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Summary of hostilities in Novorossia on November, 19

Author: Ayre от 20.11.2014, 13:20
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On November 19 the area along the highway Bakhmutka, locality Stanitsa Luganskaya (LPR), Donetsk airport, the suburbs of Donetsk, south of DPR remained"hot" spots on the fronts of Novorossia. In general, the front line is not undergoing significant changes for the past days. The parties exchange shelling, while Ukrainian military traditionally brings more damage to houses and peaceful infrastructure than to militia positions.

Map for 11/17/14
Hostilities in DPR

Night of November 18 to 19 was relatively calm in Donetsk. By 10:00 (hereafter - Moscow time) it is quiet in the city. By noon, the morning calm ended. Ukrainian artillery resumed shelling of Donetsk, Kievsky and Kirovsky districts were under fire. Novorossia Army Artillery struck on positions of Ukrainian security officials in the west of Avdeyevka. At 22:10 AFU artillery fired Kirovsky and Petrovsky districts again. From Peski and Opytnoye Ukrainian security forces intensified artillery attack in the direction of Lidievka, Beryozovoye (Donetsk) at 22:00, there was fight at Peski. At 22:40 in the district of Donetsk Smolyanka there was battle with AFU SRG, the group of Ukrainian saboteurs destroyed.

In the Donetsk airport it was restless in the morning, SRGs of Ukrainian security officials attempted to break into the territory, the militia stopped all attempts. About 12:30 artillery shelling of area of the airport by Ukrainian army was recorded. At about 16:00 tank was heard at Donetsk airport. Ukrainian law enforcers intensified at 16:30 and began shelling the airport with new force from two directions: from the settlement Peski and from the western part of Avdeyevka, shells went to the area of the runway. Novorossia retaliatory artillery fire destroyed an AFU ammunition depot near the airport. At 22:00 Ukrainian artillery shells fired from Avdeyevka towards the airport, flew to the area of the old terminal, TC "Metro" and Putilovka (Donetsk).

DPR map
At 17:20 there was a battle at the settlement Spartak.

In Gorlovka night of November 18 to 19 was tense, sometimes there was shootout. In the afternoon on November 19 tank and artillery duels resumed in Gorlovka, Ukrainian security forces attack from their positions in the settlement Mayorsk.

Suburb of Yenakiyevo - the settlement Bulavinskoye - was fired with mortars, there are victims among civilians. The bombardment was carried out, likely, from AFU positions near the settlement Uglegorsk where militia artillery struck back. At 19:50-19:55 there was shelling of filter station in Yenakiyevo with single shells, 8-10 breaks recorded.

In Debaltsevo artillery duels between the militia and Ukrainian security forces did not abate during the day and late in the night on November 19.

Relative calm in the fighting in village Nikishino continues. In the morning Ukrainian law enforcers fired militia positions with mortars. At 12:15 AFU inflicted artillery and mortar fire at northern outskirts of Nikishino. One person was killed and three wounded. Two houses destroyed. By 12:40 all was quiet. By evening, a pair of shells were fired on militia positions by AFU APC, APC was hit by the militia out of RPG.

Novorossia Army Artillery struck at AFU artillery positions at Volnovakha at 22:25. In Volnovakha district militia blanketed checkpoint between the settlement Mykolaivka and Novotroitskoe. Also militia fire was sent at the settlement Olginka.

AFU fired the settlement Telmanovo with Grad.

At the direction of Mariupol mortars fired Ukrainian strongholds near the settlement Granitnoye and Orlovskoye.

Hostilities in LPR

Militiamen fired AFU at the settlement Chernukhino with mortars.

In the afternoon of November 19 Ukrainian security officials shelled residential neighborhoods of Pervomaisk from their positions near the settlement Popasnaya. The shelling killed 5 people, including two children, and wounded several people.

On November 19 there were local skirmishes at Lysychansk at the settlement Borovskoye and Mirnaya Dolina.

Today in the fighting near the settlement Toshkovka, as a result of militia retaliation mortar fire at the tank shelling militia positions, a mortar shell hit the house, in the yard of which tank was hidden. As a result, 3 civilians killed, 4 injured.

In the evening MLRS "Grad" residential areas struck in the settlement Kirovsk, security forces fired from the settlement Zolotoye, 2 civilians killed.

Mutual shelling does not subside at the track Bakhmutka. Militia Artillery launched periodic shelling of AFU numbered checkpoints with MLRS "Grad" near the settlement Frunze, Sokolniki, Tryokhizbyonka (Ukrainian command reports 19 "fire attacks"). In turn, the Ukrainian law enforcers located at the airport of the settlement Severodonetsk fired on the positions of the militia.

At 13:20 mortars fired positions of LPR MoD units defending the village Smeloye. Two militiamen wounded.

There was fighting near the settlement Krimskoye, militias tried to drive security officials from the village, periodically shelled the positions of AFU with MLRS "Grad".

During the day, the Novorossia militia reflected attacks of security forces near the settlement Stanitsa Luganskaya and Olkhovoye. Fighting does not subside on this site.

There was fighting near the town of Schastye. Ukrainian law enforcers located on the territory of Lugansk TPP fired the settlement Vesyolaya Gora, as a result two civilians injured. In response, the militia hit the Ukrainian military with MLRS "Grad" and mortars.


The observers of the OSCE mission were shelled by Ukrainian law enforcers twice in two days.

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