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The war in Novorossia Online 02.11.2015 Chronicle

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Timely information from the fronts of DPR and LPR, military reports from the Armed Forces of Novorossia, ATO news, photos and videos by military journalists from the flash points of Donbass, topical interviews with leaders of Novorossia.

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3:30 Map of hostilities and events in Novorossia with markers of zones of guerrilla activity for February 11, 2015
Map of hostilities and events in Novorossia with markers of zones of guerrilla activity for February 11, 2015

2:35 DPR were bombarded by the Ukrainian security services more than 30 times on February 11. This figure was named by DPR Deputy MD Eduard Basurin at briefing on Wednesday.

"As a result of attacks, six civilians were killed and 12 wounded. Most of the wounded were in the area of plant DMP in Donetsk, and killed - on the bus station" Tsentr ". 172 people suffered in a week, including 114 people- in hospitals, and they are civilians – it is for you to understand what "peace" is in question "
- said Basurin.

1:34 Militia found the weapons from the Czech Republic, Germany, America.

1:22 Message from the agency "RT".

"The sounds of exploding shells are heard in the center of Lugansk. The shelling is conducted by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, presumably, with" Grads "and" Uragans. "Information about the damage and the victims was not yet received, according to TASS referring to Luganskinformtsentr."

From a resident of Lugansk:
"Now they are shelling Lugansk with MLRS, reach the center and the station, there are a lot of hits in the residential sector. AFU strike from Stanitsa. Info from locals. It is reported that Donetsk also suffered a powerful shelling an hour ago."

1:04 Evening message from News office of Novorossia militia.

"During the day, the situation remained tense in Novorossia. There were the main fighting of militia units with AFU on Debaltsevo direction. Clashes took place near the village of Novogrigorovka, Chernukhino, Debaltsevo and Kamenka. In some places there were attacks on settlements and the positions of Donbass national militia.

At Donetsk direction:
Shelling of positions of the AF DPR near Spartak was conducted from Avdeyevka;
Positions of DPR near Zaporozhets suffered enemy artillery fire from Mirnoye;
Attacks at the DPR AF positions near Spartak were conducted with punitive MRL from the village Tonenkoye;
Security forces opened artillery fire at Gorlovka residential areas from Verkhnetoretskoye;
Shelling of the DPR AF positions was conducted in the area of Gorlovka;
AFU were shelling Oktyabrsky settlement with MLRS from Tonenkoye.
DPR AF positions suffered shelling by security forces in the vicinity of the airport in Donetsk 8 times during the day:
Shelling with MLRS from Tonenkoye;
Shelling was conducted from Lastochkino;
Shelling was conducted from Avdeyevka;
There was artillery and mortar shelling, and at 13.45 shelling was conducted from the settlement Opytnoye.

Lugansk direction:
AFU conducted mortar attack at the LPR AF positions in the vicinity of hotel Disyulya from Stanitsa Luganskaya;
Concentrated fire of AFU tank units was conducted at the positions of the LPR AF in the area of Dolgoye from Schastye.
AFU power structures continue to take measures to improve the defensive structures, capacity of forces group and conducting reconnaissance. "

23:24 Reports from Lifenews.

" Novorossia Army Artillery does not allow the AFU military equipment out from Debaltsevo. Mortar squad during the day meets the enemy fire attempts to attack and moves ever closer to the positions of Kiev security forces in Debaltsevo. Name and composition of this division are classified, but the correspondent was able to observe these mortar gunners in action at the front with his own eyes.

23:15 Video from the militia.

"The defeat of Ukrainian column and capture of Ukrainian security services at Debaltsevo."

 23:03 Live video from Minsk

22:52 Video from the agency News Front.

" Militia Grads work on positions in the Ukrainian punishers in Debaltsevo pocket."

22:49 ADMS Strela-10 covers the detachment of Novorossia army artillery:

22:26 The Ukrainian side digs anti-tank ditch on the administrative border with Crimea, the first vice-premier of the Crimean government Mikhail Sheremet said to RIA Novosti.


"The Ukrainian side is digging a ditch. Probably they master funding allocated from Europe. Have to write off the money somewhere, need to steal. They began digging the ditch before, now it might just be the final stage,"
- said Sheremet.

22:18 Message from military correspondent with the call sign "Steppe".

"Right now, from Donetsk. While there are peace talks in Minsk, Donetsk is shelled with mortars, howitzers and self-propelled guns by Ukrainian fascists. Car alarm worked in most areas, the walls and windows are shaking in the central areas and in the suburbs . We hear sirens of ambulances and MOE. There is a battle near Yenakiyevo. Makeyevka is shelled, Gvardeyka district and Dokuchayevsk -with rocket artillery. "

21:41 Reports from Lifenews.

"The NG soldiers shot three AFU men while trying to surrender at militia. The soldiers did not reach only 30 meters to the militias, they were shot with machine guns by " right sector. "When the militia tried to take the bodies of soldiers who wanted to surrender, then security forces opened fire on them."

21:15 A militiawoman died rescuing the wounded. Video

21:01 Donetsk People's Republic Army repulsed six Ukrainian military attacks at Debaltsevo, said DPR Defense Ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin.


"During the day, the militia units fought off six attacks of Ukrainian security forces at Debaltsevo. According to radio intercept, Ukrainian security officials have missiles left for a day of battle. This morning, the people's militia drove the Ukrainian security services away from Kamenka. Losses of Ukrainian law enforcers were 82 men killed, "-
said Basurin to reporters on February 11.

20:41 Message from militiaman with the call sign "Ryaboy":

"The so-called Ukrainian army continues firing on DPR residential areas and neighborhoods, purposefully destroying infrastructure and killing the local population. We could not strike at Kramatorsk in any way, we can not reach Artyomovsk and give them a corresponding rebuff. We will not reach there with any weapon. And even if it would be, we do not conduct attacks on our people. "

20:25 Message from military correspondent with the call sign "Samur":

"The city of Stakhanov in Lugansk People's Republic came under fire again on February 11. Shells damaged houses and buildings in different parts of the city, Chutino village suffered more than all. Fortunately, all residents of damaged houses remained intact since they had time to go down to the shelter. "

20:09 Roundup of Novorossia for February 10-11

1. The situation in DPR and LPR.
2. Ukrainian security forces continue to surrender at militia.
3. The LPR Ministry of Health is going to arrange medicine supply from Russia.
4. The results of the negotiations of the contact group in Minsk.
5. The Verkhovna Rada canceled taxes for imported weapons, except Russian.
6. The Verkhovna Rada agreed yesterday to the appointment of Viktor Shokin as the General Prosecutor of Ukraine.
7. The head of the Ministry of Economy Abromavicius found positive sides of the fall of the hryvnia.
8. The President of Ukraine threatened the leader of Radical Party  Oleg Lyashko with jail.
9. Germany asked the question: what happens to the Ukrainian land, one of the largest croplands in Europe?
10. Representatives of the AFU visited the school number 1 in Slavyansk.
11. Klichko is preparing the people of Kiev for the ground: "Our air-raid shelters are in the normal state!"


18:42 Message from militia at 18:37 (MSK):

Donetsk. AFU are firing on Putilovka district.

18:02 Message from militiaman with the call sign "Rog":

"At this moment street battles continue in Debaltsevo, Popasnaya and Maloorlovka. We are firing the pocket and constantly attacking AFU positions with tanks. We also repulsed several AFU attacks on our positions on the top of the pocket. AFU also tried to drive us away from Krasny Pakhar. Troitskoye is still surrounded! At the moment, cleanup from SRGs is also conducted in already occupied territories. 34 civilians were evacuated from the village Chernukhino, including five children. People were brought to Zorinsk checkpoint, and then driven to Alchevsk. "

Message from militias:
Gorlovka: the situation is very tense, Ukrainian Nazis are shelling with MLRS since 11 am. Information on victims to be specified. Since 16:00 city is under fire of security forces MLRS from Konstantinovka. "

17:59 Acting Speaker of the General Staff of the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU) Vladislav Seleznyov said:

"We completely took control of town Peski, entrenched in the area of Opytnoye and Tonenkoye. We captured key intersection, which allows us to keep the territory of the Donetsk airport under the control with help of artillery "

17:06 According to the militia:

16:50, Gorlovka. Under fire of security forces MLRS from Konstantinovka.

15:45 Video from the militia. "Road of Death" near Chernukhino. The defeat of the Ukrainian security services. "

15:16 According to reports from local residents:

On February 11, in the period from 12 to 14 pm, gunfire and explosions were heard periodically in Lugansk from the locality Schastye. Presumably there are artillery duels near Vesyolaya Gora.

15:10 Map of hostilities in Novorossia for February 7-10 (by kot_ivanov)

14:51 Donetsk. The shelling of the Leninsky and Voroshilovsky districts. Video 18+.

13:56 According to local residents:

13:46 (MSK), Kramatorsk. The launch of the missile from the airfield was recorded. Type of missile and direction are unknown.

12:56 Ministry of Emergency Situations forms another aid convoy to residents of Donbass.

As the press-service agency reports, today the Russian Emergencies Ministry aircraft delivers cargo with humanitarian aid totaling over 70 tons to the airport of Rostov-on-Don from Ramenskoye suburb of Moscow.

Flight will deliver medicines and medical products. They will be reloaded to cars of the next column of Russian Emergencies Ministry, which will deliver humanitarian aid to the LPR and the DPR.

11:57 Message from militia.

"10:25 (GMT). There is shelling of Leninsky district. After cutting off track at Logvinovo, assault detachments of Novorossia army increased the pressure on the northern outskirts of Debaltsevo, AFU left many settlements with losses in armored vehicles and manpower. The enemy's artillery cannot work due to the concentrating forces on the front line, AFN assault units draw enemy from flanks creating mini pockets and identifying AFU artillery positions, which then blanket artillery units of Novorossia army. "

10:51 10:45 (MSK) Kramatorsk. According to information received from residents:

Characteristic sounds of Tochka-U missiles launch were heard from the airport in Kramatorsk. There were several launches (sound could be heard no more than 3 times), first heard at 8:58 am (MSK)

10:40 Summary of hostilities in Novorossia for 02/10/2015

10:20 As reported by the militia:

around 9:00 (MSK) Ukrainian military attacked right the center of Petrovsky district with cannon artillery. Strikes were chaotic. The shells fell on houses, there are wounded and dead.

10:13 Bus station "Tsentr" in Donetsk came under fire at about 6:20 on February 11. A few mines hit the territory of the bus station.
Bus "Bogdan" burned to the ground along with the driver. Another driver was seriously injured and died on the way to the hospital. Also, one person suffered and is currently hospitalized.
Route taxi burned and shuttle trade pavilions were destroyed.

Donetsk bus station
Bus Donetsk

9:01 Map of hostilities in Novorossia for February 10 (by warindonbass)

 Map of hostilities in Novorossia for February 10 (by warindonbass)

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