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The war in Novorossia Online 03.12.2015 Chronicle

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Timely information from the fronts of DPR and LPR, military reports from the Armed Forces of Novorossia, ATO news, photos and videos by military journalists from the flash points of Donbass, topical interviews with leaders of Novorossia.

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00:29 President of Ukraine Poroshenko confirmed that the experts of several NATO countries already train military of the national army. This was reported by the state press service.

At a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine Poroshenko told about receiving help from the military alliance of countries, particularly the United States.


00:06 Video by eyewitnesses. Uglegorsk and Gorlovka. March 8.

23:31 AFN soldiers reported that Ukrainian command concentrated troops in Popasnaya - in order to drive the AFN from the outskirts of the city and launch an attack on Pervomaisk. Unlike Stanitsa Luganskaya and Schastye - the enemy troops here will namely attack. Soldiers assure that the Cossacks, "Prizrak" and the people's militia are strong enough to reflect the impact and even take the town Popasnaya. But they are unlikely to do so now, they do not need great losses.

22:47 President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said at a meeting of the National Security Council that the country strengthens its combat potential and continues to build defenses, not even concealing the fact that all this is happening against the backdrop of the global community attempts to reduce the degree of conflict in Donbass with the help of Minsk agreement.

We are engaged in two parallel processes. The first process - we consistently fulfill the requirements of the memorandum of Minsk. The second process – we are increasing combat capability of our armed forces actively and firmly,

 - Poroshenko said.

As assured by of the President of Ukraine, the authorities respect Minsk agreement, while allowing soldiers to open fire on the enemy as a means of self-defense.

Ukraine steadily follows all its obligations - we ceased the fire ... The ceasefire does not mean that we do not open fire in response. The Ukrainian units have the corresponding orders, rights and powers, and they have something to defend with,

 - Poroshenko said, speaking to commanders.

The president did not reveal what AFU units plan to defend against.

22:07 Message from soldiers and residents of the LPR. LPR MD reported that AFU are not withdrawing weapons. Security forces conducted several attacks today, March 12. Accurate "map" of hits to be found out.

On March 12 LPR forces only were fired in the settlement Bolotennoye with mortars 6 times. Also, shelling of the settlements Vesyolaya Gora and Khorosheye was conducted.

the front line on the map is relative

LPR army units reported of shelling of numbered checkpoints and track Bakhmutka with tank shells, mortars and small arms, as well as of the enemy's attacks at the 29th checkpoint and Zhelobok.

Residents of the settlement Krimskoye reported that there was battle with AFU tanks, mortars, and probably heavy guns in the area of ​​31th and 29th roadblocks on March 12.

21:27 The OSCE Mission remains in Ukraine for one more year, tweeted Speaker of the Special OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine Michael Botsurkiv.

OSCE Permanent Council has just approved the continuation of the OSCE SMM in Ukraine for another 12 months,

 - Botsurkiv wrote.
In addition, the mission will be extended to 1,000 observers, "Ukrinform" reports

20:46 Kiev has two days to prove its commitment to the Minsk Agreement. This was stated to DAN by DPR head Alexander Zakharchenko.

Kiev authorities have two days remained, as far as I remember, under the terms of the Minsk Agreement to finish the entire withdrawal of its equipment and heavy weapons (from the line of contact - DAN), and to launch a "political realization" of agreement. If they do not do this, and the prerequisites for this are obvious, they will thereby negate the promises of their president (Petro Poroshenko - DAN), and will show the failure of the Kiev authorities,

 - He replied.

According to Zakharchenko, the positions of the political forces in Ukraine are aimed now at a military solution to the conflict in Donbass.
“War Party" is extremely strong in Ukraine, it pushes Poroshenko to the steps that are not entirely consistent with the Minsk Agreement,

 - the head of the DPR said.

They do not want peace in Ukraine.


20:42 Roundup of Novorossia for March 11-12
1. LPR head promises to "help" Kiev withdraw heavy artillery, if Ukraine does not do it itself.
2. Resolution of the LPR Council of Ministers on the use of four officially recognized currencies will come into force on March 15.
3. Donetsk cardiac surgeon Alexander Kuznetsov collected evidence of the use of forbidden cluster bombs by Ukrainian security officials.
4. Ukrainian army mines the Sea of ​​Azov coastline.
5. Advisor to the head of Ukraine Yury Biryukov: "alcoholics, drug addicts and idiots" go to the front.
6. The United States will send additional military aid to Ukraine in the amount of $ 75 million.
7. The International Monetary Fund approved a program of assistance to Ukraine.
8. The explosion in Odessa.
9. US media: the Nazis fight in Ukrainian battalion "Azov".
10. Scandal involving the soldiers broke out in Khmelnitsk region.

20:03 DPR gave out seven AFU bodies killed in the "pocket" to the Ukrainian side in Debaltsevo today. This was reported to DAN by the Defense Ministry in Donetsk People's Republic.

Today we gave out seven bodies to the Ukrainian side in Debaltsevo, they brought us two ours. Ukrainian side immediately sent one body to Yenakiyevo, where there is his mother evacuated from Uglegorsk,

 - member of the Commission on Prisoners of War in the DPR Defense Ministry Lilia Rodionova told DAN.

Transfer of bodies is carried out according to the order of DPR Defense Minister Vladimir Kononov. Representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense were not present at the transfer of bodies. Bodies from Debaltsevo "pocket" were given out to volunteers who will bring them to Ukraine.

18:30 Representatives of the OSCE mission and the Red Cross present at the humanitarian operation to take out bodies of Ukrainian military on Thursday, left Donetsk airport because of shelling from the Ukrainian positions, the Defense Ministry in Donetsk People's Republic reported.

Representatives of the OSCE missions and the Red Cross could not be present at clearing the debris in Donetsk airport long because of firing started again from the location of the Ukrainian army

 - Donetsk news agency quoted a representative of the Ministry of Defense.

18:18 Plenipotentiaries of Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics (DPR and LPR) Denis Pushilin and Vladislav Deynego offered to make the city Novoazovsk in DPR a place for meeting of the contact group.

According to Pushilin, DPR and LPR do not mind Minsk as a place for negotiations.

But more frequent meetings will bring better results. Therefore, we suggest Novoazovsk as a place for meeting of the contact group,

- DPR envoy said.

18:14 Message from militia.

By 15:40 Ukrainian security forces fired at Peski area (eastern edge), Donetsk airport, the village Oktyabrsky with artillery shells, hits were recorded in the area of hospital №21 (sanitary inspection) in the afternoon on March 12.

18:07 Message from channel "Novorossia first operational".

By 11:30 there was shooting battle in Peski.

17:56 DPR militia striking on the positions of ATO forces near the villages of Peski and Vesyoloye near Donetsk airport with RPGs and AGLs. Date of recording is unknown.

17:34 Message from Acting Mayor of Pervomaisk Olga Ischenko.

Attacks on Pervomaisk continue on March 12. Ukrainian occupation troops did not remove their heavy weapons from the front line. Now there are attacks with mortars, but judging by amount of equipment invaders are moving up, Grads and other heavy cannon artillery can be involved soon.

16:22 Journalists of "DPR Truth" together with representatives of the commandant office of Debaltsevo raided to destroyed buildings in which AFU soldiers were based.

15:30 DPR authorities fear that Kiev uses IMF funding for military operations in Donbass. This was announced by DPR Defense Minister Eduard Basurin, Gazeta.ru reports.

On the eve the IMF Board of Directors approved the program of financial aid to Ukraine of $ 17.5 billion over four years. The first tranche of aid is expected to be $ 5 billion.

As stated by the head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde, Ukraine will receive $ 10 billion from the IMF during the current year.

13:45 Ceasefire violations take place where there are "voluntary" battalions, Kiev cannot control them, the DPR envoy in contact group Denis Pushilin said, speaking at a meeting of the Committee of public support for the inhabitants of the south-east of Ukraine in the Federation Council.

Kiev is conducting vile war against civilians in Donbass, ceasefire violations are recorded daily, the envoy said.
Unfortunately, everyone knows the sad situation as a result of nationalists coming to power in Ukraine,

 - Pushilin said.
Donbass was threatened with humanitarian and environmental disaster.

We have to fix the daily violation of the silence by Kiev, by this day,

 - He continued.
The saddest thing is the death of people almost every day.
 The Ukrainian side, the DPR envoy said, is not fighting with the militia, but with civilians, "this war is vile and miserable."

According to him, both sides suffer, just remember disregard of Kiev to its military in Debaltsevo.
We faced energy and transport blockade, the region is put on the verge of survival,

 - Pushilin said.

12:49 Military correspondents came under fire in Shirokino. Hazardous work of war correspondents under the performing Minsk agreements by Ukrainian side. Constant attacks with tank and anti-tank guns.

12:39 The consequences of hostilities in the area of Debaltsevo (village of 8 Marta). March 3, 2015.

12:08 According to local residents, the sounds of small active combat (using AGLs and mortars) were heard in Mariupol from Shirokino at about 12:00.

11:43 According to local residents, explosions were heard near the settlements Tryokhizbyonka and Slavyanoserbsk at about 11:30 am (MSK).

11:40 The number of attacks by the AFU increased dramatically, there were 51 violations of the armistice last day. This is stated to DAN in the DPR Ministry of Defense.

"The past day were marked by increased attacks by Ukrainian law enforcers. The settlements came under fire 30 times for the last night. Totally 51 attacks were recorded last day, "
- the official said.

The Defense Ministry also added that the AFU fired on settlements Vesyoloye, Gorlovka, Spartak, Oktyabrsky, Shirokino as well as Donetsk airport with tanks, mortars and small arms.

11:34 Video of fighting around Shirokino. Recorded by the Ukrainian side on March 11.

11:05 Clashes took place between Krimskoye and Sokolniki and near Zhelobok. This was stated by the so-called director of the Department of Mass Communications in Lugansk Regional State Administration Yaroslav Galas.

"Shelling continued, and there were clashes between Krimskoye and Sokolniki, it is near Bakhmutka, and on Bakhmutka itself, near Zhelobok ... and there was fighting with mortars and small arms, and there is information about the wounded soldiers, but it is not proven "
- he said.

10:08 Summary of hostilities in Novorossia for 03/11/2015

9:38 ATO speaker Anatoly Stelmakh said that the ceasefire was violated 25 times from 7 pm to midnight of March 11. It is also reported that positions of ATO forces were fired in the area of ​​Schastye three times in the evening of March 11, two AFU soldiers were wounded.

9:08 Map of hostilities in Novorossia with a designation of zones of guerrilla activity for March 11

Map of hostilities in Novorossia with a designation of zones of guerrilla activity for March 11

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