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The war in Novorossia Online 02.21.2015 Chronicle

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Timely information from the fronts of DPR and LPR, military reports from the Armed Forces of Novorossia, ATO news, photos and videos by military journalists from the flash points of Donbass, topical interviews with leaders of Novorossia.

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4:26 Message from militiaman with the call sign "Rog".


"On February 21 the two sides exchanged gunfire, there were local skirmishes. But, in general, it was even quiet! Both we and the enemy were engaged in rotation, relocation and redeployment of troops. Now a lot of soldiers are resting, but the reserve replaced them. Today the enemy conducted art. strike at Krasny Pakhar and our forces at Troitskoye. Also there were strikes at our forces near Gorlovka, namely Shumy, Dolomitnoye and our units on the outskirts of Mayorsk, which is now a buffer zone - but it is often used as a platform for the enemy artillery. According to local residents, AFU attacked National Guard, that is the enemy has infightings. This has recently happened in the north of the LPR (occupied territory). In the area of Starobelsk AFU were conducting infantry battles with National Guard and even used Grad - that's what the locals say. We check the information! AFU losses were not reported. "


3:57 Message from journalists.


The newspaper "New York Times" reports of Debaltsevo defeat: the dead and wounded were left in the snow, many soldiers got out on foot. "The President of Ukraine Poroshenko tries to represent a retreat from Debaltsevo as Ukraine's victory, but the loss of the city is obviously a painful defeat in the war against the militia" - so American newspaper "The New York Times" begins an article about Debaltsevo. Poroshenko’s decision not to give up the city to militia peacefully, on which he had been insisting in recent days, including talks in Minsk, led to serious losses in the ranks of the AFU during the first attempts of mass escape from the city.


3:41 Debaltsevo pocket: defeated AFU base.


1:35 Message from a local resident.


"Kuibyshevsky district of Donetsk. Fired twice: at 01:12 6 pieces of Uragan came and at 01:14 6-8 pieces. Everything in the apartment was shaking. By nightfall the Ukrainian security forces intensified on their positions. Apparently, using the" truce ", they pulled up a new equipment to replace destroyed and damaged one, and restocked ammo. One cannot agree with the AFU by any "truce" and "Minsk agreements". Once the security forces get a break, they use it not for "peace", but to prepare for further terror and to lick their wounds. Only the victory of one of the parties can terminate shelling. But the victory entire and permanent with the total defeat of the conquered enemy. Then we get the long-awaited freedom and peace. "


1:13 According to local residents at 1:35: Donetsk. UAV over Proletarka.


1:00 A direct hit in the AFU dugout:



00:33 Ukrainian security forces destroyed the bridge. Debaltsevo, 21.02.


00:16 The authorities of the Republic of Donetsk are cautiously optimistic about the intention of Poroshenko to approve the composition of the constitutional commission, but they remind of the necessary approvals of any changes in the fundamental law of the country. "Interfax" quotes the statement of DPR envoy Denis Pushilin.


"We want to remind you that paragraph 11 of the Minsk Agreement reads as follows:"The constitutional reform in Ukraine with the entry into force of a new constitution by the end of 2015 intended as a key element of decentralization (taking into account the characteristics of individual districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions agreed with representatives of these regions)." And therefore, I would like to emphasize that the most important condition is to coordinate all the changes to the constitution with our representatives "
- stated Pushilin.


22:32 Message from villagers of Nizhneye Lozovoye:


Despite the progress made in Debaltsevo, the village Nizhneye Lozovoye is still under the CONSTANT bombardment. The remaining residents (houses are circled on the map) cannot get out of the cellars - sighting fire begins at them - sniper is sitting somewhere. It is reported of regularly small groups of armed security forces passing through the village in the direction of Mironovka at night.


22:03 Message from journalists.


"LPR held prisoner exchange between the DPR militia and the Ukrainian side. Exchange was held by the formula "35 (from DPR) to 37 (from Kiev)." One of the Ukrainian prisoners refused to exchange for yet unknown reason and stayed on the territory of the DPR. Also, there is information that a new exchange may pass soon, when 115 Ukrainian military would be exchanged for 15 Lugansk soldiers. Earlier, the DPR Commissioner for Human Rights Daria Morozova reported that officers were to be exchanged for our commanders today, too.
Currently Kiev holds 580 prisoners from Donetsk People's Republic, another 1,500 people are missing. Since the beginning of fighting in Donbass Donetsk and Kiev have already held nine prisoner exchanges. Ukrainian side received 404 people, DPR - 500 people. "



21:51 Head of Donetsk republic Alexander Zakharchenko signed a plan on withdrawal of heavy weapons from the contact line. This was stated by the DPR Ministry of Defense Corps Deputy Commander Eduard Basurin during a briefing in the press center of Donetsk news agency.


According to Basurin, head of DPR put his signature in a hospital room, where he is treated after a gunshot wound in the leg in the area of Debaltsevo. Earlier, Lugansk head Igor Plotnitsky put his signature under the plan.


21:07 Map of hostilities and events in Novorossia with a designation of zones of guerrilla activity for February 21, 2015

 Map of hostilities and events in Novorossia with a designation of zones of guerrilla activity for February 21, 2015

19:16 Representatives of the OSCE managed to get to Debaltsevo, a complete report is expected. This was announced by a spokesman for the special monitoring mission (SMM) of the OSCE in Ukraine Michael Botsyurkiv on Saturday.


"Today we were in Debaltsevo, we accompanied a team of the International Committee of the Red Cross and five trucks with food and medicines. And we sought for and received security guarantees from the militia, and this made it possible to go there today"
 - he said in an interview.


18:53 Residents of Debaltsevo receive help from the militia.


18:38 The head of LPR Igor Plotnitsky signed the Law of mobilizational preparation and mobilization in the People's Republic of Lugansk.


This law provides for the legal regulation in the sphere of mobilizational preparation and mobilization in the Lugansk People's Republic, establishes the rights, duties and responsibilities of the executive bodies of state power, bodies of local self-government, enterprises, institutions and organizations regardless of ownership, their officials and LPR citizens.


17:15 Message from militiaman with the call sign "Molodoy".


"AFU fire at Petrovsky district of Donetsk. Civilians suffer. Punishers use heavy weapons while shelling Donbass: Uragans, Grads, Vasilyoks. There are no casualties among the Novorossia army. The Nazis conduct shelling from Krasnogorovka and Maryinka. The projectile hit the cafe in Avdeyevka in the Donetsk region, killing three men. DPR militia positions in the area of ​​Spartak suffered mortar fire from the settlement Avdeyevka. Artillery strikes were conducted at the same positions from the village of Opytnoye at 22.40 and 01.15."


16:54 Message from militiaman with the call sign "Starshina".


"Several hundred heads of Ukies surrendered today... Now we are cleaning up what will be forest in summer, check ravines for security officials. There are many abandoned mines. AFU are still trying to infiltrate with small groups of 5-10 people. So we are driving them gradually ... AFU are looking worse than the homeless. The pocket being suppressed. There is just a lot of trophies! The engineers disassemble them for the case of "surprises", and then take out to the rear. We supply the civilians who remained with food. Even repair work began somewhere. And so I am safe and sound. "


Message from militias:

"Since 10 am explosions are heard in the settlement Shirokino, the windows in the houses of Vostochny district of Mariupol are trembling. The Kievsky district of Donetsk, airport, towns Spartak, Vesyoloye and Yelenovka were shelled. The AFU shelling of Donetsk damaged building of tea factory, a house and a kindergarten. "


16:53 Message from military correspondent with the call sign "Steppe" (in the morning of February 21).


"Donetsk, Dokuchayevsk, Makeyevka are again under fire of Ukrainian artillery. There are fights on the entire defensive line of Donbass. Ukrainian law enforcers attacked the cities of Donbass all evening and all night. The Kievsky of Donetsk district was under fire for several hours - the villages Scheglovka, Gladkovka and area of Putilovka bridge. Petrovsky district was fired from Kurakhovo where the enemy art reserves were moved on the eve. There is the battle near the DPR positions with the punitive units breaking through to the terminal in the vicinity of the airport. Makeyevka was ruthlessly fired from Yasinovataya district, shells hit Grigoryevka. On the outskirts of Yasinovataya there was fighting with the use of machine guns and small arms. Militia checkpoints were there treacherously attacked by Nazi aggressors. The outskirts of Gorlovka and Dokuchayevsk were shelled. Mariupol was shaking because of cannon fire all night. The situation is heating up on the southern front due to the punishers conducting senseless assaults on DPR positions located in the coastal zone. It is already clear that the confrontation moves to a new level by the fault of the Ukrainian side, whose mission is the destruction of rebellious Donbass. "


16:35 Photos of destruction on the track machine station - PMS-134 near the settlement Popasnaya.



16:12 Press service of the Mariupol Defense Staff stated that militias allegedly continued to bombard Ukrainian positions in Shirokino area killing one soldier, another wounded.

It is reported that small arms, mortars and even tanks were allegedly used.


15:59 Last night Ukrainian soldiers violated "ceasefire" 15 times. This was reported by DPR Defense Ministry to DAN.


"They bombarded Kievsky districts of Donetsk, airport, towns Spartak, Vesyoloye and Yelenovka. There are definitely no killed among the civilians. Information about the wounded civilians to be specified, "
- the source said to agency.


They added that the firing was conducted with 120-millimeter mortars, howitzers, rocket system "Grad". 

"In case of attacks on residential areas of the Republic, the DPR militia opens counter-battery fire back ",
- stressed in the Defense Ministry.


14:34 Summary of hostilities in Novorossia for 02/20/2015


14:30 Video from militia.18 +

"Captured video. Unique footage from the village Chernukhino, which was occupied by Ukrainian security services. There was heavy fighting for this town. After cleanup and assault on this settlement, a mobile phone was found with a record on which the security forces are happily dreaming of a bright future. In this video you will see what is left of the so-called soldiers of the Ukrainian army.


13:46 Russian is delivered to Lugansk People's Republic "in normal amounts," LPR chief engineer of the department of main gas pipelines Vadim Tupoy reported to RIA Novosti.


12:56 According to local residents, gunfire was heard near the settlement Avdeyevka by 10:20.


12:02 Consequences of morning shelling in Donetsk, the 15th site.


11:51 Today there are up to 500 Ukrainian security services in "Debaltsevo pocket", reports Donetsk news agency with reference to the Ministry of Defense of the DPR.

"According to our estimates, about 500 people are in the pocket in the area of Debaltsevo. Separate groups are trying to break out of the encirclement, so there were some clashes,"
- noted in the Defense Ministry.


11:34 According to local residents, explosions were heard in the village Shirokino located twenty kilometers from Mariupol by 10:05.


9:01 Map of hostilities in Novorossia

Map of hostilities in Novorossia

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