighters who beat the hell out of the Nazis in Ukraine", said Pavel Skakoun of the DPR militias.
The Liberation Day festivities culminate with a peace rally to be held at 3 p.m. at the Donbass Liberators’ Memorial in the Lenin’s Youth Park.
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