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Givi's Message

Author: Ayre от 2.04.2015, 23:30
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The "Somalia" battalion commander, DPR Army lieutenant colonel (the callsign "Givi") proclaimed the militia’s opinion of the "special status" which Kiev authorities ever have to favor the territory of Donbass with.







  The militia does not accept any mess with "special status" Kiev has to favor Donbass with. The same Kiev which is not able to put things in order even on its own territory. Donbass IS and WILL BE a republic and EVERYONE should remember it. Return to Ukraine is not welcome by people of Donbass. You know, I don't mean to be rude but let them imagine this law tucked in their hams. That's to be honest. Do not get me wrong ... I understand that sometimes the kids are watching me ... but it just angers me. What the special status? We are Donetsk People's Republic. We aren't a part of Ukraine, we are not a part of the Russian Federation ... What the status? This is another nonsense by smoke-filled monkeys with Ukrainian flags. They sat down, drank out, sniffed a "track" and decided something about the "special status". What the fuck special status? Did we ask for it? No one did, no one to hell needs that. We are a status ourselves. What the "special status" could be there if there is the head of state, there are the ministries, there are deputies with their own Council. There are our own flags, both of General Staff and Republican. The LPR has the same. It's much better to put in order their own life. I do not understand how a country like Ukraine can give us any kind of status at all. We have chosen our own status. We are a republic and we will be the republic. Remember it all. Earlier you went out on the street and people asked the question, "What will happen next?". Now there's another question: "Why, are we now a part of Ukraine?". And then hysterical tears of mothers, fathers, wives, sisters, and friends, "what did my son die for?", or anyone else, it does not matter ... That will not be so! There will be the Republic! That we are fighting for. And we will bring this matter to an end!



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