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Summary of hostilities in Novorossia on March, 9

Author: Ayre от 10.03.2015, 11:35
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On March 9 situation remained stable in Novorossia, on the whole. There were violations of the ceasefire again in Donetsk People's Republic in the area of Donetsk airport, as well as in the south of the DPR, where, according to the Ukrainian side, there supposedly was tank battle during the day.

map for February 23
Hostilities in DPR

Night of March 8 to 9 was relatively calm in Donetsk. According to residents, the work of heavy guns could be heard periodically. By 9:00 calm situation remained in the city.

In the night of March 8 to 9, Ukrainian military were firing at DPR positions at Donetsk airport, villages Oktyabrsky, Spartak and Vesyoloye with small arms and heavy mortars. In response militia struck at AFU positions near the settlements Peski, Opytnoye, Krasnogorovka, Vodyanoye with mortars and grenade launchers.

According to the press center of the so-called ATO, the positions of AFU were shelled twice in the vicinity of Avdeyevka with artillery weapons from 4:15 to 4:35 of March 9, and at 03:00 the area of Opytnoye was fired with a gun.

Ukrainian side stated that militia infantry allegedly tried to attack the stronghold of the forces of the so-called ATO in village Mayorsk from 11:35 to 12:20.

According to the Ukrainian side, AFU positions near the village of Troitskoye allegedly twice suffered fire strikes of the 120-millimeter mortars and anti-aircraft systems in the night from 6:20 to 6:45 and from 6:50 to 7:40 of March 9.

Situation remains tense near the village Shirokino, attacks on which do not stop within several weeks. According to the Ukrainian side, positions of forces of the so-called ATO were allegedly attacked using mortars and small arms in the morning of March 9. Alleged assault began at 9:30, tank also joined the attack. Fight near Shirokino continued by 16:00 of March 9. By this hour militias hit one Ukrainian tank as a result of combat, several Ukrainian soldiers were injured. By 18:30, according to the sector "M" headquarters, mortar shelling near Shirokino stopped, firing with small arms periodically took place. Around 22:30 fighting resumed at Shirokino, according to the Ukrainian side, small arms and tanks were used during the battle.

In general, the DPR Defense Ministry was recorded 12 violations of the ceasefire by the Ukrainian military in various parts of the front for the last day. The fire was conducted with mortars, AGLs, ICVs.

Hostilities in LPR

Kiev security forces shelled the territory of the LPR with heavy mortars for the first time since the beginning of the ceasefire in Donbass. On March 9 am mine "Pervomaiskaya" was fired around 9:30, which is located in the vicinity of the village Mikhailovka. Four shells of a 120-mm mortar were released at the mine from Zolotoye controlled by the Ukrainian side.

 Zolotoye, mine Pervomaiskaya
Militia reported of small battles around the 29th checkpoint on the road Bakhmutka on March 9.

At Stanitsa Luganskaya Ukrainian security forces fired on militia positions near Bolotennoye and Sizoye. AFU move up long-range artillery and MLRS to Stanitsa Luganskaya district.

On March 9 powerful explosion sounded in Lugansk at 11:52, it was heard far beyond the LPR capital. Smoke was observed over the city. No other details were reported.


About 200 soldiers of the 95th separate airmobile assault brigade returned to Zhitomir on March 9. According to the military, the soldiers of Zhytomyr 95th Brigade, who are going to "demobilize" having served a year in the ATO, are threatened to be fined if they do not return uniform and underwear they received a year ago.

Summary prepared by the staff of the Information Analytical Center "Cassad"

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