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The leaders of the Normandy Quartet have agreed to hold a telephone conversation on the situation in crisis-hit Ukraine, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday.

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Nikolay Kovalyov has said he is confident that Ukraine’s covert military and technical cooperation "with particular countries" will soon become obvious

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The Ukraine-NATO joint naval drill Sea Breeze-2015, which kicked off today in southern Ukraine, is a breach of the Minsk agreements, a Russian MP said Monday.

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Kiev allocated almost $4.5 billion for defense this year
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Propaganda aimed at inciting hatred towards Donbass residents is on the rise in Ukraine and even children are being targeted, Arte channel said.

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As long as there’s war in Ukraine, thousands of Ukrainians will flee their country first of all to Hungary and Poland, Polish president says

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The MH17 flight crash in eastern Ukraine is still under investigation, but the situation is far more complicated than you might imagine, American analyst Phil Butler notes.

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However, the future of Alexandrov and Yerofeyev, who were detained by Ukrainian servicemen on May 16 near the village of Schastye of the Luhansk Region, will be decided after a court verdict
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The draft law on constitutional reforms in Ukraine adopted in the first reading does not stipulate a special status for crisis-hit Donbass, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenkko said Monday.

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The mission observes an increase in ceasefire violations

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Earlier Monday, clashes took place outside the Ukraine's parliament building shortly after the Verkovna Rada had approved proposed constitutional amendments on decentralization in the first reading.