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The war in Novorossia Online 03.04.2015 Chronicle

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Timely information from the fronts of DPR and LPR, military reports from the Armed Forces of Novorossia, ATO news, photos and videos by military journalists from the flash points of Donbass, topical interviews with leaders of Novorossia.

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23:52 Map of hostilities and events in Novorossia with a designation of zones of guerrilla activity for March 4, 2015
Map of hostilities and events in Novorossia with a designation of zones of guerrilla activity for March 4, 2015

23:24 DPR Ministry of Emergency Situations confirms data of 23 bodies of dead miners found in the Donetsk coal mine where the explosion happened, the fate of nine miners still remains unknown. "We confirm that we found 23 bodies, they are now raised to the surface, the fate of nine other remains unknown", - representative of the DPR MES told RIA Novosti on Wednesday.

22:43 Ukraine mined bridges on the border with Crimea, "Interfax" reports referring to the press service of the Russian FSB border management in the Republic of Crimea.
According to it, the existing bridge on the road between the border crossing points "Dzhankoi" (Russia) and "Chongar" (Ukraine), and the old bridge, which is currently not being used, were mined on February 17.

"They laid 42 green wooden crates under the bridge abutments. Electrical wires are connected with the boxes, the ends of which are leading in the direction of location of Ukrainian troops, "
- the press service said.

Ukraine mined bridges Chongar

21:44 The consequences of the fighting in the village of Oktyabrsky (66 photos)

The other day a military correspondent known as Borisych visited the village of Oktyabrsky (located near Donetsk airport). The village was badly damaged in the fighting. The greatest destruction in the village was caused from the airport of Donetsk.

 Ruined House
 Oktyabrsky destruction
 Destruction in the village Oktyabrsky

20:57 Defense Ministry of Donetsk People's Republic recorded 25 violations of the "Silent Mode" by the Ukrainian security forces over the past day, deputy commander of the Ministry of Defense Corps Eduard Basurin said today at a briefing in the press center DAN.

"During the day, there were 25 violations of "silent mode" recorded, including four artillery shellings - Basurin said. - We send all data on them to the Joint Center of monitoring and coordination of the ceasefire every day. "

"The vast amount of Ukrainian artillery shelling is fixed near Donetsk airport, where we conduct humanitarian area demining operation and search for the bodies of Ukrainian security officials - deputy commander said. - Also it was restless in the area of ​​human settlements Gorlovka, Spartak, Vesyoloye, Kalinovo, Shirokino and mine "Oktyabrskaya" last night, where 12 attacks with mortars and small arms were recorded. "

Defense Ministry spokesman stressed that the DPR units did not return fire. In general, he said, situation was stable on the territory of the People's Republic for the past day.

20:49 AFU soldiers firing at the militia. Date and place of the recording are unknown.

20:13 OSCE observers visited Donetsk airport, which is considered the hot spot of Donbass since autumn. Their task was to check how Minsk ceasefire agreement is performed by both parties. Observers visited the terminal and saw the work of rescuers with their own eyes who continue to work on the removing of the bodies of the Ukrainian military under the rubble.

DPR Defense Minister Vladimir Kononov hopes that the process of taking out bodies by the Ukrainian side will go faster after the observers visited the terminal.

Donetsk airport is the most disturbing us place in Donbass, - Russian armed forces Colonel-General Alexander Lentsov said. - We recorded 25 cases of rifle firing and single shots in a day, there were also several mortar attacks.

Militiaman with the call Givi, in civil life - Colonel Mikhail Tolstykh, said that security forces conducted firing of militia positions at the time of the press conference on the situation in the airport.

- They shot with ammunition of 23-millimeter caliber, - the battalion commander said. - Shot and left. Here's how it happens: ZIL is coming by the bypass road, anti-aircraft gun on it. Next there is fire. Ukrainians know that we will not respond.

20:08 Roundup of Novorossia for March 03-04
1. Donbass militia counted eleven cases of ceasefire violation last day.
2. Stationary points for placing observers of ceasefire will work in Donbass.
3. Donetsk authorities received new evidence of Kiev’s unwillingness to comply with Minsk agreement.
4. Donetsk mine Zasyadko suffered an explosion this morning.
5. Donetsk continues to rebuild infrastructure.
6. Radical Party faction members began a brawl in the Ukrainian parliament.
7. Ukraine wants to ban communism and fascism.
8. Die Zeit: Ukraine will be modernized for questionable funds.
9. The General Prosecutor's Office suspects the mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes of hooliganism.
10. Ukraine ranked fourth in the list of the most "miserable" economics of the world.

20:04 Summary by site Russian Spring:

The enemy continued rotation in the area of Bakhmutka, grouping is increasing there.

"There was a fight between the villages 6-7 and Mayorsk, small arms and armor vehicles were used. Militia in Shumy and Gorlovka is alerted.
The main AFU forces were moved to Krimskoye. Militia units on the eastern outskirts of Novotoshkovskoye fought with AFU on the western outskirts, mortars and infantry fighting vehicles were used, militia reflected provocative attack.
Rotation continued in Schastye, new units began arriving today, a lot of mercenaries were recorded.
Militia SRGs inspected the area of ​​the 37th checkpoint, the AFU did not leave ambushes there, outpost was destroyed and abandoned.
Militias continue to be strengthened in Bolotennoye and Sizoye, these positions are often attacked, the enemy also conducts provocations against our units in the southern part of Valuiskoye.
In the area of ​​Sizoye "Chernigov" battalion SRG was defeated.

Krimskoye and checkpoint 37

19:46 Message from First Operational Channel:

At 19:05 shooting battle with the use of mortars was heard near the settlement Dzerzhinsk in the area of ​​mine 8 for forty minutes.

19:00 The overview of map of hostilities in Novorossia for March 3.

17:42 Report by LPR STRC of unloading of the 17th Emergency Situations Ministry convoy in Lugansk on March 4, 2015:

17:15 The regiment "Azov" said that there was a clash in the area of Shirokino about 13:00 (MSK) of March 4. The militia allegedly used a tank that conducted some shots at the positions of the Ukrainian military. Soldiers of the Regiment "Azov" opened fire with ZU-23. But, as specified in the message, there was no "direct fire contact".

15:57 Number of shelling of positions of ATO forces in the sector "M", in total, declined, as reported by the press service of the Crisis Center "Defense of Mariupol".

At 00:00 positions of ATO forces were fired with small arms in the area of Lebedinskoye, at 06:00 military positions in Chermalyk were fired with grenade launcher. And at 07:20 positions in Shirokino were again fired with small arms, "defense of Mariupol" reported.

15:04 According to local residents, a woman was killed in her apartment in a mortar attack on Avdeyevka in the night of March 3 to 4.

Ukrainian media are trying to blame the militias.

15:00 Press Service of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine declared of 47 cases of fire on positions of ATO forces last day. It is noted that mortars are mainly used, anti-aircraft guns ZU-23-2, automatic grenade launchers and small arms.

14:41 On March 4 Ukrainian journalist Alexander Rudomanov reported that there is a shooting battle in the village Granitnoye. It is reported that militia allegedly attacked the positions of the AFU.

13:52 The Ukrainian side began to withdraw self-propelled howitzers "Akatsia" from the demarcation line. It is reported by the press center of the ATO. 

"Respecting Minsk agreement, ATO forces continue withdrawal of heavy artillery weapons from the demarcation line. So, today, on March 4, self-propelled artillery guns 2C3 "Akatsia" will be relocated at certain distances,"
- it is said in a statement.

13:43 Video shot in Donetsk in the evening of March 3. The cannonade is heard:

12:55 Message from militiaman Andrey with the call sign "Molodoy" from Donetsk:

In the night of 3 March to 4 AFU conducted an artillery attack on residential areas of Donetsk. They did not strike at militia positions, but chaotically. The fire was conducted from the settlement Maryinka. Militias noticed a very active movement of equipment in the direction of the settlement Krasnogorovka.

12:48 Another convoy moved from Russia to Donetsk and Lugansk with "violation of international and Ukrainian legislation," as they believe in Kiev.

The Ukrainian side observed only visually without control functions, the press service of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine reports.

"On March 4, the Russian side unilaterally implemented registration of the so-called seventeenth "humanitarian convoy". Since moving of "humanitarian convoy" took place with a flagrant violation of international and national legislation and modalities consistent with the International Committee of the Red Cross, Ukrainian interagency group monitored only visually without performing control functions, "
- the State Border Service said.

11:40 Summary of hostilities in Novorossia for 03/03/2015

11:25 Ukrainian security forces fired at DPR settlements 16 times over the past day, militia did not open returning fire. The Defense Ministry of the Republic reported on this to DAN.


"Eight of these attacks on DPR army positions were conducted with mortars, three – with artillery. In other cases, the fire was conducted with antiaircraft guns and small arms. Outskirts of Donetsk, Gorlovka and Spartak village located near Donetsk suffered enemy fire",
- the Defense Ministry said.

They added that the fire was opened at settlement Shirokino at Mariupol. 
"The militia did not return fire, since they withdrew heavy equipment from the line of contact with the Ukrainian side, and we simply do not have what to respond with ",
- the Ministry of Defense of the DPR stressed.

11:07 ATO spokesman Anatoly Stelmakh said that the ceasefire is in general maintained, while at the same time shelling of Ukrainian positions continues in some places (mainly small arms are used).

It is alleged that AFU positions near the settlement Opytnoye, Peski, Beryozovo suffered fire from 6 pm of March 3 to 6 am of March 4. It also reported that positions AFU near Avdeyevka was allegedly shelled by militias around midnight, and the positions near the settlement Vodyanoye were fired with mortars and anti-aircraft system.

It was also reported of the fire attack at AFU positions near the settlement Schastye with rocket-propelled grenades and small arms.

Positions of ATO forces were fired by sniper near Lebedinskoye at Mariupol. In addition, a drone was seen over Krasnovka and Znamenovka last day.

In general, the Ukrainian side said that weapons were used in the area of ​​the so-called ATO 12 times for 18 hours.

10:52 Convoy with humanitarian of Russian Emergencies Ministry aid arrived in Donetsk, deputy head of the National Center for Crisis Management of Emergency Situations Ministry Oleg Voronov said.

"More than 80 cars brought food and daily necessities to Donetsk,"
- Voronov said. Unloading of vehicles begins in warehouses.

8:57 Map of hostilities in Novorossia for March 2 (by novorus)

Map of hostilities in Novorossia for March 2 (by novorus)

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