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Igor Strelkov said that Ukrainian army which is participating in the punitive expedition started attacking positions of the home guard militia in the area of the Sergey Procofiev Airport, Urkranian army is using small groups with the support of armored MLRS "Grad". They're trying to take out bodies of soldiers killed during the battle for the airport.

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The subject of Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines crash on July, 17 in Ukraine remains on the front pages of the world periodicals and contemporarily appears on the air of the leading TV-channels. Despite the fact that the new information almost doesn’t appear, western media prefer to ignore some of the topics.

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Junta continues shelling Lisichansk. Late in the evening on July 19 the outskirts of the city were hit with a prohibited weapon, phosphorus bombs. Earlier this weapon had been used against Slavyansk, where several militiamen had been heavily damaged by phosphorus fire.

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Commenting on the messages of the American media about the presumable supplement of the asserted Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics’ supporters with Russian weapon, Ron Paul noticed: «Putin is too clever to be involved in such actions».
The congressman underlined that all the problems in Ukraine began after the legitimately elected government of Victor Yankovich had been brought down with the support of the USA and European Union.

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«This morning I haven't been a terrorist yet» - said a man from the video below, whose yard was bombed by the Ukrainian army in the morning of 21.07.2014. It was an ordinary citizen of Donetsk. Now he does not want to wait untill his family will be killed by the next bomb. Tomorrow he will take up arms and junta in Kiev will call him a terrorist.

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To all appearance, it seems not be possible to accuse the Russian Federation and the militia of the “Boeing” wreck. This provocation is believed to be clumsy work. During the briefing the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation revealed the mechanism of this provocation. This exposure confirmed the initial version that most probably the airliner had been attacked by the air-to-air missiles.

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After night shelling of the localities which are situated toward the northwest of Donetsk the punitive troops of the junta started the large-scale offensive on all fronts.

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On July 20 the junta continued the offensive in order to cut the lines of communication between Donetsk and Luhansk, and also intensified offensives in the area of Lysychansk.
However, Ukrainian militaries failed to take over any city or strategic village on July 20. Georgievka remains under the control of the LPR as well as Yubileyny village (close to Luhansk). To Borovskoe (near Georgievka) the Ukrainian troops threw dozens of tanks just to no effect, the officials of the LPR report.

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This photo is done almost 70 years ago. The child in the photo – is a 2-year Czeslaw Chrzanowska from the Kuta village (Kosovskiy region IvanoFrankivsk, West. Ukraine). Baby angel is looking at the camera... This is her last photo. In April 1944 the Kuta village is attacked by Stepan Bandera. Sleeping in the...

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A source from Kiev reports that in the Ukrainian Army General Headquarters panic reigns – any day the disastrous defeat of ATO forces in the southern direction is expected.

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For the first, the operative information. They have begun a strict filtration in Slavyansk, they detain men of military age, take them out of the city in the pre-deployed filtration stations. Mass have not been yet.