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The war in the South-East Online 10.02.2014 Chronicle

Author: Ayre от 3.10.2014, 07:06
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War online in Novorossia (DPR and LPR), the latest news of ATO (anti-national terrorist operation) today. Operational reports from the zone of military conflict in the South-East of Ukraine.

video of events in the South East on the hosting Cassad-TV


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3:41 Cossacks caught another saboteur

2:32 Map of hostilities
map Oct 2

1:45 Message from press center of the Southeast Army Staff

"At Debaltsevo militia stopped Ukrainian law enforcers.
The day before at the town Bryanka in Lugansk People's Republic a tough fight broke out. Ukrainian army tried to break through from Debaltsevo. Several armored vehicles of the National Guard were stopped and destroyed by the militia Cossacs, together with the soldiers of the battalion "Prizrak." several buses with children were evacuated from the area of ​​clashes. During the battle on the part of the militia one soldier from "Prizrak" was killed. The attack was repulsed. "

23:20 reports from the front of Novorossia:

UPD 2: 14:10 (NR) AFU law enforcers fired Kievsky district with MLRS, information on casualties or damage was not received.
UPD 3: During the day, extreme tension remained, fighting in the vicinity of the airport moved to the most active phase.
UPD 4 18:00 (NR) From Peski and Yelenovka AFU opened artillery fire with mortars and MLRS of large caliber ("Smerch" or "Uragan") at Donetsk (city center) there are hits in the residential sector of the 15th and 18th villages , Putilovka, Voroshilovsky district, Kievsky district, near SBU, Donbass-Arena stadium, Amstor (supermarket "Ukraine"), apartment buildings, Donetsk TV channel office (damage to be confirmed), garages in the vicinity of the first taxi park.
UPD 5: During the bombardment in Donetsk a representative of the "Red Cross" from Switzerland killed (Lauren Entien born in 1976). Dense black smoke rises from Shirokoye, Mirnoye.


22:24 Today the center of Donetsk was fired. As a result of one of them, a foreign citizen was killed, the employee of the local department of the International Committee.

21:59 Girls in the army of Novorossia!

21:30 Powerful documentary video: storming the Donetsk airport. 18 +

20:49 As reported to the "Novorossia" agency by the Pavel Dryomov’s militias spokesman Andrey Lavin, Ukrainian troops have violated the ceasefire once again today by firing positions of Ataman Kozitsin’s Cossack National Guard. The shelling was carried out from Debaltsevo. At this time, a delegation of the OSCE was in the location of the Ukrainian troops in that area, so the Cossacks did not fire back. According to Andrey, it turns out that "The OSCE is openly on the side of the Ukrainian troops."

19:32 Video roundup Novorossia October 1 - 2
1Situation per day in the DPR and LPR.
2 Lugansk People's Republic sent the DPR "Giatsint" guns for help.
3 In Ukraine a conveyor for organ transplantation earned at full capacity.
4 Deputy Chief of General Staff of Ukraine: shelling of civilian neighborhoods in Donetsk is carried out by the "third party".
5 Another "lustration".
6 According to the level of depreciation of hryvnia Ukraine excelled African countries and Syria at war.
7 Zakharchenko intends to lead the people's republic of Donetsk.
8 "Right sector" advised Poroshenko not to forget about the fate of Yanukovych.
9 Avakov and Ljashko - who is the greater moron?

19:12 The new map

18:22 In Donetsk airport fuel tanks are burning

17:31 Information received that the UA continue to fire Faschevka station regularly for the past few days.

17:15 100 fighters of the "Vinnitsa" Battalion sent to the area of ​​the so-called ATO for rotation.

17:10 About 300 soldiers of the "Donbass" battalion want to move to partisan groups at the Ministry of Defense

17:00 DPR Press Centre announces the completion of the active phase of Donetsk airport cleaning-up from Ukrainian law enforcers.


The active phase of the operation to liberate the Donetsk airport is completed, most of the punishers destroyed. In these moments cleaning-up of some facilities at the airport is being conducted. One can speak of full control of the airport only after the Ukrainian militarists are pushed for at least 15 km away from it, so after a thorough cleaning-up militia will begin the process of pushing Ukrainian troops from the northern part of Donetsk. Staff plans to release Avdeyevka and other nearby settlements. Currently Ukrainian artillery continues to randomly attack Donetsk, Tochmash is on fire. Probably punishers do it in revenge for the airport, – is said in a statement.

16:16 Security officials liquidated in the airport. Fight goes on right under the wings of airplanes.

15:06 Moment of shell hit in Donetsk

14:54 Photo-report of the Motorola detachment artillery attack on the positions of Ukrainian punishers.

14:22 Militia Artillery shelling UA positions

14:00 Checkpoint of ATO forces in Chernukhino after attacks: video from the front line.

During the shelling two people killed, more than a dozen injured, according to ATO fighters.

Soldiers of the 11th Battalion of territorial defense are guarding the checkpoint in Chernukhino (Luhansk region), which is 15 kilometers east of Debaltsevo. There's now a front line, Radio Svoboda reports.

"Within 10 days the positions of security forces were fired from mortars and artillery. During this time, two people were killed and more than a dozen wounded," – was said in a statement.


12:48 Something is burning badly in Donetsk airport again. From the Planetarium since 7:30 gunfire and shooting from hand grenade launcher have been heard. There was a fight. Rifles and machine guns could be heard from the sites, the airport and Putilovka. Powerful explosions were reported.
 Donetsk airport burning
 Burning Donetsk airport

11:13 Militiaman Prokhorov reported that the remains of the 79th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are waiting for the order to be evacuated from the airport. The order should arrive in the near future.

According to interception, the 79th (its remains) awaits the order to be evacuated from the airport.
By the way, all indications are that the mass killings of militia prisoners and civilians in Nizhnyaya Krinka are their handiwork. Such are they, "also Russians." Oh, there was the order from the officers for a good reason - to take no prisoners of this brigade!

10:17 Ukrainian security officials said they were not involved in the tragedy, which began the school year in the schools of Donetsk. However, the General Staff of Kiev has confirmed that 11 people at the school and in the wrecked bus were killed, and not by the militia’s projectile. Therefore, there is talking about some provocateurs who represent a third party and hinder to establish a truce.

9:44 Cleaning-up of Donetsk airport. Anti-air gun Zu-23 in action.

9:34 Surroundings of the Donetsk airport. Shooting during the shelling.

9:11 Yesterday’s Ukrainian security forces’ fire place in Donetsk, where civilians were killed. Such a "truce."


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