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The war in the South-East Online 09.13.2014 Chronicle

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War online in Novorossia (DPR and LPR), the latest news of ATO (anti-national terrorist operation) today. Operational reports from the zone of military conflict in the South-East of Ukraine.

video of events in the South East on the hosting Cassad-TV

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3-00, City of Schastye. Shootings in the side of the TPP are heard


01-00, The defeat of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the settlement Stepanivka


22-30, In Rovenki and Krasnodon of Luhansk region seven reconnaissance and sabotage groups of fifteen members each are acting formed of fighters of private military company ASBS "Othago", consisting of citizens of Poland and Hungary, who can speak colloquial Russian. Militants of ASBS "Othago" were ordered to adjust fire during the assault at militia positions, to organize an attack on fortifications and roadblocks of South-East Army, and to identify and physically eliminate the military leadership and the political leaders of the LPR.


22-00, Yarosh, leader of the right sector, killed after the shelling – “Oplot “

Information is being verified ...


21-00, Photo by Alexander Zadorozhny.
Mariupol. Punishers have mined bridges and socially important infrastructure objects. Photos from one of the mined sites.


20-00, in the vicinity of Kirovskoye there are fights.


19-30, Breakthrough of Ukrainian column out of Ilovaisk pocket


18-30, in the DPR there are fierce fightings along the strategic route Donetsk - Gorlovka. This is reported by sources in the DPR.
In the area of the village of Krasny Partizan of Yasinovataya district and village Panteleymonovka, militia closes encirclement of security forces concentrated in the city Zhdanovka. In response, the AFU attacked the outskirts of Yasinovataya near the junction to Konstantinovka and Gorlovka. Intense battle began, howitzers and MLRS are working


16-30, Krasny Partizan - firing with Grad


16-00, The defeat of positions of the armed forces of Ukraine by militia in Marinovka


15-40, In Kirovskoye firing began. The fightings are near the city. Gunfire, exploding shells are heard.
Kirovskoye is still in great danger, in the neighboring Zhdanovka and Maloorlovka (Shirokaya) there are many Ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries, who shelled the city from this point. Up to 30 civilians killed, including a girl of 4 years. Destruction in Kirovskoye are whopping, nevertheless there is still a lot of people, including children. There is little food in the city, there has been no electricity for two weeks, there are also problems with water and gas.


15-10, the Ukrainian army began shelling Makeevka with heavy artillery. This is reported by sources in Novorossia. Fire was conducted by the punishers from the occupied Avdeyevka and Donetsk airport. The purpose of the junta was settlement Batman in the Kirovsky district of Makeevka located between Yasinovka Coke and Makeevka smelter plants. The population of this part of the city is forced to hide in basements.
Information on the destruction and casualties has not yet been received.


13-50, According to local residents: This morning in Kiev on Victory Prospect convoy of 15-20 SUVs with Polish flags and foreign numbers was moving towards the center (from Zhytomyr). Cars full of people in uniform.


13-30, Donetsk, shooting at night.


13-20, in the city of Yasinovataya of Donetsk People's Republic intensive fight began. Ukrainian troops attacked the positions of the militia on the outskirts of the city. Artillery strikes, explosions and automatic shooting sound.

Details are being specified ...


In Donetsk, operations were conducted in the night in the vicinity of the airport.

"The night of September 12 to 13 in Donetsk was tense - combat operations were conducted in the vicinity of the airport. According to residents, throughout the city were heard shots from a variety of heavy weapons, "- said in a statement.
Also there are two cases of shells hits at the residential houses.

13-15, the German tanks “Leopard 2" in quantity of 34 pieces have been seen close to Ternopil

We remind you that on September 16-26, in the west of Ukraine, NATO exercise called "Quick trident" planned which will have up to 1 thousand NATO soldiers from different countries.


12-50, early Monday in Lugansk points of issue of humanitarian aid will open, which was brought in trucks from Russia. There is an ongoing discharge.


12-00, Explosions heard in Yenakievo


10-50, in the Kharkiv region, local partisans destroyed freight train with fuel for the ATO troops. According to preliminary information, the train ran into a landmine.



10-30, in Makeyevka morning Soviet district was fired, Information Centre of Donetsk People's Republic reports. In Donetsk last night Kievsky district suffered mortar attack.


10-20, The first 33 trucks with humanitarian aid for the people of Novorossia arrived at product base in Lugansk. Work on unloading of vehicles has now begun, according to LifeNews.


10-00, Russian humanitarian convoy with aid for the residents of Donbass arrived in Lugansk. Currently vehicles are being unloaded. They brought sugar, cereals, food, and everything necessary for the inhabitants of south-eastern Ukraine. Earlier it was reported that all the trucks had crossed the border and were moving through the territory of Ukraine. There were no accidents during the advance of the column .

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