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The war in Novorossia Online 07.06.2015 Chronicle

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Timely information from the fronts of DPR and LPR, military reports from the Armed Forces of Novorossia, ATO news, photos and videos by military journalists from the flash points of Donbass, topical interviews with leaders of Novorossia.

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20:58 Report by Lifenews. Militias are clamped in between the AFU and “Right Sector " in Spartak.

20:56 "Olkhon" armor in the battle. Date and place of the video are unknown.

20:09 Roundup of the day for July 05-06, 2015
1. The situation over the last day in the DPR and the LPR.
2. Igor Plotnitsky appointed a date for local elections in LPR.
3. Highest officers of Ukraine's security service arrested on suspicion of treason.
4. The former head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has found the "real puppeteers of modern Ukrainian politics."
5. House of Trade Unions in Odessa will serve as the headquarters-base of MAF.
6. The Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov fired more than 600 Donetsk traffic policemen.
7. Klichko’s speech made Poroshenko laugh to tears.

20:01 It was reported that a column of 10AFU trucks passed on the outskirts of Zaporozhye in the direction of Donetsk at 10:30: 9 KrAZ (including 3 with trailers) and 1 Ural.


border of the Republics on the map is conditional

18:43 There were clashes between the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) and the Security Service (SBU) in Stanitsa Luganskaya controlled by the Kiev government, militiaman told reporters on Monday, who is on duty at the checkpoint in Stanitsa Luganskaya from the LPR.

"On Friday, people in black uniforms stopped in Stanitsa. The Armed Forces of Ukraine wear a green uniform, these men in black uniforms beat AFU soldiers, wounded several people of personnel. Even the locals saw this. In response, soldiers in IFV (infantry fighting vehicle) began to push the jeep with people in black uniforms, "- the man said.

The militiaman said that, according to intelligence reports, these people in black uniforms were allegedly members of the Security Service of Ukraine, who want to secure their influence in Stanitsa Luganskaya in any way.

According to him, it is an internal conflict between the SBU, Nation Battalions and AFU.

"The armed forces have at least some rules of action and the statute. Those although (SBU and battalions) have a complete freedom of action, they are trying to reassign currently everyone" - the militiaman said.

18:32 Where and how "Vostok" recruits live.

18:29 Ukrainian security forces raiding the village of Peski with the banned heavy weaponry. Ren-TV Report.

17:31 AFU use prohibited ammunition. Video

16:39 Briefing with deputy head of the OSCE mission in Ukraine Alexander Hug in Lugansk.

14:59 DPR militia intelligence found Ukrainian multiple launch rocket systems "Grad" positions in Nikolayevka east of Slavyansk. This was stated by Deputy Commander of the DPR Corps of the Ministry of Defense Eduard Basurin.

"DPR AF intelligence continues to record the facts of movement of military equipment and personnel by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Thus, there is the location of fire positions of MLRS BM-21 "Grad" in the cemetery in the village of Nikolayevka ", - he said.

According to him, AFU continue to place heavy weapons on their positions near the line of contact, and thus flagrantly violate Minsk agreement.

12:11 Ukrainian security forces opened fire last night at the village of Krasnoarmeiskoye in Novoazovsk district in the south of the Donetsk People's Republic. Head of the district administration Anatoly Yanovsky reported this today to DAN.

"Tonight Ukrainian security forces conducted a mortar attack on the village of Krasnoarmeiskoye, - he told. - Two mines fell near the houses. There are no victims and destructions. "

According to the heads of other cities and districts of the DPR, the situation remains generally calm along the line of contact.

11:06 AFU did not follow the example of Donetsk and did not withdraw their troops from Shirokino. On the contrary, the security forces began to plunder the houses left by the inhabitants, the Minister of Defense DPR Vladimir Kononov said in an interview with DAN.

"The Ukrainian side comes into the village. It is now known only about their looting. They bring things out of broken houses. Observation posts recorded units that went there "- he said.

In addition, the head of the Defense Ministry said that there is the difficult situation with clearance of Shirokino yet.

"I doubt that the Ukrainian side will clear any mines. They will be engaged in the same things as always. I think they will continue to set the minefields ", - he said.

DPR Defense Minister Vladimir Kononov

10:56 One day with "Prizrak" brigade sappers. Video.

9:37 According to Gorlovka Self-Defense, at 22:30 Ukrainian positions were active in Dyleyevka north of Gorlovka. Cannonade continued from Avdeyevka and Verkhnetoretskoye, "Utyos", AGLs and machine guns were heard from Svetlodarsk. At 22:47 it was reported of mortar shelling from Mayorsk, the direction of fire was not specified. At 22:53 firing repeated with mortars, supposedly "Vasilyok", from Mayorsk, also there was shelling toward Logvinovo from Svetlodarsk, it was relatively quiet in Gorlovka. At 23:00 gunfire continued to sound in the north of the city. At 23:15 there were five shots towards Logvinovo with mortars from Mayorsk. The shelling stopped at midnight of July 6.

Gorlovka Dyleyevka, Mayorsk, Logvinovo

the front line on the map is conditional

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