Voice of Sevastopol     

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Evening and night along the city continued to move heavy military vehicles, including the airport areaThere is a strong explosions and shootingsExplosions also heard near the villages of Small and Big VergunkaIn the vicinity of Lugansk fighting continued all daySoldiers of the Army of the Republic of Lugansk...

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During the last week the information and analytic center “Cassad” with the information support of “Voice of Sevastopol”, together with humanitarian battalion “Novorossia” have organized two evacuation of children from Donbas to the Astrakhan and the Perm regions. Most of children were...

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The main direction of junta`sthrustwas defined – Slavyansk and Kramatorsk cities. A major thrust will be mount on them.In order to breach theStrelkov`s defense there were collected most efficientmilitary commands and most powerful tube artillery and...

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When you will read this text, please, note the scale of U.S. capabilitiesin terms of military and nonmilitary influence on the situation. Of coursenot all statements from these cumbersome concepts will be implemented, but many of themThat is why, to better understand...

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As the «RIA News» has reported on 29, June, the group «The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant», which had occupied a part of territory of Iraq and Syria earlier, declared the Islamic Caliphate establishment and called the followers of jihad to swear fealty to it. The representative of the...

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Better late than never. During the battle for the Donetsk airport on May 28 the militia suffered the heaviest single losses (mainly due to the domination of the enemy in the air). It looks very strange that the militia tried to capture the airport without providing an air cover, although a military command...

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Ukraine’s new president Poroshenko intends to judge all members of the former government. This matter he discussed in a closed meeting with his inner circle, “Gazeta” says.

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The war is on and the war kills. The paratroopers of 25th airmobile brigade have been acting on the enemy side long enough, those who wanted to stick their bayonets in the ground – had already done this and vanished from the war Those who remained took part in the military operations of the...

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The fascists are shelling from artillery the memorial complex Saur-Graves. It is rather primitive revenge for the recent defeat when the junta’s military column was beaten in this area.

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Regarding Mariupol city, it`s not all so simple. Despite the bravura reports from junta, the militia is still in Mariupol and, in fact, started to use the tactics of urban guerrilla warfare. Given that in Mariupol there are 500 000 citizens and in total there are not more than 1500 armed men from both sides...