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Russian Air Force authorities actively redeploy aircraft to the southern borders. It was decided to move the fighters from the Krasnoyarsk region to the Krasnodar and Astrakhan regions.

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At a special press briefing senior U.S. intelligence officials said that militia had shot down 12 Ukrainian military airplanes in South-Eastern Ukraine before the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash, The Associated Press reports.

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History of the route of Boeing 777 crashed over territories DPR became suddenly changed online at flightaware (site that tracks flights in real time). Earlier in the history of flights it was clearly seen that on 17th of July airship controlled by Ukrainian airtraffic control changed the flight path and passed it over the DPR, and not far to the south, as usual.

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The defeat suffered by the punitive corps in the border direction primarily expressing in the temporary refusal of further efforts to block the Russian border also led to a change of punitive tactics. Having not enough force to commence another attack in their favorite manner of Ethiopian-Somali war times - in armoured columns on open savannah, the punishers since July 18 stake on the massive shelling of civilian residential areas and on the actions of their scouting and sabotage groups there. As always, these actions are promoted with extremely effective information support.
Since even within the same People's Republic the militia has no integrate information network that would allow to assess the situation on site quickly and to inform residents and supporters of Donbas sovereignty of the real threats, both residents and militia commanders have to content with information from any internet source

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The high command of the counterinsurgency operation against Novorossia people and generals of the Ukrainian army have very comfortable conditions at the accommodation area.

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 Group of saboteurs, which operated in Lugansk, killing peaceful civilians is detained by forces of rebels. Currently being interrogated, according to civil journalists from the place of events.

"Saboteurs who fired at peaceful areas of Lugansk, were captured by rebels. Lugansk can sleep peacefully, "- was said in the statement.

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Novorossia self-defence forces holding intensive battles disrupted Kiev plans to take over a number of Lugansk city districts. Ukainian military forces have concentrated on directions of Lutugino (from the South of Lugansk) and Veselaya Tarasovka (from the West of the city of Lugansk) to attack. 


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Yesterday a few videos have appeared showing the Donetsk People's Republic's tanks which take part in the battles of Donetsk, also including its use in the fight for the Donetsk airport.

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July 22, 2014for the militia was marked by leaving Rubezhnoye, Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. Thus, the triangle Rubezhnoye-Severodonetsk-Lisichansk ceased its existence. The LPR army units which had been fighting on this site have moved deeper into the republic.
Through the last night and day the capital of the LPR suffered both shelling and bombing. New punishers' attempts to unblock the Luhansk airport were unsuccessful.

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Mr.Strelkov on the famous forum which can not be referenced reports: enemy invaded by 15 tanks to Debalcevo. Battle against National Guard takes place in Dzerzhinsk. Offence of nUAzi continues at all fronts including nearby Lugansk.

The time comes when Russia should finally make final decision: would she really support russians of Donbass or would she pass of irrevocably them. For the rest of things the time has been already lost. Three months of inactivity allowed to the enemy to increase strength and create an efficient army. At least enough battleworthy to destroy by tanks and artillery numerically small and poorly armed troops of rebels.

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The Ukrainian Parliament approved a presidential decree on limited mobilization. It was approved by 232 MPs with a required minimum of 226 votes.