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Summary of hostilities in Novorossia on February, 22

Author: Ayre от 23.02.2015, 12:14
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Last Sunday, February 22, silent mode was generally respected in Novorossia, but cannonade still thundered in Donetsk. Ukrainian security forces considerably intensified shelling of the northern and north-western outskirts of the DPR capital compared to the previous days of 'truce'. Massive attacks were not conducted in Lugansk People's Republic, but the firefight and counter fighting continued on the road Bakhmutka in the area of Novotoshkovskoye.

map of withdrawal arms February 20
Hostilities in DPR

The night of February 21 to 22 passed restlessly In Donetsk, cannonade was periodically heard from the suburbs of the DPR capital. In the morning of February 22 AFU fired on the Kuibyshevsky district of Donetsk with MLRS, Kievsky and Petrovsky districts were also under fire. By 13:00 shelling continued in Donetsk. New destruction was recorded in the city. In the evening on February 22 work of heavy artillery was still heard in Donetsk.

Oktyabrsky settlement on the outskirts of Donetsk also suffered mortar fire by National Guard on February 22. As a result of hitting the residential sector, two civilians were injured.

In Donetsk airport there was intense shooting battle all night, work of tanks was heard. At 12:25 and 13:15 Donetsk airport defenders’ positions suffered mortar attacks from the settlements Peski and Vodyanoye.

At 9:10 DPR militia positions near the village of Vesyoloye suffered mortar bombardment from the village of Peski, at 09:15 the same positions were fired with cannon artillery from the city Avdeyevka.

AFU at 00:20 struck at the area of Yasinovataya checkpoint with MLRS (2 packages), and at neighborhoods Gvardeyka and Grigoryevka in Makeyevka. At 1:15. AFU continued to bombard Makeyevka periodically from Avdeyevka.

AFN Artillery worked to suppress enemy firing points. AFU fired on positions near the settlements Peski, Vodyanoye, Tonenkoye, Avdeyevka, Krasnogorovka.

At 18:45 AFU began shelling suburbs of Gorlovka from positions near the village Kleban-Byk. There were several hits in houses (5th district). Around 19:00 sounds of battle were heard from locality Shumy and Mayorsk. DPR militia positions were fired with small arms and mortars in the area of ​​the mine "Gagarina" from the mine "Yuzhnaya" (to the north-west of Gorlovka) at 14:05 at 14:50.

Ukrainian authorities reported that militia allegedly attacked positions of Ukrainian military near the settlement Shirokino in the night of February 21 to 22. According to the headquarters of the so-called ATO, there were tank battles at Shirokino on February 22. According to the militia, DPR army soldiers were fired near the village of Shirokino with tank three times (at 09:40, 10:40 and 14:05).

Meanwhile, the DPR Ministry of Defense Deputy Corpse commander Eduard Basurin refuted information about armed clash of militias and Ukrainian battalion "Azov" in the area of Shirokino. According to him, there was a conflict between two units of the National Guard. Fighters of "Azov", whose positions are to the west from Shirokino, celebrated the anniversary of Maidan, and, according to radio intercepts, there was verbal sparring between the commanders of detachments about three o'clock in the morning of February 22, and then firing began. After this a group of National Guard headed for a showdown to their colleagues by tank, but they faced a barrage fire. According to DPR intelligence, several security officials were killed on the spot in the course of the attack. By five o'clock in the morning, when the conflict between the Ukrainian troops was resolved, the National Guard opened fire on positions of militias, killing one DPR army soldier died and injuring two others.

Deputy commander of the DPR militia Eduard Basurin said that the withdrawal of heavy weapons from Donetsk will not begin before the end of the bombardment, the "sectorial approach"will be used in process.

Debaltsevo pocket

Militias continue to systematically clean up area of Debaltsevo from the Ukrainian military. There is periodical fighting. However, this sector is fully controlled by the army of Novorossia, Humanitarian aid from Russia arrived there on the eve.

Meanwhile, the OSCE observers recorded massive destruction and other signs of a humanitarian disaster in Debaltsevo.

Hostilities in LPR

According to the Ukrainian side, AFU positions on the road Bakhmutka (exact location was not reported) were fired with an automatic grenade launcher in the night of February 21 to 22, data on victims is unknown. During the day there were counter fights on the track. AFU did not stop trying to capture Novotoshkovskoye and 29th checkpoint. On February 22 Novotoshkovskoye was under the mutual control of militias and AFU.

In the night of February 21 to 22 militia caught Ukrainian saboteurs in Lugansk.


In Kharkov there was a massive explosion during a march of activists in the area of ​​Marshal Zhukov Avenue on Feb. 22. As a result of the explosion, two people were killed and nine more were injured. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, expressed almost immediately after the explosion, responsibility for what happened lies on "separatists", from those who support Russia and Novorossia. The highest level of terrorist threat was introduced and anti-terrorist operation was initiated in connection with the explosion in Kharkov.

Summary prepared by the staff of the Information Analytical Center "Сassad"

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