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What are these English speaking gentlemen doing in Mariupol?

Author: Ayre от 27.01.2015, 11:19
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Pro-Ukrainian “Mariupol news service” light up in Mariupol fighter of Battalion “Azov”, which with the recognized American accent asks not to shoot him in English. Well-known journalist Anatoliy Shariy writes that this was an alleged foreign military “tourist” who came to shoot who came to Ukraine to render his services to Kiev, but in fact it is not clear from the video, it’s a tourist or as they say in the US intelligence services, “operator”, coordinating actions of native troops (for example, such specialists in Afghanistan accompanied the troops of “Northern Alliance”, who fought with the Taliban). Or this may be a fighter of a private military company or PMC like the infamous  Blackwater now known by its name of Academi.

One thing is clear – this a foreigner who is hell bent on concealing his identity.

Another instance of an American in Mariupol. Clearly no sane headed individual will think of residing in Mariupol when a militia is offensive is imminent and bot sides have been exchanging fire for quite some time. So I will give benefit of doubt to my readers as to what this person is actually doing in Mariupol. People  tend to go bersek and crazy when they find even the slightest mention of any Russian presence(fabricated) in any Western media and they dont leave any stones unturned to brandish Russian Federation as the aggressor in Ukraine and the suppossed source of everything ill that is happening in Eastern Ukraine. But where do this people go when they are presented with such evidence? What do these civilised people of the West have to say now? Surely these arent any English speaking Russian .Or they might say in their infinte wisdom that these are FSB or SVR Vympel operatives conducting a False flag operation to tarnish the impeccable reputation of Uncle Sam.



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