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Summary of hostilities in Novorossia on November, 22

Author: Ayre от 23.11.2014, 15:10
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On November 22 DPR intelligence reported that Ukrainian Command plans to hold the fourth wave of mobilization in mid-December - early January. If the information is correct, the Ukrainian authorities are preparing for full-scale war.

 Map November 20, 2014
Hostilities in DPR

From 01:00 to 05:00 (hereinafter - Moscow time) militia artillery struck near the settlement Peski, about 11:00 - the area of the settlement Avdeyevka, in the afternoon and evening of November 22 shelling of positions of security forces by militia resumed. Ukrainian security forces were shelling Petrovsky, Leninsky, Kuibyshevsky and Kievsky districts of Donetsk from their positions in the settlement Peski, Avdeyevka, Tonenkoye, Orlovka, Karlovka with 152-mm guns and MLRS "Grad" during November 22, neighborhoods Putilovka, Biryuzova, Krasny Pakhar, suburbs - Vesyoloye, mine Lidievka, Spartak were also under fire. Numerous damages in residential neighborhoods were recorded, no injuries were reported. Nov. 22 shelling did not abate until late evening.

Near the Donetsk airport three Ukrainian soldiers blew up on a land mine, one of them died. What AFU unit they are from is not specified. From the settlement Orlovka Ukrainian military were firing in the direction of the Donetsk airport and shopping center "Metro". In Donetsk airport situation for November 22 remained tense as a whole.

In the settlement Gorlovka militias conducted a powerful strike at the AFU fortified area near the settlement Golmovsky. Artillery duels between the AFU and AFN Continued in the directions Gorlovka -Mayorsk, Gorlovka-Dzerzhinsk. During the night of November 21 to 22 the National Guard checkpoint was destroyed at the exit of the settlement Dzerzhinsk, security officials have several wounded.

In Yenakiyevo filter station is under fire again.

At the settlement Kirovskoye fighting resumed, the city was under attack. One of the shells hit the area of the mine "Komsomolets Donbassa".

In Debaltsevo clashes intensified in the area of Ukrainian security officials’ strongholds in the morning. AFU were shelling the settlement Nikishino, Petropavlovka and Chernukhino (LPR) from their positions in Debaltsevo.

On November 22 there were artduelis in Volnovakha-Dokuchayevsk. The shelling of Dokuchaevsk by security forces killed one civilian, injured two. AFU checkpoint near the settlement Olginka was shelled by the militia with MLRS "Grad".

In the settlement Granitnoye there were fights throughout the day, a village located on the front line was under fire for two hours. The positions of the Ukrainian army at the settlement Novotroitskoye were fired. In turn, the Ukrainian military fired at the settlement Steppnoye with mortars (1 civilian wounded).

On Mariupol direction AFU outposts were fired at the settlement Chermalyk (Zamozhnoye) and Mykolaivka.

In Mariupol in the settlement Lomakino two groups of Ukrainian military blew up on a land mine, two pieces of equipment destroyed and four soldiers of the Ukrainian army injured. NSDC also reported the shelling of checkpoint at the entrance to the city with mortars (probably checkpoint in md "Vostochny").

Hostilities in LPR

November 22 AFU positions in the settlement Popasnaya were attacked by militia.

AFU shelled residential neighborhoods of Stakhanov and Pervomaysk with MLRS "Grad" several times during the day.

There was fighting at the settlement Faschevka on the highway E50.

There were fights in the area of the 31st AFU roadblock on the highway Bakhmutka. Clashes and shelling continued throughout Bahmutovka track. In theight came under the shelling the settlement Zhelobok and Dolgoye.

Tense situation remains in the city of Schastye. Militia conducted shelling at the Ukrainian army with mortars and MLRS "Grad". There were reports of local and fast moving battles, probably militia SRGs managed to infiltrate into the city. In general, Schastye is in a semicircle, it is encircled on the north, northeast and east, but there is no large-scale breakthrough here yet and it is hardly expected.

In the morning militia attacked AFU checkpoint in the village Makarovo at Stanitsa Luganskaya. During November 22 the fighting at the settlement Verkhnyaya Olkhovaya did not abate with small breaks. Throughout the day fighting on the outskirts of the settlement Stanitsa Luganskaya has not abated.

On November 22 there were alarming reports about shelling of the outskirts of Lugansk by Kiev security forces with SPG, AA guns, tank shells from the positions of the Ukrainian military near Stanitsa Luganskaya.


In the afternoon, November 22, soldiers of the 79th separate airmobile brigade who were at the airport in Donetsk returned to Nikolayev.

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