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The war in Novorossia Online 03.16.2015 Chronicle

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Timely information from the fronts of DPR and LPR, military reports from the Armed Forces of Novorossia, ATO news, photos and videos by military journalists from the flash points of Donbass, topical interviews with leaders of Novorossia.

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5:15 Photos from bloggers.

"Everyday Donetsk. "Truce" has come, but the peace did not"

4:08 Avdeyevka. The consequences of attacks on Coke Plant.

3:47 Local Ukrainian law enforcement agencies managed to take control of all the objects in Konstantinovka in Donbass, the majority of people left the accident scene, as reported by press service of the Donetsk regional military and civil administration in its microblog on Twitter on Tuesday, March 17.

"All objects in Konstantinovka are under state control. Most people left "
- the statement reads.

3:19 Igor Strelkov’s movement "Novorossia" continues to deliver medicines and medical supplies for hospitals and military hospitals of Novorossia.

2:44 Author's video by military correspondent Alexander Kievsky. Mine clearance work in the locality Zimogorye (LPR).

1:29 Video from locals of Kostiantinovka. A bus and UAZ of Ukrainian security officials are on fire.

1:12 Message from militiaman Yan:

The situation is aggravating sharply in Konstantinovka since the middle of the day: the local population is outraged by the recent events, there is local rebellion against the Ukrainian punishers. Now locals storm the local city commandant office, they burned Ukrainian bus and two cars.
There are serious provocations by the Ukrainian side.

20:30 (NR) CCO storming (AFU city commandant office) continues, they burn cars, people are furious. Remind: this afternoon a Ukrainian military ran down a girl and a woman with a child with MTLB in the city center, the girl died on the spot, the mother and the child (a serious condition - a fracture of the cervical vertebrae (?)) are in the hospital.

AFU units and Ukrainian commandant left from Artyomovsk.

20:45 (NR) Nazis hostel is burning, now angry people (more than five hundred) blocked the seventh school, people are coming. Ukrainian military opened fire in the air with small arms.

21:00 (NR) Kiev side captured three people, there is verbal sparring - people demand to release the captured; one of the Ukrainian military came out and tries to explain something in broken Russian.

22:05 (NR) About three hundred Ukrainian military advanced to Konstantinovka from Chasov Yar, a number of streets is blocked in Konstantinovka, there is the barbed wire, anti-tank obstacles. Outraged people are coming up.

22:55 (NR) A helicopter moved to Konstantinovka from the direction of Kramatorsk.

23:10 (NR) Ukrainian side moves up their units to Konstantinovka, light armored vehicles advanced from Artyomovsk, another helicopter moved to Konstantinovka from Kramatorsk, it is presumed to have SCBs on board.

23:35 (NR) There are two wounded among the rebel residents, according to preliminary data, the uprising continues. There are some successes, but about them - later.

Key events unfold near the seventh school, the extremely tense situation is maintained.

00:57 Message from locals of Konstantinovka.

"Right sector fighting vehicles arrived in settlement Konstantinovka! With heavy machine guns! If no one comes to our rescue, then Konstantinovka will face Night Massacre, a real night of the long knives! Help! AFU are in the streets! "

00:41 Resident of Slavyansk: in the case of a referendum, the people would vote against Poroshenko and for DPR.

00:25 Message from residents of Donetsk:

"We have cannonade the whole day and it only intensified in the evening, a rifle battle is heard from Peski and the settlement Spartak, mortar and tank fire is heard. In the morning the shelling began of the village Spartak and the airport with mortars, and it thunders all day long without a break. In the night artillery bombardment of Kirovsky district joined from locality Ugledar "

00:17 The overview of map of hostilities in Novorossia for March 16


00:06 AFU Soldiers who ran down civilians in the village Konstantinovka.


People beat Ukrainian military who ran down civilians, resulting in the death of a child.

22:07 Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov said that Russia is ready to discuss the introduction of peacekeepers in Donbass.

20:29 Roundup of Novorossia for March 15-16, 2015
1. Training in the LPR.
2. LPR has officially four currencies since yesterday.
3. Donbass urged VR to adopt a law on regions with special status.
4. Kiev complicated entry for Russians.
5. Poroshenko staged a mass prayer in the German street.
6. Ukrainian military face a fine of 4.5 to 10 thousand dollars or 10 days of arrest, for alcohol consumption.
7. The President expressed the need to extend the already existing sanctions against Russia before the end of the year and to introduce new restrictions.
8. Poroshenko sent to the parliament a draft appeal to the UN and EU about peacekeepers.
9. Oleg Lyashko was re-elected as the head of the Radical Party.
10. Military correspondent of "Radio Svoboda" in Donbass Andrey Babitsky was fired because of the publishing of information about the atrocities of Ukrainian nationalists.
11. Ukrainian nationalists set a tombstone with insults against President Vladimir Putin at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Kiev.

19:16 The publication "Newspaper Province" reported some details about rundown on woman and children in the village Konstantinovka citing eyewitnesses.

First, military flatbed truck with people raced at high speed through the avenue, followed by ICV crawler.

Then, suddenly, ICV swerved at the intersection to the left to the oncoming lane, then to the right and knocked signs, traffic light pole and a woman with children standing on the sidewalk, "- the publication says. In addition, it is reported that the baby, who was in a stroller, was hardly affected and he was handed out to his father. It is noted that due to the fact that the scene was not cordoned off in time, the nearby people could freely get in ICV.

18:57 Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Donetsk region reported:

Military ICV killed eight year old girl in Konstantinovka, 2 more people were injured.

Today at 14:42 (Kyiv time) there was a traffic accident in Konstantinovka involving ICV driven by soldiers

- the statement reads.

Three pedestrians were injured under the wheels of airborne combat vehicle: girl, 8 years old, died on the spot, a woman and child who was in a stroller, were taken to hospital

- the Interior Ministry added.
Investigative team works at the site. The circumstances of the incident to be found out.

16:40 LPR Parliament Speaker Alexey Karyakin said that Ukrainian army has not yet completed the withdrawal of heavy weapons from the contact line between the parties of the conflict in Donbass.

To date, heavy weapons are not withdrawn

- Karyakin said on Monday, March, 16.

15:39 Providing Donbass with a special status is not considered today, said Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Groisman during the conciliatory council of parliamentary groups and factions.

To perform Minsk Agreement, I declare that the decision contains no provisions on the special status and the territories where there should be free, democratic elections. There will be a special procedure of the implementation of local government. Therefore, we are not talking about the special status, of some special things

- Groisman said.

13:09 Head of DPR Alexander Zakharchenko reported of massive violations of the truce by Kiev:

After the Minsk meeting Kiev has violated the ceasefire for 8254 times. Now there is an attack on the town of Spartak.

The head of the republic refuted involvement of the militia in firing on settlements in Mariupol direction.

We were the first to remove the equipment and cease fire. We did not storm Shirokino and did not shell the airport

- Zakharchenko said.

12:32 According to the local residents:

There is a heavy battle with the use of mortars in the area of ​​the settlement Peski.

12:15 ATO staff press officer in the sector "A" Vladimir Korniyaka reported that the AFU positions near the settlement of Smeloye and Slavyanoserbsk were allegedly fired twice in the so-called sector "A" during the day. Also he reports that the alleged firing was conducted with small arms, there are no casualties.

11:27 President Petro Poroshenko announced contracts with 11 countries of the European Union for the supply of lethal weapons. It is informed by "Interfax-Ukraine".

As the head of the Kiev authorities said in an interview to "1 + 1":

we have already signed contracts for the supply of weapons, including lethal ones, with 11 countries of the EU

However, he did not specify what countries exactly signed these agreements.

11:03 Message from channel "Novorossia first operational":

By 10:50 uneasy situation remains near Donetsk airport. The battle continues since the morning.

10:32 DPR Defense Ministry stated that the Armed Forces of Ukraine violated the "silent mode" 34 times over the past day and they fired settlements of the republic, as well as the positions of DPR

34 firings were recorded last day, 15 violations - last night. The following towns were shelled: Spartak, Shirokino, Gorlovka (6/7 mine area), the area of Peski and Donetsk airport

- the Defense Ministry reported.

The shelling was conducted with antiaircraft guns, mortars, manual and automatic grenade launchers

- the Ministry of Defense noted.

10:15 ATO Speaker Anatoly Stelmakh said that the positions of the forces of so-called ATO were allegedly fired 12 times in the night of March 15 to 16.

10:06 Summary of hostilities in Novorossia for 03.13-15.2015

9:14 Map of hostilities and the humanitarian news of Novorossia with the guerrilla zones for March 14-15, 2015


Map of hostilities and the humanitarian news of Novorossia with the guerrilla zones for March 14-15, 2015

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