Voice of Sevastopol     

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In connection with the start of major hostilities in the area Slovianskstart another online broadcast events aroundthe besieged city, which is already more than a month can not take Kiev junta!

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310 extremists “right sector ” basically have joined the Nazi guard ( according to some, by order of the Junta about 200 of them secretly buried in specially dug pits in the vicinity of excavators Sloviansk to conceal losses from the population of Western and Central Ukraine )...

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It is noteworthy , but it then why not have any desire to wash at the Embassy of Ukraine on May 2 , after the massacre of peaceful citizens of Odessa or May 9 after the massacre of peaceful and Mariupol Mariupol same police.

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Russian military historian Boris Yulin in his blog writes about the revival of fascism in Ukraine and Ukrainians themselves why do not notice it . In Odessa, the Nazis declared themselves Ukrainian patriots burned alive by those who did not consider them as such . In Kramatorsk troops who seized power by force...

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Regarding the burning question, does the Russian military means to what is happening in the South-East

It is obvious that in the Ukraine are active , some Russian special services . First and foremost is the Foreign Intelligence Service and the Federal Security Service , who before the war had apparently own...

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Leader of the rock band ” Screams Vidopliassova ” Oleg Violin knows how to stop the conflict between the Ukraine population east and west of the country. ” Two languages ​​- it is hypocrisy. This weakness – to cover their ignorance , laziness and disrespect for the history and culture of some pseudo-democracy . According to the leader...

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WAR Live 05.14.2014

Live text broadcast all the events taking place in Slavyansk Kramatorsk and the South-East of Ukraine. In this post, allpublished materialsphotos and videosthat we receive online from the zone of military conflict in the South-East of Ukraine

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Anonymous message was received: “Good day! I am an employee of the SBU. Personal safety considerations want to remain anonymous. Today, I fell into the hands here this documentBetray it please public. I consider myself no right to remain silent.

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Analysis of the known facts shows that the situation itself began to develop from the moment when the chief of the local police received orders to disperse Androschuk pro-Russian rally.” From whom exactly he received this order, is still unknown, but it is either the 

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next …A large video, taken directly from police Mariupolwhere more fully shown what was going to shoot policeMariupol building a few minutes after the arrival of fascist National Guard“ and started a firefight.

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Obviously, Donetsk and Luhansk be the People’s Republic . What will happen next ? And further : the forces of the Ukrainian army , nat – Guard, ” the right sector ” and others – will be officially announced occupiers illegally in the territory of foreign states . Therefore , if you...