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Summary of events in Novorossia on November, 8

Author: Ayre от 9.11.2014, 15:46
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November 8 attacks on Novorossia cities by Ukrainian army intensified. Especially strongly Ukrainian artillery shelled Donetsk, Nikishino, Kirovsk, heavy artillery shelling of Lugansk also reported. Given the fact that most Ukrainian artillery strikes do not come to the positions of militia but to residential areas, it is likely to be the Ukrainian army tactics of gradual increase of the shelling intensity and destruction of infrastructure and strategically important Novorossia town facilities to win not in open battle but destroying Donbass to the ground.

Map of hostilities
Military events in DPR

As a result of night shelling two people injured in Donetsk. According to city officials, in the north of Donetsk single shots and explosions were periodically heard, a house destroyed, pipeline damaged. AFU used incendiary mines again, conducting shelling of Oktyabrskaya mine terricone. By midnight the artillery duels near Donetsk subsided.

Novorossia artillery was actively shelling AFU positions near the airport of Donetsk, Avdeyevka and Peski.

At about 13:00 (MSK) AFU started firing on Donetsk airport. From near the settlements Avdeyevka and Peski AFU were shelling area of the airport, the supermarket "Metro" (near to the railway), md 15th site, Ukrainian security forces used incendiary mines during the shelling. Around 15:00 (MSK) Novorossia army artillery struck back at the AFU positions near the settlement Peski and Vodyanoye. At 15:30 (MSK) near the settlement Peski a rifle battle with heavy weapons, began KPVT work, AP-30 were heard; the intensity of the battle was above the average. Around 19:20, 20:00, 21:10 (MSK) Novorossia army artillery inflicted several strikes on the positions of the AFU in the area of Peski.

In the afternoon clashes began near the settlement Avdeyevka. Militia units managed to get out to the Konstantinovka track thus taking Avdeyevka in a semicircle. Around 22:50 (MSK) Novorossia army artillery continued to attack the AFU positions near the settlement Avdeyevka and Novobakhmutovka.

fighting in Donetsk November 8 map
About 16:00 (MSK) AFU units shelled Oktyabrskaya mine terricone from the settlement Avdeyevka and Tonenkoye. Shells were falling very close to the mine shaft.

In Opytnoye there were fierce battles with artillery during the day.

Around 15:15 (MSK) tank battle began in the vicinity of the Chelyuskintsev mine in Krasnogorovka.

Around 15:00 (MSK) there was fighting in the area of Yasinovataya, bursts were heard, situation remained tense.

Near the settlement Gorlovka fighting and gunfire were heard from Artemovsk direction (lasted for a few hours). Since about 19:00 (MSK) use of artillery could be heard in the area of Gorlovka for 3 hours. AFU were shelling Gorlovka from their positions at the Yuzhnaya mine in Leninskoye.

November 8 Kirovskoye was shelled by Ukrainian security officials. Around 17:00 (MSK) fighting renewed in the country, bursts heard in the settlement Maloorlovka. AFU fired Stozhkovo from Novoorlovka.

In Debaltsevo serious artillery fire between the AFU and the AFN continued, in the evening on November 8 shooting was heard in the area of AFU checkpoints at Debaltsevo. Around 22:10 (MSK) AFU artillery near Debaltsevo started firing.

In the south of the DPR militia shelled AFU positions at Granitnoye with mortars, and strengthening of the Ukrainian security services in the locality Starognatovka and Novolaspa – with grenade launchers.

According to the Ukrainian side, at 7:40 am (MSK) the places of deployment of the so-called ATO forces were massively bombarded to the west of Pavlopol. Losses are not specified.

Around 17:00 (MSK) gunfire was heard in the vicinity of the western margin of Mariupol, probably militia SRG worked.

Military events in LPR

Around 8:00 am (MSK) Kirovsk was shelled by Ukrainian artillery. Shelling, apparently, was conducted from the standpoint of Ukrainian security forces near the settlement Gorskoye, since after the retaliatory artillery militia heavy shelling at these positions of the AFU the intensity of fire decreased significantly. Near the settlement Gorskoye distant bursts were heard at about 21:00 (MSK).

In the night of November 7 to 8 militia fired positions of the AFU in the settlement Krimskoye.

Ukrainian party conducts massive strikes of howitzers and multiple rocket launchers "Uragan". "Uragans" shell Frunze, as a result there are casualties among the militias and among civilians.

 At about 13:00 (MSK) Novorossia artillery began to work on the positions of the AFU from the area of the settlements Zorinsk and Alchevsk.

Zorinsk Alchevsk map
Cossacks continued firing AFU positions at numbered checkpoints on the track "Bakhmutka."

AFU reported shelling of their positions in the settlement Tryokhizbyonka and Kryakovka with MLRS "Grad".

According to the command of the AFU, position of Ukrainian security officials at Stary Aydar were fired with small arms.

This afternoon Lugansk was shelled by the AFU. Militias reported that the shelling was conducted with long-range artillery.


Kiev enforcers have from 350 to 400 Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics’ militias in captivity. This was said by the head of the Center for the exchange of prisoners Vladimir Ruban on Ukrainian TV channel "Gromadske TV". According to Ruban, about 250-300 DPR and LPR militiamen are guarded by representatives of Ukrainian Security Service and Interior Ministry. About 100 people more are "temporarily staying" at the positions of the security services of other departments.

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