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Summary of hostilities in Novorossia on December, 25

Author: Ayre от 26.12.2014, 12:37
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On December 25 the results of yesterday's meeting of the contact group in Minsk became known. Significant agreements were not achieved during the meeting, except for the agreement on the exchange of prisoners of war according to the scheme "150 for 225". The remaining issues on the agenda of the meeting may be agreed on a second round of negotiations, the beginning of which has not yet been reported.

 Map of hostilities
Hostilities in DPR

In Donetsk, gunfire was heard in the vicinity of the airport in the night of December 25. Also Petrovsky district was fired at night - five shots of the howitzer. AFU fired at the area of the mine Oktyabrskaya terricone using cannon artillery and incendiary shells. About three shells fell near Staromykhaylovka. In the afternoon shelling resumed. At 13:20, 13:40 and 17:00 positions of the national militia in the north-western outskirts of Donetsk were fired with mortars and small arms from the settlement of Peski. At 14:45 the area of the mine Oktyabrskaya was fired with tank shells from the same positions. In the evening a firefight was again heard in the Petrovsky district.

In the area of the settlement Peski there was a shooting battle at night of December 25. It began around midnight and gradually gained strength, but in the morning the battle subsided. Around 20:52 it was again uneasy near the settlement Peski: the sounds of small and barreled weapons were heard.

About 22:30 tank battle started between settlements Mayorsk and Shumy. AFU tried to break into Gorlovka, but the army of Novorossia accepted the fight and did not lose ground. In addition to tanks, militia used self-propelled guns "Giatsint" to reflect the attack. At about 23:00 artillery duel between the AFU and the militia began at the site Dzerzhinsk - Gorlovka. Strong glow could be seen on the site Zaytsevo-Mykytivske-Mayorsk. By midnight, fighting subsided.

Day of December 25 was calm in Nikishino, but at nightfall several (more than seven) rounds of RPG thundered from the positions of the Ukrainian army, then a machine gun worked. The militia did not open returning fire.

In Volnovakha district, gunfire was heard between settlements Volnovakha and Donskoye.

Hostilities in LPR

At Zholtoye Ukrainian security forces attempted to cross the river Seversky Donets by 15 floating AFVs and infantry on several rafts. The attempt was interrupted by the militia. By evening firefight continued. In addition, the militia blanketed AFU positions with fire of howitzers D-30. The Ukrainian security forces conducted reconnaissance by force, obviously for the future offensive. Thus the AFU check militias’ opportunities.

On December 25 explosions were heard in Lugansk from Stanitsa Luganskaya at 00:05. A little later, intensive shooting was heard. On the outskirts of Lugansk Ukrainian drone was recorded.

On December 25 there was artillery fire of variable intensity in the morning between the AFU and the militia at the settlements Zelyonaya Roscha, Vesyolenkoe, Bolotnoye, Valuiskoye, Kolesnikovka and Olkhovoye for six hours. SPGs, mortars and tank guns of militia opened fire in response to the shelling of Ukrainian artillery. As a result of the attacks losses of militia were about 15 injured people and 4 killed, 1 Ural, 1 tank, 2 "improved" jihad-cars, 1 mortar; AFU loss - approximately 30 people wounded and up to a dozen killed, 1 APC, 2 tanks, 3 Urals, 5 mortars and 2 SPG "Nona".

 In the afternoon of December 25 a battle began in the settlement Valuiskoye at Stanitsa Luganskaya. The Ukrainian side advanced their company and up to five tanks with the strong support of artillery. Militia repulsed the attack, as a result of the battle five houses of local residents were destroyed.


Unknown person threw a grenade at the Verkhovna Rada deputies headed by the first deputy chairman of the parliament Andrey Paruby who stood outside the hotel in the city center. Now forensic experts are establishing whether it was a grenade RDG-5, or stun grenade. After the incident, the unknown ran toward the Krepostnoy alley, where he threw another grenade at the pursuing police officers. One of the law enforcement officers was injured and hospitalized.

In the center of Kharkov, an explosion happened in the night of December 24 to 25near the furniture store, which belongs to a volunteer who helps participants of military operation in Donbass.

Ukrainian concern "Ukroboronprom" agreed with the Polish producer of combat ammunition LUBAWA S.A. to establish a joint production.

Summary prepared by the staff of the Information Analytical Center "Cassad"


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