Voice of Sevastopol     

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This video was filmed by the militia during the battle at the check point “Dolzhansky”. It has been uploaded on the Internet today. It is interesting that the junta announced about the capture of the check point “Dolzgansky” on July, 1 yet.

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On the second day of the offensive the junta has achieved more success, but it has not got the significant results yet.
At the border between the Lugansk People’s Republic and the Russian Federation, battles of various intensities continued. The junta actively used the armored carriers and the motorized infantry, but could not breach the positions. 2 tanks and 1 APC were lost near Krasnodon, 3 APCs were lost near Izvarino. The infantry suffered heavy losses.

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This night the breakthrough out of actually closed circle has been carried out. There was a diversionary attack at the enemy positions at Slavyansk still carried out by our armoured group. Unfortunately, and I will not conceal it, the most of the armoured group...

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The junta approved Mr Geletey as a new defense minister amid deteriorating of the situation in Slavyansk. This new minister promised a “victory parade in Sevastopol.

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Actually, the company of the persecution of Mr. Strelkov, which started yesterday, has not appeared from scratch. It has a purely political origin.

Many believed that Mr. Strelkov and his Brigade would die in Slavyansk. Leaving Slavyansk, he has become a “wild card” which has broken a range of preliminary plans.
In fact, the political motive of the leaving of Slavyansk was as important as military one. The military necessity of this action was told about before. The time to discuss the political motive of the maneuver of Strelkov has come.

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After reconnaissance in force yesterday, 2 of July, in the afternoon the junta has continued the advance of the troops at the some sectors of the front. In spite of the fact that the junta has not got the significant achievements at the border...

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Strelkov’s assistant promised to publish the true names of the deserters and ordered their units “to stop obeying them and to arrive to Kramatorsk with all their weapons, to arrest the traitors and to bring them there too"

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Simultaneously with the offensive in the areas of Slavyansk and Kramatorsk the adversary continues to conduct active operations in the region of Artemovsk and Lysychansk which have constricting nature, providing groupings of junta under Slavyansk freedom of actions...

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It has turned out to journalists document allegedly prepared by specialists of the U.S. Strategic Research Center RAND Corporation. It includes three stages punitive action forces in eastern UkraineThe plan involves the shooting ofcaptured militia members...

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Breaking through the checkpoint junta (loss sides during the battle are unknown), the column under fire was able to escape to a nearby townThe junta apparently breakthrough blinked and could not even organize a serious blow to theemerging groupsuch as the Russian...

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Gunmen Igor decided to leave-slavic. This was done at night. Loss militia minimal. Organized and united militias wenttowards Kramators’k further redeployment continue obviously to Gorlovka and Donetsk. We win this time, whileharboring relocate...