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Summary of hostilities in Novorossia on March, 12

Author: Ayre от 13.03.2015, 12:41
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By March 12 tension was increasing in Novorossia. Both parties are obviously preparing to intensify military operations in the near future. Ukraine will be, most likely, the initiator of a possible attack, as it received another tranche from the IMF, which apparently will be almost fully sent to finance the war.

The Ukrainian side is reinforcing its armed groups in critical areas, including Perekop, under the cover of a fictitious withdrawal of equipment.

However, the militia in its turn is also conducting active preparation for the spring-summer campaign. AFN ranks are replenished by volunteers from Russia and from among the local residents as part of the mobilization in the republics. Factories of Donetsk and Lugansk repair military equipment, including trophies, the training of personnel is held, positions occupied along the line of contact are strengthened.

In general, increase in the intensity of the fighting is observed in the previous sectors: Peski and Donetsk airport, Shirokino in the south of the DPR, part of the route Bakhmutka in the area of Zhelobok and the 29th roadblock.

map for February 23
Hostilities in DPR

During the night of March 11 to 12, the sounds of gunfire were heard in the northern outskirts of Donetsk. By 8:30 of March 12 relative calm remained in the city. In the afternoon clashes resumed in the north of the DPR capital.

From about 11:30 am until the evening there were shooting fights in the area of ​​Peski. By 15:40 Ukrainian security forces were shelling the eastern edge of Peski, where the positions of the militia are, of the Donetsk airport, the village Oktyabrsky, in the afternoon of March 12 hits were recorded in the area of hospital №21 (the sanitary inspection board). From 6 to 10 pm gunfire was heard in Donetsk, by 11:10 pm – it was quiet.

Works continued in Donetsk airport on removing the debris and search for the bodies of Ukrainian servicemen. There are still about three dozen bodies of Ukrainian security officials under the rubble of a new airport terminal, according to the Ministry of Defense DPR. Low rate of DPR security services work to take out bodies is explained by dense mining of the airport by Ukrainian troops during their retreat. In addition, on March 12, the representatives of the OSCE missions and the Red Cross, who were present at the humanitarian operation to take out bodies of Ukrainian military, left Donetsk airport because of shelling from the Ukrainian positions.

On March 12 Ukrainian security forces began live-fire exercises in the north-west of Gorlovka - in the settlement Mayorsk.

In the afternoon of March 12 the work of AGLs AFU was heard at Gorlovka from Dzerzhinsk at 14:55, an hour later work of KPVT and small arms was heard in Grodovka. By 16:25 there was tank battle in the neighborhood of Mayorsk, near the technical facilities of the channel "Seversky Donetsk-Donbass", heavy machine guns and small arms were heard. However, it is likely that the cannonade was caused by AFU military exercises.

On March 12 DPR gave out seven dead bodies of AFU from the "pocket" in Debaltsevo to the Ukrainian side. The Ukrainian side, in turn, brought two dead militias.

By 12:00 there was active infantry fight with the use of the AGLs and mortars in the area of Shirokino. AFU opened fire with heavy machine guns, AGLs, occasional breaks were heard, Ukrainian law enforcers opened mortar fire on Shirokino from md Vostochny. At one o'clock they opened fire at Shirokino with howitzer artillery.

On March 12 head of DPR said that Kiev has two days left to prove its commitment to Minsk Agreement and to complete withdrawal of all its equipment and heavy weapons from the contact line and to start implementing "political part" of agreement.

Hostilities in LPR

On March 12 city Pervomaisk was shelled with mortars by the Ukrainian security services. There are no victims and major damage as a result of shelling.

In the night of March 12, there were clashes between Krimskoye and Sokolniki and near Zhelobok using mortars and small arms. According to unconfirmed reports from the Ukrainian side, there were several wounded as a result of fighting. There was battle with AFU tanks, mortars, and probably heavy guns in the area of ​​31th and 29th roadblocks on March 12.

At about 11:30 am of March 12 explosions were heard near the settlement Tryokhizbyonka and Slavyanoserbsk. The cause of the explosions were not reported about.

On March 12 the LPR forces in the settlement of Bolotennoye were fired by Ukrainian security forces with mortars 6 times. Shelling of settlements Vesyolaya Gora and Khorosheye was also conducted.


OSCE Permanent Council approved on March 12 the extension of the Special OSCE monitoring mission in Ukraine for another 12 months. The mission will be increased to 1,000 observers.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said at a meeting of the National Security Council that the country strengthens its combat potential and continues to build defenses, not even hiding the fact that all this is happening against the backdrop of the global community attempts to reduce the degree of conflict in Donbass by Minsk agreements. By the assurance of the President of Ukraine, the authorities implement Minsk agreement, while allowing soldiers to open fire on the enemy as self-defense.

President of Ukraine Poroshenko confirmed that the experts from several countries of NATO already carry out military training of the national army. Poroshenko said at a meeting of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) of Ukraine about receiving help from the countries of military alliance, particularly the United States.

Summary prepared by the staff of the Information Analytical Center "Cassad"

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