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Summary of hostilities in Novorossia on February, 12

Author: Ayre от 13.02.2015, 11:28
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On February 12 summit of "Norman Four", comprising the heads of Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine, ended in Minsk. Following the meeting, an agreement was signed on ceasefire and the beginning of the withdrawal of heavy weapons for 50-140 km at 00:00 of February 15, 2015. According to the document, line of demarcation of the parties will be held for the Ukrainian side on the borders, where Ukrainian troops are now, for Novorossia - on boundary agreed upon on the basis of "Minsk-1" of September 19.

map front line for February 11
Hostilities in DPR

On February 12 Kievsky, Kuibyshevsky, Kalininsky, Leninsky districts of Donetsk and the airport area were shelled.

At 04:25 AFU inflicted artillery attack at Leninsky district with howitzer artillery from Avdeyevka and Opytnoye, the brunt hit the plant DMP, subversive group of Ukrainian military worked along with strike. In the morning, the Ukrainian military conducted artillery shelling of residential areas of microdistrict Azotny and Donbasskabel area of Donetsk from Orlovka. By 12:40 shelling of Petrovsky district continued with MLRS "Grad" from the positions of AFU. Around 17:00 subversive group of Ukrainian military was seen in Kievsky District. At 19:40 Kuibyshevsky district of Donetsk was shelled. At 20:15 AFU inflicted an artillery strike at the area of Donetsk airport, using incendiary ammunition, the area of shopping center "Metro" and the first site are also under attack. At 21:30 a strike was inflicted at Donetsk from Ukrainsk. At 23:10 another AFU subversive group was noted at Lidiyevka. In Donetsk counter-sabotage work began.

In the area of Azotny Ukrainian drone was seen around 18:00, in general, AFU unmanned aircraft intensified in the border areas in the evening.

Militia Artillery struck the AFU fire positions in Tonenkoye around noon of February 12.

Throughout the night of February 11 to 12 Gorlovka heard shots and explosions. Gorlovka was shelled by Ukrainian military from Dzerzhinsk and Magdalinovka, AFN artillery conducted counter-battery fire. At 20:20 Kiev military opened heavy fire at Gorlovka with MLRS "Uragan" from Artyomovsk direction, breaks were observed in the central areas of the city, AFU subversive group acted along with rocket artillery strikes. At 20:30 one of the shells hit the house, resulting in the death of three children on-site: boy of 1 year, 6 years old girl and the other girl of 12 years. By 22:30 Gorlovka was still under shelling. AFU were shelling with howitzer artillery and tank shells from Dzerzhinsk direction.

By 22:10 there was shooting battle of medium intensity in Dzerzhinsk, with the use of the AGLs and machine guns.

It was restless in Shirokino, Kominternovo, Sakhanka throughout the night, artillery fire was heard, there were fights. At 8:00 of February 12 heavy fighting continued in the area of Shirokino and Sakhanka.

Throughout the night of February 11 to 12 Mariupol residents heard a powerful cannonade. At 7:15 am MLRS "Grad" shells exploded in the area of Vostochny checkpoint. In the afternoon active hostilities resumed in Mariupol.

Debaltsevo pocket

During the night of February 12, fighting continued in the area of Logvinovo. Artillery strikes were conducted at the area around the village. In the afternoon battles between the forces of militias and AFU gained savage nature near the village of Logvinovo. In the afternoon, the armored group of the battalion "Somalia" conducted counter-attack with 7 tanks in the area of Logvinovo, fighting continued.

Around 6:20 gunfire was heard in the area of Svetlodarsk. Track was allegedly shelled, flashes of explosions were seen.

About 9 am artillery fire was heard in the area of the front between settlements Tsentralny and Chernukhino.

Fighting continued around Poltavskoye, Kamenka, Redkodub, at Chernukhino and Sanzharovka. Ukrainian law enforcers launched 6 attacks at height 307.9, they were repulsed by the Cossacks and the LPR people's militia.

Ukrainian army continued to fire Uglegorsk and surrounding areas with artillery during the period of negotiations in Minsk on agreement of the peace plan for Donbass. After the announcement of main points on ceasefire for February 15 at noon of February 12 the security forces toughened the onslaught at Debaltsevo, trying to break through the encirclement.

DPR army on February 11 fired at Ukrainian army soldiers in Debaltsevo pocket with leaflets calling for surrender. Currently, soldiers at Debaltsevo are cut adrift. AFU officers left the positions, they are, in fact, left to their own. The soldiers were not informed of DPR army command’s offers to surrender. Militia offer them a chance to survive.

Hostilities in LPR

During the night and the day of February 12 shelling continued on highway Bakhmutka. AFU did not leave attempts to return Novotoshkovskoye and 29th checkpoint. At night militia positions were fired at a height of 175.9.

In the morning of February 12 militia moved near Stanitsa Luganskaya from Bolotennoye, part of Valuiskoye controlled by LPR, as well as from the bridge and conducted an operation to destroy the AFU weapon emplacements. The fighting lasted for about 5 hours. As a result, the militia destroyed several defensive firing points, 3 strongpoints and 5 AFU artillery units.

The bombardment of Lugansk that took place in the night of February 11 to 12, presumably with MLRS "Smerch", no one was injured, a few houses were damaged. unexploded Cluster bomb units remained on the territory of Lugansk, LPR EMERCOM began collecting them. According to preliminary data, the fire was conducted from Raygorodka or Stary Aydar.

About 8 pm AFU fired at Lugansk with artillery again. Attacks were conducted on three residential neighborhoods. According to the LPR MOE, attack on Lugansk was conducted with MLRS. By 23:45 AFU continued heavy shelling of Lugansk, there are numerous destructions in the city, as well as killed civilians.


First batch with British armored vehicles "Saxon" arrived in the port of Odessa: armored vehicles are intended for the AFU. Cars moved from Odessa to enterprises of concern "Ukroboronprom", where additional weapons will be installed and vehicles will be adapted to the Ukrainian conditions.

Summary prepared by the staff of the Information Analytical Center "Cassad"

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