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Summary of hostilities in Novorossia on February, 2 - March, 1

Author: Ayre от 2.03.2015, 11:17
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Over the weekend of February 28 and March 1 there remained relatively calm situation in Novorossia. The process of withdrawal of heavy weapons provided in the Minsk Agreement was completed in Donetsk People's Republic, the People's Republic of Lugansk is not far behind, equipment will be removed finally on March 2-3. The Ukrainian side, in turn, still began to withdraw the equipment, but, according to intelligence of People's Republics, the Ukrainian security forces violate the agreement and remove equipment to smaller distance than provided in the Agreement on February 12. And in some sites cheating was fixed, the security forces withdraw equipment for some distance, and then turn it around and return it to the front line.

 map for February 23
Hostilities in DPR

In the night of February 27 to 28 AFU were conducting massive bombardment in the direction of the Donetsk airport and villages Oktyabrsky and Spartak with MLRS "Grad" and mortars. Around 01:40 of February 28 militia retaliated at AFU artillery positions near Avdeyevka, Tonenkoye and Opytnoye.

In the afternoon of February 28 Ukrainian security forces opened fire on the outskirts of Donetsk and the village of Spartak from Peski. Retaliatory fire of militia mortars killed at least two people in Peski: one fighter of "Right Sector" unit and a journalist of Ukrainian newspaper "Segodnya". On March 1 shelling continued, and ​​ fights of medium intensity were fixed in the area of Peski.

Residents of Donetsk and suburbs heard explosions and shots on March 1. The intensity and frequency were not reported.

On February 28 there was predominantly infantry fighting in the direction of Maryinka and Krasnogorovka provoked by the AFU.

On March 1 counter fighting with small arms and mortars was fixed in north of Gorlovka in settlements Mayorsk and Shumy.

According to the headquarters of the so-called ATO, AFU positions near Stanitsa Luganskaya were fired on February 28 at 19:30 and 21:45.

On February 28 another enemy sabotage group was defeated during a shootout in Avdotyino, which is located on the road in Starobeshevo district controlled by the DPR. There were seven saboteurs. They were noted by the locals who paid attention to the strangers coming in the local grocery store too often. Citizens suspected that strangers conducted exploration on the ground, trying to determine the coordinates of the location where equipment withdrawn was on the eve according to the Minsk Agreement. DPR Rapid Response Team has determined that the fighters were hiding in the empty cottages around Avdotyino, where houses had knocked down locks and window shutters. After offer to surrender saboteurs opened fire. After the shooting, the group was neutralized, some gave up, a few managed to escape. During the interrogation, the detainees recognized that they conducted intelligence on the ground to carry out sabotage and to identify objects to strike at from the positions of the Ukrainian army.

According to the Ukrainian side, militia allegedly fired AFU positions near Shirokino in Mariupol direction at 6 and 8 pm of February 28. By March 1, militia repulsed all attacks of Ukrainian security services and now they control Shirokino again.

On March 1 the process of withdrawal of heavy weapons from the contact line was completed in Donetsk People's Republic in the presence of OSCE observers. Ukrainian security officials still continued removal of equipment on March 1, but without reporting to focal points of the amounts of pieces of equipment and place of its allocation.

Hostilities in LPR

During February 28 and March 1 ​​fighting was recorded in the area of Bakhmutka track, Popasnaya, Krasny Pakhar and Troitskoye.

AFU fired militia positions in the area of ​​Mironovka and Krasny Pakhar with mortars. Militia positions in Krasny Pakhar were also fired with tank shells. The militia were forced to return fire with anti-tank mounts and RPGs. LPR army positions covering the dirt roads from Krasny Pakhar to Veselogorovka were also fired with tank shells from Troitskoye.

On Bakhmutka AFU tried to occupy the 29th checkpoint, but LPR armored group arrived in time and stopped their advance destroying several Ukrainian military and throwing the attackers. Also mortar shelling of militia positions was recorded on this site near the 31st checkpoint and on the eastern outskirts of Novotoshkovskoye. On March 1 Ukrainian security forces left Novotoshkovskoye, but AFU roadblocks remained on the outskirts of the settlement. In the night of February 28 to March 1 there was counter fight at the 29th checkpoint, the checkpoint was in the crossfire of AFU and AFN.

In the afternoon of February 28 AFU were conducting attacks on positions of LPR AF near the settlement Zhelobok with small arms and heavy machine guns from Krimskoye.

On March 1, counter fight was conducted between the National Guard and Cossacks in the previously neutral Mikhailovka settlement between Kirovsk and Zolotoye. Cossacks repulsed the attack of security forces and remained in the village.

On March 1 it was restless near Stanitsa Luganskaya, short fights broke out during the day, armored vehicles and mortars were rarely used.

In the evening of February 28 a fierce battle began in Krasny Luch with small arms and heavy machine guns - there is the heartland of the LPR.


The police detained Verkhovna Rada deputy Alexey Goncharenko in Moscow at the funeral procession in memory of murdered Boris Nemtsov. Goncharenko, a well-known participant in the events in Odessa on May 2, when dozens of "Antimaidan" activists were killed as a result of arson in House of Trade Unions, who then uploaded photos of dead and burned people on the Internet, is now a member of the largest faction in the Ukrainian parliament "Block Poroshenko. " Goncharenko was released from custody in the evening.

Summary prepared by the staff of the Information Analytical Center "Cassad"


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