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Summary of hostilities in Novorossia on March, 10

Author: Ayre от 11.03.2015, 10:48
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Tuesday, March 10, was marked by relatively peaceful environment in Novorossia, without active hostilities. Small clashes took place in the area of ​​Peski and Donetsk airport and in the area of ​​the track Bakhmutka in the night of March 10. On other parts of the front the ceasefire was, in general, respected.

map for February 23
Hostilities in DPR

 In the night of March 9 to 10 two attacks near Donetsk airport and one at the village Spartak were recorded, the fire was conducted with mortars and automatic grenade launchers from positions of the Ukrainian security services.

By 11:00 there was battle near the settlement Peski. At 11:30 Ukrainian security forces conducted a single shot at the village Oktyabrsky with a mortar, probably it was an attempt to provoke the militia.

At 13:11 there was smoke in the north-west side of Donetsk.

On March 10 there was a fight in the area of ​​Mayorsk. AFU supported by mortars and two tanks made an unsuccessful attempt to break into Mikhailovka. As a result of the fighting and shelling two soldiers of Novorossia army were wounded. According to the unverified data, the APU have losses in manpower and equipment. At 23:47 gunfire was heard in the area of ​​the settlement.

About 13:00 Mariupol residents heard gunfire at the local airport. At 16:00 of March 10 AFU and regiment "Azov" began to conduct rocket fire at positions of Novorossia army to the east from Mariupol​​. AFU shot from the village of Stary Krim.

Commissioner for Human Rights in DPR Daria Morozova said that the republic and Kiev plan to exchange prisoners of war in the near future. For its part, the DPR was ready to release all Ukrainian prisoners of war, but Kiev is deliberately delaying the process. DPR handed out 3 lists to the Ukrainian side two weeks ago. The first includes ordinary militia - 220 people, the second one - political prisoners. There are about 800 people. The third one has civilians. By March 7, their number is 900 people.

Hostilities in LPR

In the night of March 9 to 10 single shots were heard in the area of ​​29th roadblock on the highway Bakhmutka. In general, night passed quietly here and in other parts of the front of the LPR.


Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive more than 500 models of weapons, 300 thousand units of weapons and 3.5 thousand other types of weapons and military equipment in 2015. In addition, in accordance with the commitments of 2014, Ukrainian army will receive about 450 thousand more weapons, 70 major and more than 6 thousand other models of weapons in the current year. According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance, Kiev plans to direct 5.2% of GDP for the defense this year. In 2014, the military budget amounted to 1.25% of GDP.

On March 10 cars of Russian MES successfully delivered humanitarian aid for Donbass to Donetsk and Lugansk. Deputy head of the National Center for Crisis Management of Emergency Situations Ministry Oleg Voronov told about this to Tass. More than 160 cars brought more than 1.8 thousand tons of humanitarian aid to residents of Donbass, about 90% of which is food. Also, residents received the essentials and other facilities for the survival of the population.

Summary prepared by the staff of the Information Analytical Center "Cassad"


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