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The war in Novorossia Online 03.21.2015 Chronicle

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Timely information from the fronts of DPR and LPR, military reports from the Armed Forces of Novorossia, ATO news, photos and videos by military journalists from the flash points of Donbass, topical interviews with leaders of Novorossia.

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05:32 Russian Foreign Ministry commented on the information that the Reuters journalists filmed heavy weapons of Ukrainian army at the line of contact in Donbass. Judging by the footage showed, the Foreign Ministry noted, the so-called battalion "Azov" used 122mm howitzers D-30, whose range is 22 km.

This video were captured in the area of ​​the village Shirokino, the place that should be in the closest attention of the OSCE SMM... Thus, the statements of the Ukrainian authorities that all their heavy weapons have been withdrawn turn out a bluff again

 - the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

4:40 11 countries sent military-technical aid to Ukraine, the president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said at a meeting with Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, "Segodnya.ua" reports.

00:32 In the first wave of mobilization the number of deserters was almost 30%. The president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko said this on the TV channel "Inter".

In the first wave of mobilization percentage of deserters was almost 30%. The mobilized soldiers were broken psychologically being under first fire and could not force themselves to go back to fight. They were shocked by the first military engagement, and they could not go there. After the training, after the Ukrainian soldiers go to fight with the new uniforms and skills, the percentage of deserters is less than 1% and it is the highest percentage among all the world's armies in the world,

- The president said.

23:56 Residents of Nikishino say that shells "are everywhere" in the village and the surrounding areas after fighting (photo)

after the fight
Nikishino today

22:18 The Novorossia first operational channel reports for 21:43:

Gorlovka. AFU are shelling AFN positions near the mines 6 and 7 with tanks and large-caliber firearms. The militia have a loss - several armored vehicles.

21:53 Evening summary of the "ATO" press center. They state that positions of "ATO" forces allegedly suffered firing 30 times from 5:00 am to 7:00 pm last day.

The largest number of attacks was observed in Donetsk direction. At 5:30 am and during two hours artillery was shelling Avdeyevka. At 13:20 there was shelling again. From 5:50 to 7:40 Opytnoye was fired with a tank. 120-mm mortars struck at the AFU at Krasnogorovka, Opytnoye, Peski.

And Ukrainian journalist Alexander Rudomanov wrote on Facebook that AFU positions in the settlement Granitnoye allegedly suffered fire at 18:00.

21:31 Map of hostilities and the humanitarian news of Novorossia with the guerrilla zones for March 21, 2015

News Novorossia and its partisans

20:56 The overview of map of hostilities in Novorossia for March 20. The situation for the day at the front of DPR and LPR.

20:38 Vice Speaker of the DPR National Council Denis Pushilin said that the proposals of the republic for the local elections are ready for discussion by the contact group, but the sub-groups on relevant issues have not been created, Kiev itself makes the process difficult.

Our side prepared the proposals on the elections to be discussed within subgroups, which, unfortunately, have not been created. Ukraine is now, unfortunately, breaking Minsk Agreement. We are now doing everything possible to return to the path of negotiation process,

 - Pushilin said.

Vice-speaker added that the process is stopped.

We are in a kind of pause, we are ready to have everything done. When it will be resumed is now the big question,

 - He added.

20:18 Roundup of Novorossia for March 20-21, 2015.
1. The effects of the explosion of the bridge in Stanitsa Luganskaya.
2. New touch to the portrait of adviser to the President of Ukraine.
3. "CyberBerkut" published photocopies of documents on the conduct of information warfare against Donbass.
4.Kolomoisky reprimanded.
5. International observers from the OSCE faced the strange behavior of Ukrainian law enforcers.
6. Kiev continues to reward the anti-Russian politicians.
7. Federica Mogherini: Ukraine should worry about their problems, rather than EU membership
8. Ukrainian borrowers will have to pay foreign debts of more than $ 55 billion in 2015.
9. Foreign Policy: The militia of Donbass forced the US Army to think over.
10. Ukrainian textbooks soon to get a new chapter - the war with Russia.

19:36 Residents of Donetsk reported that gunfire was heard from Flora to Lozovskoy forest throughout the day, in the evening the sound "moved" closer to Peski.


"It will be possible to speak that the Minsk Agreement stopped working only in case of resumption of active hostilities."
This was stated by LPR head Igor Plotnitsky, Tass reports.

18:25 By 16:01 "Russian Spring" reported:

DPR Defense Ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin said that the Ukrainian armed forces resumed shelling of the Kirovsky and Petrovsky districts of Donetsk, the area of the airport and the south of Republic.

18:13 President of Ukraine Poroshenko signed a law on supply of firearms to Ukrainian military who participate in international peacekeeping operations. Tass reports according to the press service of the Ukrainian state.

17:07 Summary by News office of Novorossia militia.

"During the day, the situation remained tense in the Donetsk and Lugansk People's Republics. According to DPR intelligence, the main efforts of the Ukrainian security forces were aimed at regrouping of their units, equipping of their positions along the line of contact. Also supply of stocks and ammunition was carried out. AFU continued to violate ceasefire.

Totally 36 attacks were recorded on the territory of Novorossia.

Mortars and small arms fired at militia units located in the "Volvo center" of the city of Donetsk from firing positions located near the village of Peski.

DPR militia in the area of ​​mine "Oktyabrskaya" suffered mortar fire from the village of Peski.

Donbass defenders in the area of Vesyoloye were fired from the village of Peski eight times. The fire was conducted with mortars and small arms. Positions of the DPR Armed Forces in the area of Gorlovka were fired with ICV guns from mine "Yuzhnaya".

DPR militia positions near Putilovka bridge in Donetsk suffered mortar attacks from the settlements Avdeyevka and Opytnoye.

DPR military positions near the village of Spartak were shelled sixteen times:

- the fire was conducted with mortars, small arms and ICVs from Avdeyevka;

- mortar fire was opened from Peski;

- mortar attacks were conducted from Opytnoye.

Militia holding ground in the vicinity of Donetsk airport were fired three times for the past day:

- fire of small arms was conducted from the village of Peski;

- mortar fire was conducted from Opytnoye. "

16:46 Militiaman with the call sign "Indus" spoke about the military situation in the locality Shirokino.

On this site the Ukrainian security services started a new type of warfare, using tank "Black Panther" of likely foreign production (video)

15:35 In the morning of March 21 the situation remains tense on Mariupol direction. The Ukrainian side claimed that AFU positions were twice fired near the settlement Shirokino in the morning. It is also alleged that the positions of AFU near Staromaryevka were twice fired with antitank guided missiles around 11:00. In general, there were 4 firings by 13:00.

Press officer added that the night was relatively quiet, there were no attacks. During the day, he said, none of the military in the sector "M" was killed nor wounded.


15:18 Interfax quoted a source in the MOE National Center for Crisis Management of Emergency Situations saying:

"Russian Emergencies Ministry initiated the formation of the next convoy with humanitarian aid for Donbass, most of which contains seeds for the spring field works."

13:50 Militia firing with ATGL-9 (anti-tank grenade launcher). Date and place of the recording are unknown (video)

12:21 In the morning of March 21 Ukrainian channel "112" reported that the bridge was undermined near the settlement Tryokhizbyonka (controlled by Ukrainian law enforcement officers). Circumstances are still unknown.


12:14 On March 20 a battle between the fighters of "Azov" and militias lasted more than an hour at Shirokino. The regiment "Azov" wrote about this on its Facebook page. It is stated that the battle began at 20:29 (Kiev time). Both sides used 82-mm mortars and small arms. Mortar and rifle duel continued until 22:00.

11:39 DPR MD reported on the number of the ceasefire violations by the Ukrainian side.

There were 12 mortar, 2 grenade launcher firings in the settlement Spartak, 1 - with Ukrainian anti-aircraft gun Tor (SA-15 Gauntlet). In the village Vesyoloye - 8 mortar firings and 1 AGL shelling. The destruction of the private sector was recorded in localities. There is noata on casualties among the civilian population,

 - the Ministry of Defense reported.

Also Kiev security forces opened fire on Gorlovka, Donetsk and Lozovoye, they used mortars and infantry fighting vehicles. The Defense Ministry stressed that "the enemy attacked the militia positions as well as residential areas of the Republic."

In total, Ukrainian security forces opened fire 34 times over the past day.

10:30 Summary of hostilities in Novorossia for 03/20/2015

10:15 Residents of Donetsk reported by 9:30:

Gunfire was heard in the northern part of the city, the city itself is quiet.

10:02 ATO Press Center states that the ceasefire was violated 9 times in the evening of March 20.

It is reported that "a fight began" between the Ukrainian military and militias near the village of Opytnoye in the night of March 20 to 21.

It is also reported that AFU positions near the settlement Peski allegedly suffered fire of rocket-propelled grenades, 82 and 120-millimeter mortars 6 times in Donetsk direction.

At Mariupol direction the positions of ATO forces in the area of Shirokino were fired with small arms and 120-mm mortars from 21:30 to 22:20 (Kiev time).

There were no attacks in other areas during the night, the ATC reported.

9:03 Map of hostilities and the humanitarian news of Novorossia with the guerrilla zones for March 19-20, 2015

map guerrilla

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