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Sixtieth Abramson , who served as chief editor since 2011 , was replaced by 57 -year-old African American Dean Bucket, former editor of Los Angeles Times. It is reported «Politico». In the published material of journalists who spent a few days with the pro-Russian militia...

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In the case of ” Berkut ” is important to remember that being a plaything in the hands of oligarchic groups , he performs at the moment at least one important function of the fascist counter abscess in the center of Kiev. And even if the government would surrender all , this is not the fault of “Berkut” , as its immediate...

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It is obvious that from the military point of view it doesn’t matter if a civilian building inside the city will or won’t be destroyed. The defense of the city does not depend on it at all, because fortifications on the outskirts and manpower of DPR militia almost don’t take any damage from that kind...

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Boris Rozhin tries to summarize the information available on the yesterday fight at the Junta’s checkpoint at Blagodatnoye village in Volnovacha district of Donetsk region, where according to preliminary data at least 15 soldiers of 51th Mechanized Brigade were killed.

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Igor Ivanovich Strelkov has now confirmed that the firing was conducted by Ukrainian fascists’ howitzer D-30.

Many movies were signed that the city was under mortar fire . Given the distance from the mountains to Karachun Kramators’k snyaryadov flying and sounds , I am inclined...

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To the point, the yesterday’s intense firefights at the approaches to Slavyansk was, so to speak, a background for a junta attempt to try to advance to Kramatorsk. The assault was proceed with the support of 122 mm howitzers (probably В-30) which deployed near TV tower on Karachun mounting and was shelling roadblocks...

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More than 100 armored personnel carriers, trucks and other sorts of military vehicles have arrived. In Andreevka even the “Right Secs” came openly with their flag to – about 100 heads. Storm is apparently inevitable. Avakov himself came to see …

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Introduction – in the morning of May 22 the enemy started moving in the direction of Lisicansk, Lugansk region. The fighting of average intensity unfolded, causing losses in both sides. The goal of the attack is obvious – to test the LPR defense and try to prepare the ground...

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“Militia knocked natsguard APC between Slavic and Kramatorsk.
”checkpoint near the village Cherevkovka .

the militiamen and military” his is the only roadblock on the way from Slavyansk to Donetsk 

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The evolution of the situation in the last day shows that the Junta can not already, and the Militia can not yet . Sporadic shootings, shellings, attempts to seize hostages and movings of irregular forces – it all does not affect the situation strategically, although it continues for many days already, gradually becoming routine and background. Just a few days...

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Late night of May 17 Igor Strelkov, the Minister of Defence and the Commander of Militia of Donetsk Peoples Republic, have published his appeal to the population of the Republic.