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Is Western media trying to frame Putin and destroy his presidency? Mainstream media in western countries have rushed to blame Russia and pro Russia Separatists for the missile shot on MH17 flying over Ukraine on Thursday. However, at this stage there is not enough evidence to support neither claims.

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Local metallurgy goes through a fall. A factory became bankrupt. The remained two factories on a waiting list, because a chemical-recovery factory in Avdeevka has been bombed-out by Ukrainian National Guard. Nobody knows what will follow, because the city may not live much longer without metallurgy. Neo-ukrainians rush about the city, wave flags, establish motor race, paint flags everywhere.

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Online textual broadcast of all events that take place in the Donetsk People's Republic, Luhansk People's Republic, and in the South-East of Ukraine. All materials are published in this article: photo and video, which we receive in real time from the zne of the military conflict in the South-East.

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The brief information on the situation in Donbass by noon of July,23.

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Over the last two days, the militants have shot down 4 Su-25 ground support jets. Two of these were destroyed on July 23 near Dmitrovka (The People’s Republic of Donetsk), and two more – on July 22 near the cities of Krasnyi Luch and Zorinsk (The People’s Republic of Lugansk). The information is confirmed by the government authorities of these republics and by the Security Council of Ukraine.

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Fighting in Lisichansk has continued today. Rebels of LPR counterstriked Ukrainian forces and reconquered Lisichansk.

Rebels destroyed battery of Ukrainian militaries. Bombardment of the city was stopped. Two attack planes were shot at. This hedgehoppers were bombing rebels positions at the city entrance. One side of the Proletarskiy bridge is controlled by insurgents, the other one by Ukrainian chasteners. Second bridge is in a range of Ukrainian snipers but partially is still controlled by rebels.

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Control of the city of Lisichansk has been regained, self-defense forces said. The city is located in 90 km North-West from Lugansk.
"Lisichansk is once again under the control of anti-Kiev forces in Wednesday morning. We succeeded to fire two Ukraine fighter jets carrying out air strikes on our positions on the entrance to the city", a head of the "South-Eastern Front" information center, Konstantin Knyrik, reported to Interfax.

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At present fighting goes on near Marynovka and Dubrovka. Our artillery strikes on positions and clusters of personnel and equipment. There are numerous fires in the area of «Marinovka» customs terminal, near Tarany settlement and Grigorovka - Ukrainian trucks and armoured vehicles are burning. Enemy artillery fire is practically hushed.

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Today we have seen National Guard offensive on all directions. This happens for the first time. Huge amount of armored vehicles, artillery and manpower has been fling into battles. It led to advance on some directions due to overwhelming forces.
In this note we plan to describe results of the massive assault on all sectors of the front.

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A five-year-old girl has drowned in a tragic accident which happened in the Kuibyshev district resvoirs of Zaporozhye region, Ukraine.
A professional diver was been called on to help. After the first dive, he surfaced in a state of shock - at the bottom of the reservoir, he found a lot of uniformed bodies.

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Live updates of all the events in DPR, LPR and southeastern Ukraine. All the materials are posted here (i.e. photos, videos, etc.) The ongoing news are being obtained from the conflict zone on the South-East.