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Summary of hostilities in Novorossia on November, 23

Author: Ayre от 24.11.2014, 14:27
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On November 23 results of US Vice President Joe Biden’s visit to Kiev became known. According to reports in the media, the US authorities are going to increase military aid to Ukraine. What this assistance will be like and what effect it will have on the course of the war in Novorossia, is not yet clear, however, in any case, we should expect deterioration of the situation in Donbass.

 Map for November 22
Hostilities in DPR

Morning on November 23 began relatively quietly in Donetsk. From 9:20 to 17:15 (hereinafter - Moscow time) the northern and north-western outskirts of Donetsk were fired from the settlements Avdeyevka, Opytnoye, Vodyanoye, Tonenkoye and Peski, with artillery, mortars and multiple launch rocket systems for no less than thirteen times. Three residential buildings damaged. Two civilians killed and three wounded. At 17:30 AFU conducted two full salvos of MLRS "Uragan" in the direction of the airport and Putilovka from the district of Novobakhmutovka. By 20:30 Ukrainian law enforcers conducted art-strike at the village Oktyabrsky from the settlement Peski. During November 23 Ukrainian artillery bombarded Kievsky, Kuibyshevsky and Kirovsky districts, microdistrict Novogrigorevka and the settlement Spartak. As a result of the shelling of Donetsk, two civilians were killed and three wounded.

In the settlement Peski, fighting continued, militia mortar fire destroyed the headquarters of Ukrainian army, the Ukrainian military and have killed and wounded. On the outskirts of the settlement AFU checkpoint was hit by mortar fire, one Ukrainian soldier was killed, several were injured.

Ukrainian law enforcers fired several volleys of MLRS "Grad" at the settlement Ocheretino from the rear positions in the settlement Novogrodovka (Krasnoarmeysk district) at night of November 23. The shelling brought serious damage, there are victims among the civilian population (the exact number of victims is not reported).

During the day, the militia conducted massive artillery bombardment of Ukrainian artillery in the locality Avdeyevka to reduce the intensity of attacks at Donetsk.

Fights fixed near the settlement Marinka on November 23, also AFU strongholds in the localities Marinka, Krasnogorovka and Karlovka were bombarded by militia with MLRS "Grad".

During the day militia conducted massive strikes with MLRS "Grad" on the positions of the Ukrainian security forces in the village Debaltsevo.

 In Yenakiyevo night of November 22 to 23 was very noisy, Novorossia army artillery worked on AFU positions. At 16:00 the outskirts of Yenakiyevo were fired by Ukrainian security forces with mortars. Around 19:00 Ukrainian military conducted massive bombardment of Yenakiyevo from Debaltsevo and Uglegorsk. Filtration plant was hit at least 10 times. There was a large fire on the station. Yenakiyevo and nearby towns and villages were left without water.

 DPR map
From their positions in the settlement Yenakiyevo militia fired positions of Ukrainian security forces in the village Olkhovatka and Orlovo-Ivanovka.

At 09:40 of November 23 from the village Maloorlovka artillery fired positions of the people's militia on the outskirts of the Kirovskoye. One militiaman wounded.

 At the settlement Nikishino there was fighting of a low intensity between the militia and the Ukrainian security forces during the day with the use of machine guns and mortars. As a result of fighting Ukrainian law enforcers have lost two pieces of equipment (infantry fighting vehicle and APC), several people wounded, militia have no casualties. Artillery shells fired at houses in Nikishino three times (at 09:05, 9:50 and 12:05) from firing positions within the area of Kamenka, as well as two times (10:10 and 12:35) from the mound Mohila Ostraya. Three houses destroyed, one resident wounded.

At 13:10 the AFU multiple rocket launchers shelled residential areas of Dokuchayevsk from the settlement Volnovakha. One civilian killed.

Local battles continued in Mariupol, artillery did not abate on November 23, but none of the parties has taken decisive actions. On November 23 mortar fire of Ukrainian security forces checkpoint was successfully conducted near the settlement Pavlopol, clashes took place near the settlement Patriotichnoye.

Hostilities in LPR

At 15:50 AFU artillery fired militias positions in Faschevka on the highway E50 from the mound Mohila Ostraya (DPR).

On November 23 militia artillery conducted another strike at the AFU near the settlement Chernukhino where Ukrainian security forces fired at Shakhtyorsk salient. In the night of November 23, security forces’ positions in the settlement Mius were fired with mortars.

By the evening of Nov. 23 AFU artillery started shelling the settlement Lomovatka and Vergulyovka with MLRS "Grad" from Debaltsevo (DPR).

 In the evening, the militia began shelling Ukrainian checkpoint near the settlement Borovskoye, the results are not reported.

Ukrainian security forces fired the settlement Rayevka with mortars in the night of November 23, as a result two militiamen were wounded. Militia, in turn, fired the National Guard checkpoint near the settlement Sokolniki in the night with mortars, in the afternoon - with Grads. Near the settlement Tryokhizbyonka militia snipers were active. Throughout the night artillery fire on the numbered roadblocks periodically renewed, as AFU tried to deliver supplies to locked security officials.

Ukrainian law enforcers fired militia positions near the village of Vesyolaya Gora at 10:35 and 10:45. The fire was conducted with small arms.

During the day fighting on the outskirts and suburbs of the settlement Stanitsa Luganskaya died down, then intensified, but did not stop.

Lugansk suburbs were again fired by the Ukrainian military SPGs and mortars on November 23.


Obama’s administration plans to increase military aid to Ukraine and hopes that the US Congress will allocate additional funds for this purpose from the budget for 2015 fiscal year. This was reported by US officials who conducted the briefing on the results of the visit of Vice President Joseph Biden to Morocco, Ukraine and Turkey.

The train transporting debris of "Malaysian Airlines" Boeing crashed near Donetsk left the territory of the People's Republic of Donetsk. Reported by the press secretary of the DPR Ministry of Transport Ella Zhuranskaya. Further responsibility for the safety of Boeing debris and security of OSCE observers and Dutch investigators lies on the Ukrainian side.

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