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Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has discussed with Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte alternative proposals on establishing an international judicial inquiry to investigate the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 disaster.

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"There is a feeling that different ‘color revolutions’ and other projects to replace legitimate regimes are aimed at triggering chaos and instability," Ivan Soltanovsky said

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The honeymoon phase seems to have long since ended: soldiers fighting in eastern Ukraine are increasingly disillusioned and angry with Kiev authorities, who left the army and the country hanging, and praise ultranationalists for their alleged bravery and fighting skills.

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Ukraine is trying to cling to existing disagreements in order to avoid doing anything, DPR people’s council deputy chairman and envoy to Contact Group Denis Pushilin says

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A spokesperson for the Russian Investigative Committee said Ukraine "is going down the drain"

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A report on the results of the public inquiry will be published before the Catholic Christmas on December 25

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The SMM monitored the implementation of the “Package of measures for the implementation of the Minsk agreements”. Its monitoring was restricted by the parties and security considerations*. The SMM conducted crater analysis in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, after shelling impacted civilians and residential buildings. The SMM met with two persons being held at a pre-trial detention centre in Kyiv following their arrest at a checkpoint in the Donetsk region. An SMM patrol was threatened by an armed “DPR” member east of Mariupol.

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Plotnitsky commented on reports that LPR’s pension fund and social welfare agency allegedly want to stop making social payments to residents in case they receive payments from Ukraine

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Ukraine's gas imports from Europe over the last six months have outpaced Russia's supplies to the country by 3.1 billion cubic meters, according to Ukrtransgaz; however, Kiev's only European energy supplier actually gets their gas from Russia.

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About 20 militants of the Right Sector militant organization opened fire from small arms against their opponents, with whom they were distributing spheres of influence, in Mukachevo on July 11

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Russia has changed its naval doctrine. The Arctic, the Atlantic and Crimea as well as cooperation with China in the Pacific are now among the most important interests of Russia.