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The war in Novorossia Online 03.18.2015 Chronicle

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Timely information from the fronts of DPR and LPR, military reports from the Armed Forces of Novorossia, ATO news, photos and videos by military journalists from the flash points of Donbass, topical interviews with leaders of Novorossia.

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2:26 People's Deputy from "Radical Party" Yury Chizhmar said that Minsk agreements were not legitimate, because the official leadership of Ukraine did not sign them, and the documents were not vocalized by the Parliament. This is reported by local media.

1:11 OSCE observers reported on the continuing violation of the ceasefire near the settlement Shirokino east of Mariupol, near the settlement Peski to the north-east of Donetsk and in several other places.

00:00 Authorities of Donetsk People's Republic made the final decision to declare the region a multicurrency zone.

"The decision about the multi-currency zone is 100% made, now the mechanism is being worked out of how people will pay. I declare - the decision is made,"
- the head of DPR Alexander Zakharchenko said on Wednesday, Interfax reported.

23:20 Message from an eyewitness:

Today (March 18 - Ed.) I observe the same pattern in Severodonetsk at 20:55 as yesterday: periodically flashing lights above the forest are seen at Kapitanovo-Muratovo (it was at least 5 times).
It certainly may not be MLRS, but then it is very difficult to explain why a glow around can be seen in the sky at a great distance in addition to fire. This, perhaps, would be similar to damaged and flaming gas pipeline. What can burn there, in one and the same place - it is not clear. But something is definitely powerful. Therefore, though, I tend to version of MLRS. If I had high-power binoculars, I could say something more definite. But this distance is too great for the eyes of an ordinary person to tell anything.
I will not be surprised if tomorrow they begin to "burn" again on schedule.

"Armistice" seems every day more and more strong...

21:44 Ukrainian media reported that Warsaw agreed to transfer to Kiev about 300 units of T-72 tanks, upgraded in line with NATO standards and having received the name of PT-91.

21:24 Map of hostilities and the humanitarian news of Novorossia with the guerrilla zones for March 17 – 18, 2015

 partisans in Ukraine

20:38 Roundup of Novorossia for March 17-18, 2015
1. Konstantinovka held a rally again.
2. The Verkhovna Rada adopted a law that provides for the introduction of a special order of government in some areas of Donbass.
3. The heads of the DPR and LPR: Kiev does not want peace and seeks to destroy Donbass
4. Lamberto Zannier: All refugees who fled Donbass due to hostilities, should have the opportunity to vote in the election.
5. State Fiscal Service of Ukraine reported on how much money the people of Ukraine have transferred to provide military action in Donbass.
6. At a meeting with his Romanian colleague Petro Poroshenko offered to unfreeze the Transnistrian conflict.
7. Military idiocy: the prosecutor's office demands the National Guard soldiers in the court to return the money for participation in the ATO.
8. It was decided to postpone training of American experts with three battalions of Ukrainian security officials.
9. The Minister of Finance of Ukraine: Kiev recognizes liabilities to residents of Donbass.
10. Yanukovych’s golden loaf was stolen in Ukraine.

20:22 Another convoy of Emergency Situations Ministry with humanitarian aid for Donbass is formed and ready to be sent, the Red Cross cars joined it. This is told by the National Center for Crisis Management (NCMC) of Emergency Situations Ministry, "TASS" reports.

The formation of a regular column with humanitarian aid for Donbass completed in the Rostov region on the territory of the Don rescue center. It is composed of more than 170 cars to deliver more than 1.9 thousand tons of humanitarian supplies,

 - the MOE told.

At this time, the convoy includes also cars with food and medical supplies from the Moscow branch of the Russian Red Cross.

The cargo to be delivered by MOE column incudes materials for the planting season, food, medicines, daily necessities, building materials for the reconstruction of destroyed facilities, educational literature and sports equipment for schools and educational institutions of Donbass,

 - the National Emergency Management Center reported.

Russian Red Cross

19:59 RIA Novosti reported that skirmishes between AFN and the AFU continue in the village Shirokino, three wounded got to the hospital of Novoazovsk.

19:37 The overview of map of hostilities in Novorossia for March 17. The situation for the day at the front of DPR and LPR.

18:47 By 17:38 DAN, referring to the DPR Ministry of Defense, reported that the Ukrainian army violated the ceasefire18 times during the day.

"18 ceasefire violations by the Ukrainian security forces were recorded by this moment,"
- the official said.

According to him, villages Oktyabrsky, Spartak, Vesyoloye and Putilovskaya Roscha were under AFU mortar fire. Abakumov mine was also struck with artillery.

The ministry added that there is no information about the casualties among population.

18:18 Despite the actions of Kiev, the peace talks to resolve the situation in Donbass should be continued. LPR envoy to Minsk talks Vladislav Deynego told this today to LuganskInformTsentr.

Any war ends with the peace. In any case, the politicians are to solve this situation. Therefore, no matter how the situation develops today, we need to will return to the peace talks and continue them,

 - Deynego replied to a question about whether he sees sense in continuing peace talks with Ukraine after the adoption of decisions on Donbass by the Verkhovna Rada yesterday.

At the same time, he noted that a further search of possible compromises is entirely dependent on Kyiv.

It depends on Ukraine. If they do not want to negotiate, then we will follow the path of peace enforcement,

 - LPR Commissioner said.


17:14 The Ukrainian authorities signed 100 agreements for the supply of military equipment to the armed forces, 160 more contracts are expected to be signed soon, Minister of Defense Stepan Poltorak said during a meeting of the Cabinet, RIA Novosti reported.

16:47 Ukrainian military firing on positions of the militia with RPG. Date and place of recording are not specified (video)

16:30 Shelling of Donetsk by Ukrainian security forces during the "truce" (video)

16:11 DPR Emergency rescuers came under massive bombardment by the AFU during the humanitarian operation to search for bodies of Kiev security officials in Donetsk airport on March 18. The DPR Ministry of Defense said about this to DAN.

"Today, DPR emergency workers came under heavy shelling of the airport from the standpoint of the AFU, - the representative of the MOE said. - They had to lie in the shelter for two hours. Rescuers left the territory of the airport during a short lull."

Today, work on finding dead Kiev soldiers was stopped. The operation is expected to continue tomorrow if "there is no threat to life of rescuers," the Defense Ministry added.


"Between 11 and 12 am there were several explosions, they were heard from the western outskirts of the city. Also, gunfire was heard from the village of Peski,"
- local resident told RIA Novosti.

Direction and source of the explosions are unknown. By 14:30 it was relatively quiet.

15:07 Message from Yan on March 18, 12:33.

Tension is growing, Kiev security forces fired at the areas of Petrovka, Trudovskiye with cannon artillery in the morning. There is fighting at Petrovka with small and heavy weapons for about two hours, all units are raised on combat alert.

14:49 According to the headquarters of "ATO", AFU positions were allegedly fired 11 times on March 17 to 18. So it is reported that positions of Ukrainian law enforcers suffered the fire at the settlements Opytnoye, Avdeyevka, Peski, Chermalyk. A near Shirokino positions of "ATO" forces were twice fired with small arms.

13:12 Ukrainian armed forces opened fire on the territory of the People's Republic of Donetsk14 times over the past day, the DPR ministry of defense reported.

Our territory has been fired 14 times during the last day, positions of militia in the village of Spartak were fired with anti-aircraft guns10 times,

- the Defense Ministry reported.

Also, they noted that four ceasefire were violations recorded on the outskirts of Donetsk.

Airport was fired twice with 120 mm mortars, near the airport "Volvo center" was once fired with automatic grenade launcher in the Kievsky district, Oktyabrsky district was once fired with a tank,

 - the speaker told.

According to the Ministry of Defense, there are no victims and destruction of infrastructure as a result of these attacks.

12:53 Message from channel "First operational" by 11:10

In Donetsk, Petrovsky district suffered fire with AFU heavy artillery. There was a shooting battle at Peski.

12:49 Local residents report that gunfire was heard in Avdeyevka at about 12:00, from either Opytnoye, or the "old district".

10:06 Summary of hostilities in Novorossia for 03/17/2015

9:05 Map of hostilities and the humanitarian news of Novorossia with the guerrilla zones for March 16, 2015

Map of hostilities and the humanitarian news of Novorossia with the guerrilla zones for March 16, 2015

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