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For information about the capture of a candidate for president of Ukraine has just been confirmedIn commentsinformants Oksana is a pity that you are currently located outside Ukraine told that is always in direct connection with the Mariupol and she has confirmed this

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Donetsk region . A referendum in the Donetsk region of 20:00 turnout was 71.4%. About this RBC-Ukraine Chairman of Central Election Commission of self-proclaimed ” People’s Republic of Donetsk ” Roman Lyagin . ” The turnout at the 

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Continue to illuminate the subject referendums in Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republic of State SovereigntyVotinghas ended virtually everywhere and began counting votescounting down the last hours of stay Lugansk and Donetskas part of Ukraine.


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It is already clear that in the Trade Unions Building in Odessa were killed more than 42 people. Provokers carried away people into the building where they could be killed with impunity, with pleasure and without witnesses. The wasn’t 

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