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Who fights in Sparta battalion? How a Ukrainian policeman disproved the official propaganda

Author: Ayre от 6.04.2015, 17:30
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Who fights in Sparta battalion? How a Ukrainian policeman disproved the official propaganda

A certain Mr. Abroskin, the Head of the General Board of the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine in the Donetsk Region, posted a list of troopers of Sparta battalion of the DPR Army with photos on his page in Facebook and… by this brought to naught all the achievements of Ukie propaganda since the beginning of the civil conflict in the country.

The information was obtained from the materials of Russian correspondent Dubovoy in free access in the net.

Persisting in calling Russia an aggressor, describing battles with innumerous hordes of “the Pskov commandos”, “Buryat tankists” and “the Tungus task force troopers”, the speakers of the so-called ATO and Ukrainian “never-lying” media went to all lengths. They did it in order to conceal the fact that ordinary citizens of Ukraine, unhappy with and infuriated by the Washington-backed armed coup, took arms in their hands and stood up in defense of their rights! There is only ONE Russian national in the list posted by Abroskin – Motorola himself, the commander of the battalion! The other troopers are registered in Donetsk, Makeyevka, in the Slavyansk, Telmanovo and Maryinka districts of the Donetsk, as well as in Odessa, Kharkov, in the Dnepropetrovsk and Zporozhye Regions! What does it imply? The fact is that the truth will always out, no matter how hard they tried to conceal it. The truth is that the people in Donbass are fighting for their own land, for their civil rights, and those Ukrainians from all over the country, who preserved their common sense and the ability to analyze facts, who could not betray the ideals of their grandfathers that perished in the Great Patriotic War, join the ranks of the People’s Militia. The truth is that there have never been regular Russian troops in Donbass. In the course of the exchange of captives in the end of December of the last year out of 222 persons turned over by the Ukrainian side to the authorities of the DPR, only 6 were Russian nationals. Yes, Russian volunteers do fight in Donbass, as well as the volunteers from Spain, Serbia, Italians, Frenchmen, Poles, Latvians and even an American from Texas! The anti-Nazi forces in the world support our liberating movement.

And Abroskins can do all the barking they want.



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