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Video roundup of Novorossia for September 26-27

Author: Ayre от 27.09.2014, 19:51
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Video roundup of Novorossia for September 26-27
1Situation per day in DPR and LPR.
2 DPR to unilaterally terminate the exchange of prisoners due to non-compliance of Kiev.
3 Working group of the recently created special international commission began its activities.
4 EU: We reiterate our call for the restoration of law and order in Ukraine.
5 Militiamen buried six soldiers of the Ukrainian army.
6 International experts who have been studying the effects of the Malaysian Boeing crash, are forced to leave Ukraine.
7 Another Lustration in action.
8 In Kharkov, office of a volunteer who had been collecting humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian militarists was fired from a grenade launcher.
9 Army of Ukraine in winter will be dressed in quilted jackets of the pattern of post-war Soviet army.

On Friday, September 26, in many towns of Donetsk People's Republic sounds of explosions and bursts were heard.
The first half of the day in the city was relatively calm. At noon, single shots have begun to be heard in the Kirovsky, Petrovsky, Kievsky, Kuibyshevsky and Kalininsky districts, as reported by residents.
From the area of Grodovka Ukrainian forces were firing at the vicinity in the direction of Donetsk.
Ukrainian militarists were pushed deep into the Donetsk airport to protect civilians from attacks on the city. In the course of pushing Ukrainian troops from residential areas, the militia entered the territory of the airport. In the evening there was a fierce cleaning up, militia special forces and the best assault groups are working. By 3-45 (GMT) shootout in Donetsk airport continued.
In the village of Peski area there were fighting and shelling.

Near the town Debaltsevo the night was relatively quiet. By morning, the sounds of explosions were heard. Later in the afternoon explosions and machine gun fire are periodically heard in the area of AFU checkpoints. It is reported on the use of the MLRS by AFU. By the night fighting resumed in Debaltsevo pocket.

In Mariupol sounds of volleys are heard in the eastern part of the city on the outskirts. Ukrainian side claims that its position in the north of Mariupol had been fired.
In the vicinity of the village of Krasnaya Polyana a column of about 100 armored vehicles was spotted, including: tanks, armored personnel carriers, trucks with personnel. Column was heading in the direction of Mariupol. Another column was later seen in the same direction, of about 30 pieces of equipment.
Near Yenakievo there is calm, in the morning artillery work in the suburbs was heard. Shooting battle from Yelenovka was heard in the evening.
In the morning there are fights in Marinka. Intermittent fire.

At night artillery of Novorossia army worked on AFU positions near Olkhovatka from the area Hartsyzsk-Zugres. In Lugansk People's Republic the situation is more propitious.
In Lugansk, the second day is relatively quiet, there were no messages about the shooting in the districts.
Near the settlement of Popasnaya sounds of explosions were heard.
In Schastye town tanks stationed near the TPP shot at the city. It was reported that shots hit a hospital.
Also the area of ​​the settlement Vesyolaya Gora underwent AFU fire.
The Minister of Defence of People's Republic of Donetsk Vladimir Kononov said that the DPR to unilaterally terminate the exchange of prisoners due to non-compliance of Kiev.
"The decision was made unilaterally abort the exchange of prisoners with the Ukrainian militarists, as of 174 prisoners sent to the militia only 30 people are really fighters of the army of Novorossia. The Ukrainian side in response to our requests, releases entirely different people according to our list, "- said Vladimir Kononov.
He also suggests that the Ukrainian militarists capture civilians on purpose to further exchange for their prisoners of war.

On Friday, September 26, working group of the recently created special international commission began its activities. Its structure, in addition to the Ukrainian delegation included the OSCE monitoring group and 76 members of the Armed Forces of Russia. The main objective of the joint working group is to implement measures aimed at establishing a regime of complete cease-fire, the so-called regime of "Silence." In particular, according to the decision of the Minsk memorandum, elimination of weapons of caliber 100 mm and more for a certain distance and the creation of the 30- kilometer zone of differentiation is provided, as well as the removal of the installed minefields in certain quarters of the warring parties. Territory, which falls within the scope of the memorandum, is planned to be split into four - five security sectors, which will be run by three to five OSCE monitoring groups, together with representatives of Ukraine and Russia. The residence time of the monitoring groups is not limited- they will monitor the cease-fire until full stabilization of the situation in Donbass.

In Nizhnyaya Krynka where units of the enforcers were previously housing, on September 23, mass graves were discovered. This information is already available in the European Union from the representatives of the OSCE. Conducting of investigations into human rights violations is expected.
EU foreign policy service has reported that they were informed on this matter.
"We are aware of discovery of mass graves in Donbass, in particular, from the report of the OSCE observation mission. We reiterate our call for the restoration of law and order in the region, which will lead to the prevention of further human rights violations, as well as an investigation of all the human rights violations that have taken place so far, "- is said in the statement.
Recall that the representatives of the DPR militia have found three mass graves on the territory previously controlled by the battalion Aidar. Two burials are not far away from the coal mine "Communar" near the village of Nizhnyaya Krinka and one - in the village itself. Forensic Investigation found that people were shot in the head from close distance.

Six soldiers were buried in the village Kalinovo in the suburbs of Lugansk. Ukrainian soldiers were killed on September 18. Their ICV exploded, and the command had sent no one to pick up the bodies. Militia have buried the enforcers.
One of the soldiers had mobile phone, they contacted with its help with the relatives of the dead - they're from the Dnepropetrovsk region. The family wanted to come to identify the body, but they were not allowed by Ukrainian troops.

International experts who have been studying the effects of the Malaysian Boeing crash, are forced to leave Ukraine. Leaving of the experts is due to the fact that they can not get to the crash site. A small part of the group will be in Kiev until the winter comes.
"However, a small group from each country will be in Kiev from now until the beginning of winter in case they have an opportunity to get to the place (of the crash) to carry out our work," - said the head of the Malaysian police.
Experts from Australia, Malaysia and the Netherlands were forced to postpone the collection of the remains and the wreckage of the airliner because of the fighting between the security forces and militias.
According to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, Ukraine failed to secure access to the remains of the aircraft.
In this regard, the Malaysian prime minister was to hold talks with the militia on this issue. However, he, fearing a negative reaction of Kiev, noted that caution must be taken in the negotiations with the militia.
International experts will return to Ukraine in spring, if before the situation in the areas of combat operations will not subside by winter.

Another Lustration in action. Yesterday at Rivne Regional Council Deputy Chairman Alexander Danilchuk was thrown in the trash container to the cries "Shame!". Thus Ukrainian radicals continue to carry out their "lustration". Earlier in the day, several hundreds of activists came to the walls of the Rivne Regional Council. Some people demanded the resignation of all the ex-regionals.
In his turn, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, Arsen Avakov, asks Ukrainians to no longer throw politicians in the trash.
  "Not looking at what kind of political power are the bullies and no matter with what slogans they try to justify their actions, including the motivation of cleansing power and lustrations, we will respond adequately to such actions as to a violation. Let's start to implement European standards, particularly in the political struggle and in the hot time of the elections, "- Avakov said.

In the night of September 26 in Kharkov the office of the MP candidate, the lawyer and volunteer Oleg Golovkov was shot from a grenade launcher.
In the dilapidated office there was ammunition and other humanitarian aid, which the volunteer was intended to bring to the soldiers of the 11th battalion of the territorial defense of the Kiev region.
Law enforcement officers have arrived at the place, who seized evidence of the attack from the crime scene. MP candidate Golovkov is sure that the attack is associated not with his campaign activity, but rather with volunteer one.
Police officers have already opened criminal proceedings on the fact of a terrorist action. Investigations being conducted.

Army of Ukraine will be dressed in quilted jackets of the post-war Soviet army vintage in winter.
But as stated by the commander of the army, the Ukrainian army is ready for winter, and provided with all the necessary for 70%.
According to one of the leaders of the volunteer movement Roman Donik, the Ministry of Defense plans to supply the Ukrainian militarists with winter clothing of the " USSR vintage " - quilted jackets and tarpaulin boots.
"Ukrainian Defense Ministry claims that the Ukrainian army is provided with winter clothing for 70%, but it is the clothes of the " USSR vintage "- Donik wrote on his page on Facebook.
"When officials of Defense Ministry say that 70% of winter clothing is in the warehouses, they do not lie. But it is just clothing of the USSR vintage - quilted jackets and tarpaulin boots with nailed heels, "- wrote Donik on his page on Facebook.
Accordingto him,alsoquilted jacketsandsleeping bagswith the compactedwool, and inaccordance with the regulations, fourunderpantsper year for eachsoldier are prepared for the Ukrainian militarists.


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