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Summary of hostilities in Novorossia on December, 15

Author: Ayre от 16.12.2014, 14:52
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On Monday, December 15 the eighth in a row report of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) was published in Geneva, in which the monitoring mission working in Donbass admitted that Ukraine conducted activities to suppress popular protests with violations of human rights. It took eight months of fighting and nearly five thousand killed (according to the UN report, in reality, according to the mission itself, there were much more killed) for the organization devoted to maintaining peace and stability, to acknowledge that the Kiev authorities have transgressed both legal and moral laws, unleashing unnecessarily brutal war against their own citizens.
Map for December 11-12
Hostilities in DPR

In the morning sounds of artillery skirmish were heard at militia positions in md Azotny and the First site on the western outskirts of Donetsk. In this area the militia positions are close to the security forces positions in the village of Peski. Two flights of unmanned aircraft of AFU units were recorded over Azotny about four am. In the evening of December 15 sounds of breaks were heard from Zaporozhye route in the Kirovsky and Lenininsky districts.

Ukrainian law enforcers attacked the airport of Donetsk during the night of Dec. 14 to 15, attacks were carried out from the village of Peski. The militia did not return fire.

 Donetsk airport, Peski

 Debaltsevo suffered mortar fire near the village of 8th of March around 10am (hereinafter - Moscow time). The shelling damaged three private houses, there were no injuries.

At 15:20 of December 15 Ukrainian security forces fired on positions of militia near the settlement Yasnoye (to the north-west of Dokuchayevsk) from the municipality Beryozovoye.

Exchange of prisoners between Donetsk People's Republic and Ukraine in the format of "all for all" can start from December 25 to pass several stages.

Hostilities in LPR

In Lugansk People's Republic use of artillery in the area of Schastye and other settlements recorded on December 15. According to some reports, there was fighting at Schastye during the day, but the details have not been reported.

The national militia positions near the village Prishib were twice fired from the settlement Sokolniki: at 01:25 firing was conducted with automatic grenade launchers, and at 02:35 - with heavy machine guns. As a result of the shelling there are no losses among the national militia fighters.

In the morning of December15, use of artillery was recorded in the settlements Chernukhino (controlled by Ukrainian law enforcers), Gorodische and Zorinsk, as well as on some sections of the route Bakhmutka.


Around 23:50 of December 15 explosion was heard in Odessa again. The Interior Ministry and GSCHS do not have any information about the explosion or something like that, but many residents of the village Kotovskogo, Luzanovka, Peresyp and Slobodka reported about a loud clap (according to other information - two). There is a version that the explosion happened in the vicinity of Odessa refinery.

Russian Emergencies Ministry has initiated the formation of the tenth convoy carrying humanitarian aid to Donbass, which will deliver also Christmas gifts. Ural, Volga, North-Western, Southern and Central regions sending of vehicles began carrying humanitarian supplies to the Rostov region, where it will form column.

 Humanitarian aid for residents of Donbass is preparing to leave France this week. The goods must be sent by the ten-ton truck on Thursday.

Summary prepared by the staff of the Information Analytical Center "Cassad"

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