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According to the Russian president, Ukraine’s constitutional amendments envisaged by the Minsk agreements are not agreed with Donbas as they should be

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American tanks and other armored vehicles which are part of the United States Army Europe (USAREUR) will soon reportedly be repainted from desert tan to woodland green.

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A total of 141 people have been injured during clashes near Kiev's parliament building August 31 as MPs initially backed constitutional amendments supposed to give greater powers to Donbas

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London-based weekly news magazine The Economist is outraged over a recent policy document from South Africa's ruling African National Congress party, labeling the party of anti-Apartheid hero Nelson Mandela "clueless and immoral."

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Strengthening of direct dialogue between Kiev and Donetsk and Luhansk has a key importance for reaching peace and stability in southeastern Ukraine," the Russian diplomat stressed

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US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt said that the Ukrainian government’s more balanced and transparent approach to privatizing state-owned assets will make it easier to determine market prices.

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Kiev and representatives of the self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk agreed last week to strive for an end to all truce violations from September 1

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What does Russia have to do with Ukraine's local elections, and how could they become a pretext for a new round of anti-Russian sanctions? As it turns out, for the West, they are directly intertwined. One of Russia's newspapers has figured it out.

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Polish and Ukrainian presidents stressed the importance of consolidated efforts of the world community in establishing peace in Ukraine and preserving security in Europe

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Kiev is building a barrier wall on its border with Russia, a move which will add significantly to locals' hardships, according to the Ukrainian news website vesti-ukr.com.

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The new law amends the laws on local elections and on voluntary unification of territorial communities