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Summary of hostilities in Novorossia on December, 6

Author: Ayre от 7.12.2014, 12:09
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On December 6, the Ukrainian army Day, the intensity of the fighting has not reduced. Shelling of Donetsk continued. Clashes in the area of Debaltsevo and at Gorlovka - Dzerzhinsk intensified. On the territory of the LPR militia attempted to break through to the Ukrainian positions to the east from the settlement Stanitsa Luganskaya in Valuiskoye. Because of the superiority of the AFU in the number of tanks at the site, the militia did not achieve the determined success, but nevertheless, the militias were able to advance and consolidate in some areas, pushing AFU back. In turn, the AFU actively throw reinforcements to this sector of the front.

Map of Novorossia
Hostilities in DPR

On December 6 shelling of Donetsk by APU did not stop, Ukrainian shells fell in Kievsky, Kuibyshevsky, Kirovsky and Petrovsky districts of Donetsk most of the day (with a brief period of calm). There is large damage in the area of the village Krasny Pakhar.

Ukrainian side used MLRS "Uragan" again except for large-caliber artillery, self-propelled guns and MLRS "Grad" to fire Donetsk. Attacks were carried out from locality Avdeyevka, Peski, Opytnoye, Krasnogorovka. The militia returned fire on AFU positions in this area. Retaliatory fire of Novorossia hit the positions of Ukrainian artillery near the settlement Opytnoye.

The situation in the Donetsk Airport remains unchanged. From time to time it was shelled, fighting is sluggish there. The building of a new terminal and a tower are controlled by Ukrainian military who are well entrenched there, and the old terminal building and grounds are under the militias. Supply of Ukrainian military in airport is difficult.

In the morning it was relatively quiet inAvdeyevka, but clashesand skirmishes started againin the afternoon. So as a resultof intense fighting there have beenhits of2roundsin thecity police department, thatUkrainianlaw enforcersusedas a headquartersandbase forthe SBU(at least two wounded). Alsoinformationfrom the localsreceived about theskirmisheswith small armson the southern outskirts of Avdeyevka.

There were reports that about 07-00 (MSK) the center of Novomikhaylovka was fired by Ukrainian security forces to provoke (the village is under the control of AFU).

During December 6 AFU artillery struck at Gorlovka. Novorossia Artillery returned fire on AFU positions. About 19-00 AFU fired at the outskirts of Gorlovka with howitzer shells from Kuryumovka.

On the site Dzerzhinsk - Gorlovka intense fighting resumed. Militia led the offensive again in order to gain control over the road to Dzerzhinsk. About 3 pm there was shooting battle in Yuzhnaya - Mayorsk, Dzerzhinsk. Around 18:40 there was a fight in Shumy, the work of small arms, the use of the AGLs and the AFU mortars from Magdalinovka was heard. Information received about the destruction of the group of Ukrainian snipers in the area. About 23-00 there was shooting with automatic weapons near Magdalinovka.

In the afternoon, the Ukrainian security forces conducted artillery bombardment of Kondratyevka (east from Gorlovka) with SPGs from Molochnoye (north from Uglegorsk), smoke rose at Kondratyevka.

In Yenakiyevo artillery work was heard at 11 am. There was an artillery duel. In the period from 20-00 (MSK) to 22-00 the Ukrainian army repeatedly shelled the area of filter station in Yenakiyevo. There are victims, the scale of destruction and the number of victims being found out.

On December 6 heavy shelling and clashes also increased in the area of Debaltsevo. At 11 am Ukrainian artillery started working (towards the area of Yenakievo and Nikishino), after 12-00 Novorossia artillery began to return fire. The AFU roadblock was blanketed at Debaltsevo. In the evening, sounds of cannon fire were still heard in the area of Debaltsevo about 21-00.

AFU were massively shelling the settlement Yuzhnokommunarovsk from the settlement Uglegorsk. In the evening, about 21-15 (MSK), attacks from Uglegorsk in the direction of Yenakiyevo renewed with even greater force. In the area of Yenakiyevo return fire was conducted from the standpoint of the militia. There were reports that the Novorossia artillery defeated AFU checkpoint near Uglegorsk. Also, there was the fight to the north from Uglegorsk.

In morning in the village Nikishino militia opened fire in response at the positions of AFU in the area of Redkodub with MLRS, then D-30 was used at the positions of the APU in the area of the settlement Debaltsevo. In response, the Ukrainian security forces hit with mortars and artillery. A few mines fell near a school in Nikishino. At 17-10 (MSK) militia opened fire at positions AFU located at the settlement Kamenka from positions in the settlement Nikishino. By 19-30 fighting subsided in the settlement Nikishino.

Around 07-00 (MSK) AFU hit Dokuchayevsk with Grad from the settlement Volnovakha. The shelling of Dokuchayevsk was carried out also near the settlement Stepnoye. The militia suppressed the battery of the AFU 28th Brigade with return fire of MLRS "Grad" in the area of Stepnoye-Taramchuk.

In the area of Volnovakha gunfire was heard almost the whole day, in the evening the intensity of the fire decreased and only single artillery rounds toward Dokuchayevsk were heard.

Hostilities in LPR

The fighting near Stanitsa Luganskaya continued, but the intensity decreased slightly. Militias still cannot gain control of the locality, and the AFU continue to strengthen defenses.

Recently there has been much militia activity in the area of settlements to the east of Stanitsa Luganskaya.

 Battles for Valuiskoye
LPR forces also began to strenghten on the outskirts of the settlement Olkhovaya (east of the settlement Valuyskoye). Mortar batteries of militia were conducting rapid fire on the Ukrainian positions. AFU responded with fire.

Settlements on the territory of the LPR also suffered during fights taking place in the area of Debaltsevo. So in the morning on December 6 AFU fired Tsentralny and Gorodische. Around 18-00 (MSK) LPR units opened fire on AFU positions near the village Chernukhino.

Fighting in the area of the track Bakhmutka is still ongoing, but the intensity is low. In the night of December 5 to 6 there were skirmishes near the settlement Tryokhizbyonka and Krimskoye. The fire was conducted on the AFU numbered roadblocks. Pervomaisk was shelled throughout the day. Houses suffered. Information on victims being specified. There was an artillery duel near the settlement Kirovsk in the evening of December 6.


Approximately on December 12-18, 2014 20 British armored vehicles Saxon will arrive in Ukraine for the Ministry of Defense. After the establishment of the combat unit equipped vehicles will be directed to the ATO zone.

Summary prepared by the staff of the Information Analytical Center "Cassad"

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