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The war in Novorossia Online 03.01.2015 Chronicle

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Timely information from the fronts of DPR and LPR, military reports from the Armed Forces of Novorossia, ATO news, photos and videos by military journalists from the flash points of Donbass, topical interviews with leaders of Novorossia.

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1:27 Message from military correspondent with the call sign "Steppe".

"Yesterday another enemy sabotage group was defeated during a shootout in Avdotyino, which is located on the road in Starobeshevo district controlled by the DPR. There were seven saboteurs. They were noted by the locals who paid attention to the strangers coming in the local grocery store too often. Citizens suspected that strangers conducted exploration on the ground, trying to determine the coordinates of the location where equipment withdrawn was on the eve according to the Minsk Agreement. DPR Rapid Response Team has determined that the fighters were hiding in the empty cottages around Avdotyino, where houses had knocked down locks and window shutters. After offer to surrender saboteurs opened fire. After the shooting, the group was neutralized, some gave up, a few managed to escape. During the interrogation, the detainees recognized that they conducted intelligence on the ground to carry out sabotage and to identify objects to strike at from the positions of the Ukrainian army. "

00:00 Photos from the militia.

"The militia repulsed all the attacks of the enemy and now they control Shirokino. During the occupation AFU committed outrages in the village, looted and robbed. The AFU jeep rammed the monument to Soviet soldier and tried to demolish it, but as a result it was broken itself. Also militia managed to hit APC 4 E and take it as trophy. "

22:41 Photos from Debaltsevo - near the railway station and the surrounding area.


21:17 There was clash between AFU and militias in the area of Avdeyevka, according to UNN.

21:09 Ukrainian Foreign Ministry sent a note to Russia because of the detention of deputy Alexey Goncharenko in Moscow, reports UNN.

20:27 Today, the DPR Army withdrew last multiple launch rocket systems "Grad", meanwhile representatives of the DPR Ministry of Defense claim that Ukrainian law enforcers do not comply with the Minsk Agreement, removing heavy weapons at a distance of only 30 km, LifeNews reports.

18:42 Donetsk People's Republic militia discovered nearly 400 bodies of Ukrainian military on the territory of Donetsk airport, DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin told reporters, according to news agency "Interfax".

18:32 Reports from the militia and civilians of LPR and DPR.

"There is shooting in the area of Bakhmutka now and then, sometimes it grows into a medium-intensity fighting. Locals reported that AFU came out of Novotoshkovskoye again, but checkpoints remained on the outskirts. Also, the enemy and militia fired at the 29th checkpoint at night, on the territory of which there was a counter fight. It is also restless near Stanitsa-Luganskaya, battles break out, armored vehicles and mortars are used occasionally. LPR police and Cossack special forces defeated a gang of "rear Cossacks" in Krasny Luch, local residents reported that they were engaged in frequent looting, did not fight at the front and did not keep the border. It is also reported that they robbed 2 "Caravans" with products for social canteens that were moving from Lugansk. The gang was neutralized. Fights of medium intensity were fixed during the morning in the area of ​​Peski. Residents of Donetsk and suburbs heard explosions and shots. The intensity and frequency were not reported. "

17:16 Rally in support of Novorossia was held in Switzerland.

17:02 The police detained Verkhovna Rada deputy Alexey Goncharenko in Moscow at the funeral procession in memory of murdered co-chairman of the RPR-Parnas Boris Nemtsov, source in the Interior Ministry told RIA Novosti. Goncharenko, a well-known participant in the events in Odessa on May 2, when dozens of "Antimaidan" activists were killed as a result of arson in House of Trade Unions, who then uploaded photos of dead and burned people on the Internet, is now a member of the largest faction in the Ukrainian parliament "Block Poroshenko. "

16:54 Ukrainian security forces continue to shell the outskirts of Donetsk and the village of Spartak. This was stated by Donetsk People's Republic Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin, according to civil journalists. According to him, eleven attacks, including four with mortars, were conducted from the territory controlled by the Ukrainian military during the day.

16:35 Shelling and infantry fighting continued in Gorlovka in the area of Shumy and Mayorsk, according to civil journalists.

16:34 Picket against the policy of the National Bank of Ukraine continued on Sunday in front of the financial regulator on the street Institutskaya in Kiev. According to Tass, about sixty people demand the resignation of the organization's management, as well as stabilization of the foreign exchange market and the return of former hryvnia rate.

16:07 Two soldiers carrying weapons and ammunition were detained at Kharkov, adviser of Interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko said, Ukrainian media report.

14:35 Here's a flag found in one of the AFU dugouts in Debaltsevo.

12:54 Militia distributes free food in Debaltsevo, according to civil journalists.

12:51 Message from DPR Defense Staff.

"Ukrainian military violated the cease-fire with artillery 13 times. In particular, the positions of the militia were shelled on the outskirts of the suburban district of Donetsk" Spartak ", settlements Shirokino, Vesyoloye. In addition, Donetsk airport was fired with mortars four times. Ukrainian security forces continued provocations aimed at disrupting Minsk agreements. The cease-fire was violated with artillery 13 times. There was no intense fighting with heavy artillery, although the situation on the contact line remained and remains very tense. "

12:38 Search teams brought 195 bodies of Ukrainian military from areas of Debaltsevo and Donetsk Airport, Segodnya.ua reports.

12:15 Head of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Alexey Pushkov believes that the supply of arms from the United States can compel the Kiev authorities to resume hostilities in Donbass, RIA Novosti reported.

11:57 The photojournalist of Ukrainian newspaper "Segodnya" Sergey Nikolayev was killed in Donbass, where a truce was officially declared.

11:30 Regime of entry of Russians to Ukraine by foreign passport entered into force. Starting on March 1, according to the order of the Government of Ukraine, the Russians can enter the territory of the country only by travel document. Strengthening of the regime is excused by security reasons of the Ukrainian authorities. The Russian side did not take symmetric measures.

11:10 Donetsk airport today (PHOTOS)

10:59 Message and videos from military observer.

"A fierce battle in Krasny Luch began in the evening of February 28 - this is the heartland of the LPR. According to various sources, there is cleanup and elimination of uncontrolled gangs, not subject to any authority. The LPR militia units and (maybe)"vacationers" participate in cleanup. According to the sounds, there is not only work of small arms, but also of something with much heavier caliber. "

10:45 Photos from the militia.

9:23 Lugansk morgue is filled with the bodies of Ukrainian military. Caution! (Video 21+)

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