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The war in Novorossia Online 03.07.2015 Chronicle

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Timely information from the fronts of DPR and LPR, military reports from the Armed Forces of Novorossia, ATO news, photos and videos by military journalists from the flash points of Donbass, topical interviews with leaders of Novorossia.

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1:50 More information about the attempted assassination of Mozgovoy by civil journalists:

Alexey Mozgovoy was injured in the right temporal part of the head by a few fragments and almost lost his ear. "Ghost’s" guards were also slightly injured.

00:41 Ukrainian authorities, introducing civil-military administrations in "Donetsk and Lugansk regions," actually classify their actions on the territories under their control, which violates the rights of citizens, the chairman of the DPR National Council Andrey Purgin said.

00:30 Additional information about the attempted assassination of Mozgovoy by civil journalists:

According to the results of the initial examination at the scene by the sapper, it became clear that the car was awaited, it was seen coming from afar. The explosion was allegedly conducted by radio transmission or call by a cellphone. By coincidence, no one was killed, the main filling passed by, the brigade commander Alexey Mozgovoy was slightly wounded and shell-shocked.
Alexey Mozgovoy was taken to Alchevsk city hospital and returned to his duties after ligation.

00:03 Five soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were released from militia captivity on March 7. Deputy Assistant Defense Minister Vasily Budik wrote of this on his Facebook page. 

"Today five more AFU soldiers were released from captivity. Many thanks to all who participated in the release of the guys. The release took place under coordination of DoD (Department of Defense - Ed.). The talks were held by Colonel Nozdrachyov and 93th Brigade Commander Oleg Mikats "
- the message reads.

23:43 Details about injury of "Ghost" brigade commander Alexey Mozgovoy became known - the car by which he was going, was blown up. Fighters released a video from the scene.

The incident took place on March 7 at about 17:00 on the way back to Alchevsk from Lugansk at the checkpoint at the exit from Mikhailovka - three improvised explosive devices detonated here. Two of them were put at the roadway, where the car with Mozgovoy was moving at that moment.

Attempt on Mozgovoy
Mozgovoy said in an emergency video address that he was warned about the impending assassination.

"You will not trap me into a jar of spiders. I'm not going to take revenge on anyone. I do not declare anyone my enemy, "
- the commander said.

He promised to continue to fight for the people's rule.

"All attempts to create turmoil within the country will not work. The wound will heal, and the goal must be reached "
- Mozgovoy said.

"And due to what happened today, there is an opportunity to congratulate all the women of Novorossia. I emphasize, not LPR and DPR, but Novorossia. Novorossia will happen sooner or later "
- the commander said.

22:44 Message from channel "First Operational":

Around 22:10 AFU shelled the settlement Peski with heavy artillery from Krasnogorovka.

By 22:30 shooting battle was periodically heard near the settlement Peski, and shelling of the airport of Donetsk with single rounds was periodically conducted.

22:29 Ukrainian security forces violated the ceasefire14 times over the past day, deputy commander of the DPR Ministry of Defense Corps Eduard Basurin said at a briefing in the press center DAN.


" There were 14 violations by the Ukrainian armed forces in the vicinity of the airport last day - Spartak, Vesyoloye, 15th quarter, Putilovskaya Roscha"
- ​​he said.

According to Basurin, the Ukrainian side used 120mm mortars except small arms in violation of the armistice. Currently there is no information on casualties.

22:21 Video of arrival of extraordinary column with aid from the Russian Emergencies Ministry in Donetsk.

22:01 Information about the alleged attempted assassination of Brigade Commander Alexey Mozgovoy is spread in the web. There messages refer to activist Gleb Kornilov:

Alexey Mozgovoy assassinated!
The car with the brigade commander Alexey Mozgovoy was undermined in Alchevsk. Three explosive devices of directed action detonated. Alexey Mozgovoy received shrapnel wounds in the head. By this moment, the brigade commander received first aid and feels well.

Information to be specified.

20:53 Roundup of Novorossia for March 06-07
1. A large camouflaged field ammunition depot found in Novogrigorovka.
2. The Commission of the OSCE which worked in the new terminal of Donetsk airport came under tank fire.
3. Allowance of pro-Kiev extremist volunteers in Ukraine may lie on European taxpayers.
4. ATO speaker Andrey Lysenko said that the data on Debaltsevo operation can be included in the training program in military schools.
5. Another meeting of the UN Security Council in Ukraine turned into an attack on Russia and a skirmish.
6. Konstantin Kosachov said that Russia may support the independence of the DPR and the LPR.
7. The situation in Donbass was discussed in the negotiations of "Norman Four".
8. Radicals headed by Oleg Lyashko interrupted the speech of National Bank head Valeria Gontareva in parliament once again.
9. The explosion in Kharkov.
10. Dmitry Yarosh pocketed Viktor Yanukovych’s car.

19:27 Map of hostilities and events in Novorossia with a designation of zones of guerrilla activity during March 5-6, 2015
Map of hostilities and events in Novorossia with a designation of zones of guerrilla activity during March 5-6, 2015

18:33 ATO forces withdrew self-propelled guns 2S5 "Giatsint-S" to safe boundaries in the area of ​​Mariupol. This was reported by the press officer of the sector "M" in the area of ​​ATO Oleg Sushinskiy, "Channel 5"said.

"They will be located in the new areas of concentration and base camps"
- said Sushinskiy. It is reported that the process of removing was fixed by the OSCE observers according to Minsk agreement.

In addition, it was stated that Ukrainian military positions were shelled near Mariupol and Shirokino on March 7:

" ATO forces positions were fired three times with small arms since noon, once with tank. The last fire in the area of Shirokino was conducted at 15:40."
By 18:00 there was already relatively quiet.

18:17 Ukraine, performing Minsk agreement, completes the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the line of contact in Donbass on Saturday, March 7, the deputy head of the "ATO" headquarters Colonel Valentin Fedichev said.

"Today we are completing the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the line of contact, as provided by Minsk Agreement"
- Fedichev is quoted by so-called press-service of the Donetsk regional military and civil administration.

17:59 Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics insist on an immediate discussion on amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine, LPR spokesman at Minsk talks Vladislav Deynego told to RIA Novosti.

The representative of the DPR Denis Pushilin previously published a proposal to Kiev to host the representatives of Donbass announcing the position of the LPR and DPR regarding amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine to Ukrainian authorities.


"First of all, we are talking about independence of the regions of Ukraine, and not only Lugansk and Donetsk, under Minsk agreements ",
- Deynego said.

"Next - particular local governments arising from this and their consolidation in the constitution"
- he added.

15:35 DPR Militia began to withdraw weapons not covered by the peace agreements as a gesture of goodwill. This was stated by the DPR Ministry of Defense Corps Deputy Commander Eduard Basurin.

" DPR decided today on withdrawal of 24 120-millimeter mortars from the line of contact by its own initiative, - he said. – I emphasize that the removal of these weapons was not provided earlier by agreements and therefore it is carried out in accordance with the spirit, not the letter of Minsk agreement on a comprehensive cease-fire. "

According to him, the withdrawal of 120-millimeter mortars is aimed at "further demilitarization of the contact line from heavy weapons and is carried out under the control of the monitoring mission of the OSCE."

Recall that DPR was the first who removed heavy weapons on March 1under Minsk peace agreements.

15:33 Video shot in the devastated center of Debaltsevo:

13:20 AFU violated the ceasefire in Donbass for 25 times last day. This was announced to DAN today at the DPR Defense Ministry.

"25 violations were recorded for the day, 23 in the night,"
- the source of agency said.

According to him, the firing was conducted in the vicinity of the airport, the village of Spartak, Vesyoloye, in Gorlovka.

Positions of militia were also fired at Novoazovsk in Shirokino.

Security officials opened fire with all types of weapons: grenade launchers, tanks, small arms, heavy machine guns, artillery, mortars.

There is no information about the victims.

12:18 Former Ukrainian enforcement units soldiers gone out of the encirclement in Ilovaisk in August last year collected 3.5 tons of humanitarian aid for the residents of this city. This was reported to agency DAN by Deputy head of DPR Recovery Control Center Larisa Goncharuk.

"These are people who were surrounded there, and who had to ask the residents for the products then. Now they, in gratitude, collected 3.5 tons of food and clothing for the war-affected Ilovaisk residents. Former security officials hardly agreed with the current ones at roadblocks to pass their car ",
- Goncharuk said.

According to her, the veterans are going to continue sending aid to the city.

11:51 Map of hostilities in Novorossia for March 7 (by novorus)
Map of hostilities in Novorossia for March 7 (by novorus)

10:24 Summary of hostilities in Novorossia for 03/06/2015

9:31 National Center for Crisis Management of Emergency Situations Ministry informs that motorcade of Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, consisting of more than 20 vehicles, brought more than 200 tons of humanitarian aid to Donetsk on March 7. Food and medicines are intended for families of miners killed and injured in the accident at the mine Zasyadko.

9:06 Map of hostilities in Novorossia on March 6 (by novorus)

Map of hostilities in Novorossia on March 6 (by novorus)

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