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Summary of events in Novorossia on October, 7

Author: Ayre от 8.10.2014, 12:25
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During October 7 the military situation in Novorossia remained tense but stable. For the past day neither Armed Forces of Novorossia, nor the Armed Forces of Ukraine have significantly changed their battle positions. The ceasefire is still not respected in some sectors. There have been at least 7 ceasefire violations by the Ukrainian side. Shelling of Novorossia cities continued. Donetsk is still under constant pressure of regular attacks by the Ukrainian army.

map of hostilities on October 5-6

Military events in the DPR

AFU had been shelling the Donetsk airport in the night of October 6 and the whole day of October 7, but most of the shells hit farther - the private sector. Attacks were launched with the use of artillery and MLRS, stationed in the localities Peski and Avdeyevka. According to reports from the militia, there are 4 positions of Ukrainian artillery, 2 positions of MLRS and 2 positions of howitzers in the area of Peski.
During the day AFU were shelling DPR Army positions in the north-western edge of the settlement Donetsk from locality Avdeyevka. Loss of manpower of the national militia made ​​one man killed and 5 wounded.



Night in the city of Donetsk was relatively calm, despite that evening on 6 October turned out to be hard.

By 10.30 the situation in the city was tense but stable. Residents of Kievsky and the Kuibyshevsky districts reported that distant shots are periodically heard, but after 10-30 strong shelling of the city started again.

At 10-45 (GMT) Ukrainian artillery shelled Svobody Street and area of Spartak village.

At 11.10 (GMT) from the locality Tonenkoye AFU multiple launch rocket systems shelled the northern outskirts of Donetsk. 6 houses damaged, building of an electrical substation destroyed. Two civilians killed and five wounded.

At 11-35 (GMT) – Avtostradnaya Street (in the Kuibyshev district) also came under fire of the AFU;

At 12-20 (GMT) artillery AFU hit the village Krasny Partizan of Kuibyshevsky district;

At 14-55 (GMT) AFU mortars shelled Petrovsky district;

AT 15-05 (GMT) Ukrainian forces shelled Donetsk 11th mine with MRL from Krasnogorovka;

At 16-50 (GMT) shelling of the Kievsky district (Putilovka) resumed by the AFU. As a result of APU shelling in the area destruction and fires of the houses were observed. There are victims;

18-00 (GMT) two houses were reported to be on fire, after gunfire of Ukrainian army. There was a dense smoke.

The total number of injured civilians still to be confirmed.

From the positions near the settlement Orlov-Ivanivka 12-30 (MSK) shelled by the APU undergone quarters settlement Peter and Paul Fortress. 3 houses damaged.

At 13.05 (GMT) AFU artillery positions near the settlement Orlovo-Ivanovka shelled settlement Stozhkovskoe. Four houses and shop building destroyed. Civilian casualties are specified.

There was active firefight and sounds of explosions until 4 am (GMT) under Debaltsevo. At 12:35 (GMT) from Debaltsevo Ukrainian army cannon artillery shelled the settlement Kirovskoye and mine "Komsomolets Donbassa." Office building damaged, several outbuildings destroyed. Also there was unquiet near the settlement Zhdanovka.

At 11.30 (GMT) AFU fired with hand-held antitank grenade launchers and small arms on DPR army positions on the northern outskirts of settlement Nikishino. 1 militiaman wounded.

Near Uglegorsk (DPR) gunfire , machine gun fire and exploding shells were heard at about 11-00 (GMT). Martial militia groups held the line against the AFU with support of APCs and light mortars.

A powerful strike from the MLRS of Ukrainian security forces was inflicted at Gorlovka at about midnight. It is reported that the AFU hit intentionally in the city. According to preliminary data at least two civilians were killed, 6 more wounded.

During the day Novorossia SRGs were activated on roads leading to Mariupol, near which the AFU are quickly creating strongpoints. At Mariupol - near Kasyanovka scouts destroyed the car of the AFU tentacle - supply convoy turned back.

In the area of ​​Starognatovka (east from Volnovakha) a group of Ukrainian special forces attacked - officially 1 dead and 7 wounded.


Military events in LPR

 Information about the shelling of Lugansk was not reported. In the capital of the republic peaceful life and production is slowly getting better.

In Lugansk People's Republic combat situation is more or less quiet. Periodically firefights near the settlement Chernukhino were observed, which is occupied by the Ukrainian army.

In the night militias were conducting harassing fire on positions of the AFU at a checkpoint in the area of ​​thermal power plant of Schastye. AFU 30th Mechanized Brigade reported 6 wounded over the past day.



According to Novorossia Army, the villages of Rudovskoye, Krugloye, Schastye were destroyed by shelling.

Other events

On October 7, A column of Ukrainian art passed through the city Quay of Kyiv. Total number of units is 31, including 4 APC- 4E units, 2 trucks with antiaircraft guns ZU-23-2 on the trailer, 2 with outdoor kitchen.

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